Waterford Crystal has been celebrated for generations for its beauty and fine quality, and when it comes to Christening gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime then Waterford Crystal should be high on your list. With a carefully selected range of Waterford Crystal Christening gifts in stock and ready to deliver there's sure to be something perfect.

Waterford - Christening Gifts

Also known as a baptism, christenings are special occasions where children are brought into the light and love of the Lord. With a single memorable moment, these babies are saved a special place in Heaven and an even moreso special place in the heart of God.

Christenings are a big deal for some families. Cards are sent out, loved ones are invited to wear their Sunday best, and celebrations are planned for afterwards. Of course, this means christening gifts are a must for both baby and his or her loving parents. Christening gifts should be memorable keepsakes that forever commemorate and always celebrate the moment a baby was blessed with the acceptance and virtue of the Lord Almighty.

Many parents of the Christian faith look at a christening as a promise of protection from God. In that moment, the Lord is promising His protection for a newly christened babe. They will have guidance and leadership through the many joys and pitfalls of their lives. And God will be their greatest ally. This kind of faith and devotion is what makes a christening so special.

Christening Gifts from the Waterford Collection

Waterford is known for their elegance, craftsmanship, and simple beauty. Their collection of christening gifts is composed of crystal keepsakes, all packed away in gorgeous, colourful little boxes. From a long-stemmed vase for a lovely bouquet of daisies to represent innocence, radiance, and vitality. Or, a handcrafted seahorse that appeal to a youngster’s playfulness, wonder, and fascination.

For parents, we offer a couple of Waterford tumblers, either old-fashioned or Mad Men style. These make great christening gifts for mom and dad. They can have a celebratory drink or two after baby has gone to bed. Or, they can raise a toast to each other and everyone else at the celebration after the christening.

Why do Waterford Crystals Make the Best Christening Keepsakes?

There are so many ways and reasons why Waterford crystal keepsakes would make great christening gifts. One is that crystal is non-corrosive, so it can withstand years of wear and tear. This makes all of the Waterford keepsakes invaluable to parents who want to pass down the christening gifts through their family for generations. And each of these beautiful christening gifts from Waterford are polished to a gorgeous shine. They also each have some kind of symbolism to best represent a christening.

For example, Waterford gifts symbolism in beautiful crystal objects. Their heart-shaped crystals represent love, passion, hope, and acceptance. Their butterfly crystals evoke thoughts of beauty, transformation, and self-discovery. And their cross crystals are handcrafted in the name of faith, servitude, eternal worship, and appreciation.

Must-Know Info About Gifts Australia

Christening gifts is one of our favourite categories because we at Gifts Australia can offer commemoration, celebration, and memories. Most of these are keepsakes—ones that can be cherished for decades, then passed down to children, then their children, then their children’s children, and so on and so forth. There is something extra special and heartfelt about a shared family memory. Especially one of devotion and love in the Christian faith.

What should you know about Gifts Australia? We offer free shipping when you order reaches $99 AU or above. And we ship anywhere in Australia. There are also several checkout boxes that you can select for better customisation and personalisation of your christening gifts. For instance, we offer gift-wrapping options in a variety of beautiful colours—all topped with a shiny bow and wrapped in sleek ribbon.

We are also fond of greeting cards, because they convey so much feeling in a clear, concise message. Of course, there are customisable gift cards included with every order. But you can choose to a full-sized greeting card, complete with your message for a small add-on fee at checkout. Worth it? Absolutely!

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