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Things To Consider When Arranging A Gift Delivery

Throughout the year, different celebrations and milestones should always be marked with a gorgeous gift or two. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or even the festive Christmas holidays, everyone loves to buy and receive gifts. There’s no specific season for arranging a gift delivery; we can send a present for no reason at any time! A surprise gift delivery is the perfect way to stay in touch with those far away. 


Expressing ourselves through gifts is how we remind friends and loved ones they’re treasured. Getting something special for someone living close by is a breeze, but if your loved ones are far away, gifts for long-distance friends can become a bit tricky. This is where popular online shops and professional gift delivery takes the lead.  


With an impressive range of gifts to choose from, Gifts Australia makes life extremely easy when it comes to gift shopping. So, here’s our guide to how to send gifts online, gift delivery ideas, and the best way to send gifts to Australia or across the country, especially if you are looking for alternatives to Amazon that are better suited to a special occasion. 


How To Send Gifts Online Without A Hitch

When you’re choosing a gift delivery service, don’t get defeated by out of stock choices, delays, or restrictions on product choices. Besides the gift, there are a few factors to consider, especially if it’s over the holiday season. 


Delivery times

Whether you'll be delivering long-distance, from Sydney to Perth, or overseas, you need to factor in the time it’ll take for the gift to arrive where it's going. How early your purchase needs to be will depend on the delivery time to your desired destination. While some online gift deliveries may take under seven days, others may take 14 days or more with no express delivery available. If you need a fast, last minute gift delivery, choose a reliable service with express shipping. Keep in mind any delays due to Australia Post being under high pressure from Covid.


A reliable delivery service

This is the hard part because some companies can make promises they don't keep. Your best course of action is to ensure you use an established gift delivery service to handle your order. Professional gift delivery companies with high volume can offer significant discounts on postage costs (or offer free delivery) as well as complete tracking. It's worth it to ensure your items are delivered on time.


No invoice in your gift packaging

Customers often want to be sure there is no invoice included in the package when it is delivered. When you send something to someone as a gift, the last thing you want is to have the invoice or receipt arrive with your present! When you order from Gifts Australia, we know you are sending a present and don't want the recipient to see price information. Rest assured your invoice will arrive via email and will not be included with your gift delivery.


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Can I send a gift to someone in Australia?

Arranging a gift is very different to ordering for yourself. Even despite the limits on products Amazon can ship to Australia, the delivery delays and printed invoices sent in the box means it's better to choose an alternative to Amazon for a special gift delivery that you want to arrive wrapped and with a card. 


Ordering from overseas with shipping to Australia often means unexplained delays, but you may also experience other issues, including:


Lack of tracking systems - you may not be able to track your long-distance gift's delivery route from when you hand it over to the delivery company.
Damaged goods - with a long trip, not every company takes care of the packages they deliver. So, although your gift may arrive in time, it may not be in the desired condition!
Missing items - using a trustworthy company means you don't need to worry about the safety of your gift. Some people never receive their overseas deliveries, while others get packages that don't include all the items sent.


It's generally easier to choose an Australian gift delivery company and order locally so that you know the presentation will impress.  


How To Send Gifts To Australia Online

If you’re sending a gift delivery to loved ones in Australia, you can do everything on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With online shopping, the store you make your purchases from will handle all those frustrating delivery logistics. That's in addition to wrapping your items, so they arrive as a beautiful gift delivery rather than a package.


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If you've got loved ones in Australia that you'd like to send a present, two options stand out if you choose online shopping.


Purchase from a local store

You can usually get your chosen gifts from stores operating in your area either physically or online. If you visit the store, then you'll need to source a good delivery company afterwards to arrange for shipping your items to Australia. If you order online, then the store should handle all the delivery logistics on your behalf.


Purchase from an online store in Australia

With online shopping, your location is of no consequence if the recipient lives in Australia. Gifts from overseas are taxable in Australia, so you can avoid paying import tax on gifts by ordering online through a local gift delivery service. You make the order, as you would from a store in your hometown, and provide your friends shipping address. 


Making Your Gift Delivery More Exciting

Another benefit of using online Aussie stores is that they clearly outline their delivery timelines to various regions. Delivery tracking means when you make your purchase, you're aware of its every move and when it'll arrive at its destination. This way, you also don't need as much time to plan your order. Since it's a local store, a few days should be enough to get the long-distance gift delivered on time. With shopping from online Aussie stores, the number of gift options available to you increases drastically too. Today you can even buy fresh food online along with the usual gifts and electronics. This means you can surprise loved ones with a delivery of some really special treats.


What can I get delivered instead of flowers?

For unique gift delivery ideas we suggest:

Food gift delivery - this includes perishable foods and edible goodies that can only be found in Australia. For the festive season, you could even order them some Australian gourmet to add to their Christmas menu options.
Australian experiences - depending on the celebration, online stores have a variety of exciting Aussie experience days available. Send a gift delivery of a skydiving session or a leisurely wine tasting tour!
Favourite brands - everyone has their number one choice for special things, from skincare to homeware. Shopping online in Australia means you can send them well-known brands you know they’ll love.
Drinks - for every occasion, it's a wonderful idea to send bottles of alcohol as a gift delivery. Now you can surprise them with their favourite tipple or the premium taste of champagne to celebrate their day. 
Gift boxes - gift box ideas for best friends and loved ones just got more interesting too. You can create your own and send a box brimming with personalised gifts, toys, treats and chocolates.  


gift box delivery for her


Show Your Love With An Online Gift Delivery From Gifts Australia

What can I send as a gift to Australia? Well, now you can send virtually anything you want if you use a local gift delivery service. Just take a tour of the fabulous collections at Gifts Australia, or see all our gift ideas and you’ll see what we mean. Whether you're near or far, gifting those you care about is a great way to show them they're on your mind, even if it’s not a special occasion. 


With Gifts Australia, you have the added advantage of a delivery calculator, express delivery and reliable, tracked shipping. You might be on the other side of the country or different continents, but you can still expect something special to arrive on their doorstep. Plus, our affordable delivery options and free shipping over $99 means it’s a much cheaper option than posting it yourself!


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