Fabulous First Time Grandparents Gifts And Advice

Tips For New And Expecting Grandparents

Becoming a grandparent for the very first time is a delightful experience you will want to share with everyone. It can be rewarding and filled with joy as you watch a growing bump and hear their first gurgle. Most people dream of all the smiles and cuddles, and while there will certainly be plenty of those, it can also be hard work.  


Grandparents are usually the backbone of the family, making stable, solid and lasting relationships across generations. But becoming a grandparent isn't without life’s challenges, and everything is new to everyone the first time around. Becoming a grandparent for the first time can be a steep learning curve, especially deciding how to give much-needed support without overstepping the mark. 


To help, the team at Gifts Australia have been pooling their experience and funny stories about what awaits. From fun grandparent’s announcement ideas to fabulous sentimental gifts for new grandparents, you’ll find valuable tips. The best thing about being a grandparent is the mixture of excitement and incredulity, but brace yourself!


10 Simple Ways To Be A Fabulous Grandparent


  1. Make the most of every sweet, wonderful moment

  2. Be ready to help out whenever they need a hand

  3. Visit only when it’s pre-arranged and you’re invited 

  4. Respect their boundaries and rules at all times

  5. Take a step back and don’t always try to take over

  6. Bite your tongue hard until you’re asked for advice

  7. Allow them the space to make their own mistakes

  8. Don’t be competitive with in-laws or family members

  9. Stay in shape and increase your stamina levels 

  10. Learn to say no when you need your own space



How do you announce you are going to be a grandparent?

The day you find out you’re going to hear the patter of tiny feet once again, and the day your first grandchild is born are both incredibly exciting. You might wonder how you could possibly be old enough to be a grandparent! While you're probably also thinking of all the ways you can be a part of your grandchild's life, especially if you don't live close by. It’s a reminder of the day you became a parent for the first time too, so there’s good reason to celebrate. You’ll want to shout ‘we are going to be grandparents’ from the rooftop for all to hear!


Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Here are some lovely ideas for first-time grandparents announcements - from modern to traditional:


  1. Announcing grandchild on Facebook with a cute photo and heartfelt caption

  2. Say it with bottles of wine with sweet notes asking to share a happy toast

  3. Compose a lovely grandparent announcement poem for family and friends

  4. Send surprise beautiful baby greetings cards with personal messages of joy

  5. Make cute countdown clocks with the number of weeks to wait for the arrival

  6. Share your big news with unique keepsake prints of the ultrasound picture

  7. Deck out your home with message boards announcing the exciting news

  8. Gift batches of homemade cookies iced with the family name and due date



Gifts For First-Time Grandparents To Celebrate The Announcement

If friends have just found out they will be soon be grandparents for the first time, it can be a wonderful idea to send them a congratulations gift. If it's your own parents who are celebrating your baby announcement, then you have a chance to really make the moment special for them. Pair your pregnancy announcement with sentimental gifts for grandparents that include them in your journey. You can also create a first-time grandma gift basket filled with things that they can use when babysitting, as well as mementos like a photo frame or personalised baby shoes that can be framed.


celebration hamper


What Do First-time Grandparents Need To Prepare?

Becoming a new grandparent might be a dream come true or the biggest surprise of your life. One thing’s for sure, one of the most exciting times is preparing for the new grandbaby’s arrival. You’ll want to have everything ready before the big day, but remember not to overdo it! 


Plan Ahead With Meals

The last thing new parents want to think about is food and drink. And if you plan to be there to support them, you'll want to make sure the basics are taken care of. Prepare some good old home cooking to relieve the pressure, order takeaways, or arrange for delivery of gourmet food and drinks. Think back to your own days as new parents, and prepare a gift basket packed with treats and essentials for the hospital and the first few days.  


Baby Stuff For Grandparents

Although new parents will have everything to hand, it’s useful to have a changing bag and other essentials at your home. Visits will be stress-free and go without a hitch. Snap up some nappies, wipes and lotions, changing mat, swaddles, and some lovely sets of spare baby clothes. These small essentials make wonderful gifts to give if you are creating a first-time grandma gift basket to give to the expecting grandparents so their own home is prepared for when baby visits.


baby essentials


What should grandparents buy for first grandchild?

Gifts For A First Grandchild

Buying presents for the baby is the fun bit for most new grandparents, and it’s tempting to buy everything you see. Choose a few practical and snuggly things like a cute soft toy, fleecy blanket or baby board book. Or treat grandbaby and the excited parents to a gorgeous new baby hamper or traditional keepsakes for luxury first grandchild gifts. Popular baby gift ideas include a silver moneybox, first tooth heirloom piece, crystal figurines, or teddy bear.

first tooth keepsake

Memory Books

New parents treasure documenting every moment of baby’s bump and those wonderful first few weeks. Photo albums are a necessity for everyone to fill with laughter and memories. Lovely memory books, diaries and journals make sentimental gifts for grandparents and parents alike. You could even start by sharing your own memories by writing letters to your first grandchild that continue as they grow up.

Memory Books For Baby


Treats For The Family

Anything luxurious and relaxing makes super gift ideas from new grandparents to the new parents or the growing family as a whole. Bathtime and skincare products, stress-relieving candles, fluffy socks, or relaxation tea hampers are all perfect choices. Things like puzzles and books will also help to pass the time on hospital visits. It’s lovely to gift a bottle of sparkly for a toast or goodies all the family can share. Luxury hampers are the perfect choice for a celebration and also make excellent baby shower gifts from grandparents.


Baby Hamper


Sweet Keepsake Gift Ideas To Welcome A New Grandbaby

Becoming a new grandparent is thrilling enough but being able to treat everyone to gorgeous gifts is the cherry on the cake. If the new parents adore fun ideas, you can even do something lovely to welcome them home. Put up a yard banner, signs, and twinkly lights. Fill their house with fresh flowers, stock the fridge with food, and don’t forget a bottle of champagne to wet the baby's head! 


Whether you are shopping for gift ideas for the new grandparents to share their excitement, or if you're counting down the days until you become a first-time grandparent yourself, we have presents to celebrate this milestone. Take a tour of our collection of gifts for grandma as well as gifts for grandpa to find something unique just for them. Or browse our baby range to find gifts for new grandparents that will make time spent with their first grandchild extra fun. You can pick a gift that’s practical or something memorable for the cute little addition to the family. You’ll find unique traditional gifts along with sweet keepsakes, personalised gifts, soft toys, useful homeware and beautiful baby baskets. You’ll even find inspiration for Christmas gifts for first-time grandparents to hide under the tree. Congratulations from us all!




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