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Looking for a Christening gift and have a particular brand in mind? Gifts Australia has you covered with a beautiful range of gifts to celebrate such a special life moment, including classic Waterford Christening gifts or perhaps iconic Wedgwood keepsakes for a truly wonderful present for them.

Christening Gifts - By Brand

With the birth of a beautiful baby comes the planning and preparations for a beautiful little life. The first year is especially important. And parents are often surprised at how quickly their little one grows. At first they are smiling at you from a cosy spot in your arms. But, before you know it, they are crawling and walking and running and discovering and exploring the absolute vastness and wonders of the world around them. It is a magical experience to watch your baby grow, albeit a bittersweet one.

Most parents decide before birth if their baby will have a baptism or not. Also known as christenings, the special moments mark the introduction of the Lord to your newborn babe. It secures his or her place in Heaven for always, and guarantees protection under the vigilant eyes of our Almighty God.

You look at your newborn baby and see a lifetime of great things. God does too. Because, as Peter Rabbit says, “Even the smallest one can change the world.” The Lord has a plan for your little one and a christening puts that plan into action. Your baby is growing and learning in the light of God from day one and for all of their years to come.

Picking the Best Brand for Your Christening Gift Needs

Some brands are better suited to your needs for a christening gift than others. If you have something in mind, we probably have a brand with a stunning collection to peruse. You can take a look, pick out what you believe to be an ideal christening gift, and feel good in the fact that you found a brand that suited your needs. Done, done, and done. We have loads of brands with loads more collections, all designed to provide your gift recipient with the best, most memorable experience.

Need a suggestion? If you want something storybook themed and adorable, opt for Bunnykins. If you are going for an elegant keepsake, take a chance on the beautiful crystals of Waterford. Want something special to capture the memories of the newly christened cutie? Grab a Bambino frame with silver accents. Then again, if you want something silver and heartfelt, Wedgwood is sure to have a christening gift that snags your attention.

 From teddy bears with sweet sayings, to silver-toned plates and silverware, to crystal keepsakes, and a nice hamper or two, we have a plethora of christening gifts to choose from. Simply take a look around.

The Instant Christening Gift

If you have looked and scoured our website for the best christening gifts, but you still come up empty-handed, snag a gift voucher instead. Consider it a family christening gift. One that parents can use to grab a great present for their newly christened sweetheart.

Load the gift voucher with your desired amount—anywhere from $25 to over $500. These vouchers never expire; so, as long as your gift recipient has their gift voucher, they can use it anytime, anywhere on our website. They log on, find a great christening gift (or maybe something else), and put in the code for their gift voucher at checkout.

If your gift recipient goes over their gift voucher amount, no worries. They can simply pay the difference with their own credit card at checkout. We will deduct the gift voucher from the amount and give them the remaining balance. Easy-peasy!

Free Shipping & Customisation Options

Our christening gifts vary in price, but if you spend $99 AU on our website, we will ship your orders anywhere in Australia for free. Yep, free shipping. Some people wonder why you should spend that amount just for free shipping. But wouldn’t you rather get something in place of having to pay a shipping fee? We would.

There is a slew of customisation options available at checkout. These options help you make your christening gifts extra special for the gift recipient. For example, opt for professional gift-wrapping with plain or patterned, colourful paper. No crinkles or creases, and each gift-wrapped box is adorned with shiny ribbon and topped with a handcrafted bow. Beautiful, for sure.

Trust us, your gift recipient will appreciate how special a few extra customisations can make a christening gift.

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