It can be difficult to find the perfect Christening gift, so we're thrilled to let you in on a little secret - Christening Gift Hampers are the perfect gift option and we've carefully filled our hampers with products that are guaranteed to impress. From quality baby clothing to delightful Champagne to celebrate; there's truly something for everyone.

Christening Gift Hampers

What does your belief in God represent to you? For most, faith is hope. It is placing your problems, woes, and heartbreaks in the hands of the Lord and asking Him to soothe your soul. Sometimes He does this with wisdom from life experiences. Other times he bestows blessings upon you. And a child is one of those many blessings. Children are hope, love, and peace incarnate. Their innocence and purity radiates from their sweet smiles and eyes full of wonder. They are undaunted by the woes of the world when they are lying in your arms, snuggled close, safe and secure.

Why Hampers Make the Greatest Christening Gifts

Christenings are for the whole family; so, christening gifts should be the same. We at Gifts Australia love the idea of versatile, diverse hampers for both baby and parents. We offer a wide array of great hampers that double as christening gifts, all including something to make babies and parents equally as joyous and playful.

When you peruse our website, you’ll see two options for baby-themed hampers. One is new baby hampers, and the others are spread throughout the christening gifts category. Either page is abundant in awesome christening gift ideas for new babies, and both have an array of cool hampers that would suit all kinds of different purposes.

For instance, if you are shopping for a specific gender, you can pick between Freddy the Fox (blue) or Daisy Deer (pink). Both of these hampers are beautifully packed into a keepsake, reusable gift box. The fox and the deer are stuffed animals in either pink or blue, but a baby will also receive a knitted wrap and a sweet book. For parents, either hamper features a well-aged, sparkly bottle of bubbly champagne.

Christening Gifts: Just-For-Baby Hampers

While some guests think of the parents in the christening gifts they buy, sometimes it’s nice to get a christening gift specifically for the baby. Some of our hampers fit the bill of being perfect just-for-baby christening gifts. Each one is loaded with all kinds of great toys and products that are entirely baby oriented.

For instance, our Naturals Collection specializes in all-natural baby products, packed into a ribbon-wrapped keepsake gift box. You can search through those hampers at your leisure, since each one boasts an array of nifty baby products that are subtly unique to the hamper before it. An example of one of our Naturals Collection baby hampers might include a hooded towel, wash clothes, a cotton/wool blend singlet, all-natural bubble bath, and an animal-shaped teether.

Too Many Christening Gift Options? Try This Instead.

We sell more than great christening gifts, as you’ve probably seen from our website. But sometimes you still might have trouble finding just the right gift for any occasion. You have perfection in your mind, but there are simply too many options to choose from. For this dilemma, we offer gift vouchers—an awesome christening gift, or really anytime gift, that you can load with anywhere from $25 to over $500.

How does your gift recipient use a gift voucher? Parents can log on for their little ones and pick out a christening gift that they think would be best suited for their baby. If they go over the gift voucher amount, we will subtract the voucher amount from the total. Then they can pay the difference with their own credit card. Don’t forget—we offer free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $99 AU.

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