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Beautiful packaging to make your gift shine Time to step it up a notch. At Gifts Australia, we know that inside every gift is a little bit of happiness. You've taken the time to choose and purchase a gift, now you can rest assured that we'll make it shine with our beautiful new packaging. New premium gift cards plus a standard gift card with deluxe gold foiling Fun stickers that are sure to put a smile on their face Beautiful wrapping paper with metallic highlights that shine in the light What are you waiting for. Get out there and share the happiness.


New Packaging to Make Your Gifts Even More Special!

Even though Gifts Australia already had a range of beautiful gift wrap and premium gift cards, we found it was time to give our packaging range an update. Today, we are happy to announce that customers can take advantage of our brand-new packaging range, introducing new gift wrap and gift cards!

What Is Different About the New Packaging Available at Gifts Australia?

Our new range of gift wrap and gift cards is modern and beautiful. Our premium gift cards now have a luxurious gold foiling, while our gift wrap range features numerous metallic highlights that underlines their contemporary look. We even offer a range of stickers that will transform your gift for the better.

How Can I Take Advantage of the Gift Wrap and Gift Card Accompanying Gifts?

Using our premium gift wrapping service is easy. During the checkout process, customers get the opportunity to customise their gift; this includes choosing gift wrap, ribbons, and even personalising the message of the premium gift card. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to get the best gift for your recipient.

Are There Certain Gifts That Cannot Be Gift Wrapped at Gifts Australia?

Certain gifts at Gifts Australia already come beautifully presented, which eliminates the need for additional gift wrap. One of these gifts is a gift hamper, which usually comes in a standard keepsake box or a handcrafted wooden box. Since these gifts already have beautiful presentation, there is no need for additional gift wrap.

Customers who buy one of our gift hampers can still personalise their hamper before the checkout though, since it is still possible to add a personal message to the accompanying gift tag. So, do not forget to enter your message if you want to make your hamper complete.

Gifts Australia also has a collection of instant gifts; this means customers can get a last-minute gift for their recipient if they have forgot to purchase something for an important special occasion. A prime example of an instant gift is an experience, which can be sent to your recipient’s inbox immediately or can be printed out on your printer at home.

Why Should I Take Advantage of the New Gift Wrap at Gifts Australia?

Even though you have bought an amazing gift for your recipient, there is something special about the presentation as well. Nothing spells out “great gift” than an amazing gift wrapped in some beautiful wrapping paper; this is the first reason why customers should consider getting their gift wrapped professionally by our team.

Of course, convenience can be another reason why customers choose to take advantage of our gift wrapping service. There are certain times of the year where you will be too busy to gift wrap, especially during special occasions such as Christmas, where you are often left wrapping dozens of gifts. This holiday season, Gifts Australia can make it a lot easier on you by doing all the hard work.

Finally, our gift wrap service is also recommended for customers who send their gifts immediately to their recipients. If you live far away, you may want to send your carefully selected gift to your recipient’s doorstep instead. You can add to the surprise factor by adding some gift wrap and deliver the ultimate gift to your recipient’s doorstep.

To send your selected gift to your recipient immediately, simply enter the address of your recipient in the delivery address section. Gifts Australia will take care of the gift wrap and will add your chosen message to the gift tag. So, when you shop at our store, you do not have to worry about anything!

There are many reasons to choose our packaging service, so why not try it out for yourself for a special occasion?

How Do I Select the Perfect Gift for a Special Occasion?

Gift wrap certainly makes things more beautiful, but choosing the right gift is important too. At Gifts Australia, customers can find a large collection of the best Australian and international gifts, ensuring you find something special for your recipient every time.

To find the perfect gift for a special occasion, incorporating the personal preferences of your recipient is always recommended. However, if you are not familiar with those, you can always count on our bestsellers list, which always contains some good gift ideas that are appreciated by everyone.

Customers can also count on the expert advice of the Gifts Australia team, which could prove useful if you are lacking some inspiration in the gift department. With years of experience, the Gifts Australia team can always provide you with recommendations that will be loved and appreciated.

To get some assistance during your gift shopping experience, simply contact the Gifts Australia team via email or telephone. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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