Bunnykins By Royal Doulton

When it comes to quality Christening gifts that are presented beautifully and made to be treasured, then it doesn't get much better than Royal Doulton Bunnykins range. Featuring beautiful Christening gifts for girls and cute Christening gifts for boys; crafted from fine bone china that will delight children and parents alike.

Bunnykins - Christening Gifts

As we all know, christenings are simply fancier words for baptisms. Those precious moments when your beautiful new babe is dolloped with water and declared pure and saved in the heart of the Lord. This is one of the most emotional moments for a family, especially because it solidifies the belief that we are all equal and innocent in the eyes of God.

Most children are babies when their christening takes place, so they won’t be able to remember the moment of their baptism. However, they can look back on the memories with photographs and keepsakes from loved ones who played the role of witness.

“Children are a gift from the Lord. Psalm 127:3.” No doubt your kiddos are your heart and soul. You view them as everything good in the world and you want them to live a blessed life, filled with beautiful moments and the most peaceful memories. Bestowing your faith on your baby is one of the most charming and perfect gifts a parent could give to their child. You are vowing to uphold your faith and teach your little one how to live as God intended, with purity, appreciation, respect, and love.

The Bunnykins Collection: Christening Gifts with a Storybook Theme

Bunnykins is an adorable brand that puts a storybook spin on classic christening gifts. Their favourite storybook character is Peter Rabbit. Brave, curious, and a little mischievous, this little bunny perfectly embodies the best elements of childhood. Peter Rabbit represents innocence and fantasy, delving into the mind of a child to be relatable to children. This storybook favourite teaches lessons with a fable of sorts. And we positively love him as the go-to character for the Bunnykins collection.

One of the bestsellers from the Bunnykins collection is a silver frame, adorned with Peter Rabbit and his mother. Toys sit off to the side, and the little bunny is being comforted by his mum. It is relatable and beautiful—the perfect frame to commemorate and celebrate your little bundle of love. Or, another bestseller would be the 3-piece baby set, inclusive of a plate, cereal bowl, and little mug. All pint-sized for when your beautiful babe reaches the toddler years.

The Best Christening Gifts: Commemorative Plates from Bunnykins

We all had that grandmother, or great aunt, or whoever, who adorned her walls with commemorative plates. Some of them were super old and dusty, but others were in mint condition, obviously well-taken care of because they meant something. She had hung her most cherished memories on the wall in the form of a commemorative plate. Pretty cool, we say.

For Bunnykins, that tradition is far from dead. They offer tons of great commemorative plates, including several that double as christening gifts. There are a few plates with family scenes of Peter Rabbit and his mum, donning their Sunday best to welcome a new babe into their faith. At least that’s what we see when we look at this beautiful christening plate.

And some of these Bunnykins plates can be more than commemorative. When the newly christened little one gets old enough, he or she can actually use the plate for dinner. Plus, a few plates are sets that include a cute mug and a silver spoon, fork, and butter knife. Super cute.

Make a Christening Gift Extra Special with Customisations

We at Gifts Australia know the struggle is real when you are cruising for the perfect christening gifts. But we can make the afterwards process all the better with customisation options at checkout.

How do you make a christening gift extra special? We suggest gift-wrapping and a heartfelt greeting card. We always offer little gift cards with a personal message on every order. But you can click the option for a handwritten greeting card instead. Choose the card, type out your message, and we will handwrite whatever you want to say in beautiful cursive.

With our gift-wrapping option, you can choose between plain or patterned wrapping paper in the colour of your choice. No creases or crinkles—all professional gift-wrapping for your christening gifts. We top it with a colourful, vibrant bow and a shiny ribbon of your choice. 

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