Why You Should Never Gift A Toaster As A Wedding Gift

The Worst Wedding Gifts To Avoid (And A Few Good Ones)

"You can never have too many toasters," said no one, ever. So why do so many people still buy toasters as wedding gifts? While toasters used to be a traditional wedding gift for couples starting out together, they've since moved into the category of 'most mundane gift ever'.


Of course, there will always be someone who genuinely wants a toaster or kettle for their wedding gift. In this case, try to choose something that will last, and that will be a feature in their home. But unless the newlyweds have specifically asked for the latest, on-trend, smart toaster with bagel function, countdown timer, and 'peek-and-pop' function, you're better off avoiding the toaster scene altogether.


Most married couples will have a story to tell about the worst wedding gift they received. Make sure your present is not on their list!


In addition to toasters, what other presents are wedding gifts to avoid?


If you're looking for wedding gift ideas, don't make these mistakes! The five biggest wedding gift faux pas that top the list of most unpopular or most unwanted wedding gifts include:


Boring Kitchen Gadgets

Mundane kitchen gifts and random quirky gadgets top the list of inappropriate wedding gifts that should be avoided. Quirky crockery sets, gravy pourers, and knife sets seem to arrive en masse at every wedding – most of them probably re-gifted presents left over from the last family event. While one of each might make a beautiful gift idea for a housewarming or for a couple starting out, unless the bride and groom have specifically listed kitchen gifts or appliances on their wedding gift registry, these clichéd gifts are generally never a good idea. Likewise, electric apple corers and ice-cream machines sound fun until you have to find somewhere in the back of the cupboard to store them for ten years.


Monogrammed His and Her Linen

Sure, everyone needs towels and sheets, but there's a good chance the happy couple already have a linen cupboard full. Even if they don't, they probably want to buy linens that match rather than have six wedding guests all buy unmatching linens in a rainbow of colours. If you really must, and you know their linens are a little threadbare, do your research and choose quality high-thread-count sheets and plush towels to match their décor. But don't get them monogrammed! You won't find his and hers matching towel sets or monogrammed dressing gowns listed on the gift registry for a reason.


Sexy Novelty Wedding Gifts

Just, no. The bachelor party or hen's night is the time to buy your friend some edible undies or that risqué couples' drinking game you saw online. But novelty gifts are not the best choice for a wedding present. Your wedding gift should show your love and respect for the couple. Any wedding gift ideas should be thoughtful or practical gifts that will make it easier for the couple to build a life together. Novelties top the list of worst wedding gifts to avoid.


Baby-Related Gifts

The pressure to start a family immediately after getting married might be tolerable when it comes from 92-year-old great-aunt Harriet but, hopefully, everyone else has better etiquette. Even if the bride is pregnant, baby gifts are definitely inappropriate wedding presents. Save those booties for the baby shower! Wedding gift ideas should focus specifically on the happy couple and should suit their personalities and their plans for the future with or without kids.


Gifts for One

It's essential that any wedding gift ideas suit both partners – even if you have stumbled upon the perfect gift idea for one half of the happy couple! Save it for a birthday present. The best wedding gifts are things they will use together or that honour the couple equally. A wedding is not the time to gift your best mate with a home-brew kit if their other half doesn't drink, or a gorgeous pair of shoes unless they somehow share the same shoe size and style.


practical wedding gifts


So, what should you buy for a wedding gift?

With all the rules around what you should and shouldn't buy for a wedding present, it might seem like finding inspiration for the perfect wedding gift ideas will be both time consuming and expensive! It doesn't have to be. But it's important to put some thought into choosing something special that the couple will genuinely love. Not all couples will give specific suggestions with a wedding gift registry, but there are so many fantastic ideas online for you to explore.


Even if you're just getting a small wedding gift for your second cousin twice removed (whom you haven't seen since high school), you still need to choose something special to honour the occasion. And if you want to really show your love and find the best present for your best friend's wedding, it's even more important to make the right choice. This is a gift you want them to remember – in a good way!


Trust the Gift Registry

If the couple has gone to the effort of making a list of wedding gift ideas, use it! This doesn't have to mean you can't buy them something original or unique. But a gift registry will give you ideas about what they genuinely want for this special occasion. If they are asking for practical, household gifts, then help them out with a quality gift that will bring them joy for years to come. If you know their personalities well, then use their wedding gift list to inspire you to find the perfect homewares gift like an entertaining set or wine rack. If they are suggesting keepsake gifts, choose something beautiful that they can display like crystal or a photo frame. If they mention travel gifts, then matching leather bags would make a wonderful idea.


Create An Experience

If you're finding it hard to think of a good wedding gift, then choose something that will help them to make memories for years to come. Creating a romantic or a fun experience for the couple to share is a great wedding gift idea. Often, with the expense of a wedding, or general busyness with all the extra time it takes to make sure everything goes perfectly on the big day, the couple might find they have forgotten to take time to relax together. Pampering or relaxing gifts for a little romance on a short break away are often precisely what they need. Travel accessories are another great idea.


Luxury Gift Hampers

Hampers make wonderful ideas both as wedding gifts or as a honeymoon gift. You can choose a champagne hamper to celebrate, pampering relaxation hampers for them to enjoy on their honeymoon, a romantic food and wine hamper, or even an inexpensive chocolate gift box. There are wedding hampers to suit all budgets and all couples. If it's a winter wedding, then a warming spirits hamper would be wonderful. In summer, a cocktail hamper would be lots of fun.

foodies with moet hamper


The best wedding gift will stand out for its thoughtfulness and for how well it suits the couple. Finding the right gift is easy at Gifts Australia. With so many beautifully presented gift options, we make it easy to choose from the heart. If you can't be there on the day to share their nuptials, then arrange gift delivery so it arrives in plenty of time. Best of all, if you've left your wedding gift shopping to the last minute, Gifts Australia also offers gift vouchers that can be emailed or printed out and given in a card.


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