Plate & Mug Sets

What better gift to give a child for their Christening than a beautifully presented Christening plate and mug set. We've selected the finest quality Christening sets that will not only be appreciated for their beauty but loved by kids for their fun and gorgeous design.

Keepsakes Sets For Christening

As Winnie the Pooh says, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Quite an elegant, heartfelt quote from a clumsy, sweet, stuffed bear. When your baby arrives, bawling and writhing in a hospital room (usually), the most beautiful moment is getting to hold that crying little bundle in your arms for the first time. It is a magic experience. One that transcends anything you’ve ever felt before. In the moment, you can’t help but believe in something greater than yourself. Something that blessed you with that beautiful little bundle of pure and cherished love.

Many new parents cite that moment as the experience that restored their faith in God and renewed their zeal for life. Christenings, or baptisms, are ways for families of the Christian faith to celebrate, commemorate, and express their love for their new baby. Children are treasures, after all. Ones sent from the Lord to soothe your soul and fill your heart with joy, love, and hope.

Every christening is different, but the concept is the same. Dollops of blessed water are dipped onto your babe, representing the kisses and kindness of the Lord Almighty. The vows that follow, commonly spoken by the parents, are ones of protection and grace. You promise to God that you will protect, love, and care for his gorgeous little creation until the day we are all called to Heaven again.

Why are Keepsakes the Best Christening Gifts?

When you think of a keepsake, you probably think of a trinket that sits on a tabletop, collecting dust all day. But when we think of a keepsake, we think of an object that evokes strong emotions of love, admiration, pride, and gratitude. We think of the memories that those keepsakes are meant to conjure. We think of the occasions, the people, and the feelings involved, because special moments are why keepsakes are so popular.

Keepsakes make the best christening gifts because a christening is a special time in the life of both parents and their baby. It is something that an entire family can be proud of, even if a baby won’t remember it. The parents and loved ones who were there to witness the christening will always remember it. Therefore, memorable keepsakes are the ideal ways to commemorate and celebrate a beautiful christening.

In our opinions, keepsakes can be anything—not just trinkets. A keepsake is anything that someone can keep to bring back a memory. It can be a Peter Rabbit money box, a silver rattle, or a sippy cup with a stuffed teddy bear emblem on the front. It is anything that you can keep for a really long time, even pass down through generations, to commemorate a special moment that could have occurred decades past.

Christening Gifts: The Best Keepsake Sets

While many of our keepsakes are sold solo, we do have a few keepsake sets that will really set you apart as a gift giver. For instance, there are loads of collectable keepsake sets from one of our featured brands: Wedgwood. You might spot a 3-piece dining set for a toddler, decked out in Peter Rabbit scenes. Or, you might find a utensil set for baby, handcrafted in silver, and embossed with London Bear on the fork and spoon handles.

Our baby hampers are considered christening gift sets because each one is packed with an array of great, baby-oriented products. And many of those products can be kept for years as a keepsake, like cotton blankets, little teddy bears, or sweet storybooks.

What Else Can You Expect from Gifts Australia?

We at Gifts Australia offer free shipping on orders of $99 AU or higher. And we ship throughout Australia. While $99 AU might seem like a steep price to pay for free shipping, we think it is better to get a gift for that cash instead of spending it on sending that gift from one place to another. You get more bang for your buck when you opt to spend a bit more to receive free shipping.

Customisation-wise, at checkout, we offer several options. You can ask us to gift wrap your christening gifts. Or, you could spend a small fee on a personal greeting card. Or, you could do all of the above and make the gift-giving process all the more special.

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