A Christening is such a special occasion the perfect gift should be special too, which is why we prefer cherished keepsakes they can treasure for a lifetime. We've carefully chosen the most beautiful quality Christening keepsakes that will stay with them for life and be appreciated for years to come.

Christening Keepsakes Range

Christenings are important steps in a child’s life. You are baptising your beautiful babe with the love of the Lord, hoping to instil faith, hope, kindness, and compassion in the heart of your little one forever. Your sweetheart, decked out in their Sunday best, is anointed with holy water, prayed over, and set on a lifelong journey of purity and love. Perhaps one of the proudest moments in the lives of parents. And all of your loved ones are there to share in your joy.

Of course, with a Christening comes Christening gifts. These cherished little keepsakes that your baby can keep as memories for a lifetime. Most children are too young to remember their baptism. But through pictures, words, and keepsakes, your youngster will know that this day was more special than any other. It was the day their bond was solidified with Christ, so the Christening keepsakes they receive are extra special.

The Right Keepsakes to Commemorate a Christening

Keepsakes make great christening gift because they commemorate the special occasion for always and ever. Some christening gifts have been known to be passed down through generations as reminders of a family’s devout beliefs and faith. However, the perfect keepsake requires a bit of strategic thought and reflection. For instance, ask yourself who this christening gift is for. Is it for the beautiful baby? Or, is it for the family? Moreso for the parents? Or all of the above?

We at Gifts Australia offer a wide range of wow-worthy keepsakes that double as great christening gifts. Think elegance, memories, and heartfelt meaning without the expense. We are affordable and love what we do, which allows us to offer you the best in memory-making presents for your loved ones.

If you are shopping for the newly christened babe, think of a keepsake straight out of a fairytale. We have dozens of gorgeous, silver-toned money boxes for when their baby gets a bit older. Some of the boxes are modelled after Peter Rabbit—a story time favourite for children around the world. Or, gift the newly christened cutie with a silver baby rattle; a useful, playful keepsake in a beautiful gift box.

If you prefer to buy for the parents or overall family of the christened youngster, opt for a frame. Silver-tinged for elegance and perfect for displaying a memorable moment for their little one. Or, try your hand at one of our many Waterford vases and keepsakes from their crystal collection. Each one is handcrafted and gorgeous—a fantastic keepsake to commemorate a christening.

You could also opt for a joint gift that the whole family will enjoy, baby included. Snag a baby hamper for celebration and commemoration. These kinds of christening gifts have something special for everyone. Baby gets a sweet book, a plush stuffed animal, and new blankets. While mom and dad receive a well-aged bottle of crisp, bubbly champagne. The ideal way to celebrate, no doubt.

Silver & Crystal Keepsakes = Elegant Christening Gifts

You will find that most of our christening gifts are made from silver or crystal. This is because silver represents elegance, grace, and new beginnings. In the biblical sense, silver represents purity, light, and hope. Crystal represents clarity, reflection, and meditation, both spiritually and literally. In other words, all things that a christening gift should symbolize.

We at Gifts Australia strive to bring symbolism into all of our christening gifts. From fairytale critters that adorn the baby gifts, to the silver and crystal keepsakes that parents will love for decades to come. We have something for everyone. And most of our keepsakes are resistant to years of wear and tear. This makes them easy to pass down to their baby, and his or her baby’s baby, and so on. You could be the start of a whole new trend for this family by simply gifting them with the right keepsake as the perfect christening gift.

Other Facts About Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia is a self-explanatory title. We offer hundreds of gifts Australia-wide to every kind of person in your life. You could even order a few things for yourself. No shame in giving yourself a gift every once in a while. Wink! But we also offer a plethora of cool options to make the gift-giving process a bit more fun and personal.

For example, simply click the appropriate box at checkout and we will wrap your gift in beautiful, colourful paper. We are talking professional wrapping with perfect creases and no crinkles. Sleek and gorgeous—a beautiful presentation for anyone on your gift-giving list. Christening gifts are made all the more special when adorned with colourful paper and a shiny, new ribbon.

We offer a gift card message with every order, but you could go the extra mile and opt for a full-sized greeting card for the newly christened babe. Simply let us know what the occasion is, pick a card from one of our category collections, and jot down a special message. We will handwrite your message and send it with your gift-wrapped christening present. Memorable and heartfelt, delivered right to their door.

Did we mention we offer free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $99 AU? Now you know! You could invest in so many great christening gifts at that amount. Or, split your order and grab something for yourself, too. We promise not to tattle! Be sure to give us a bit of feedback after you receive your order. We love to hear from our customers! Every little bit helps. And we want to know that you and your loved ones were happy with the great christening gifts you ordered and received.

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