Corporate Gift Ideas To Keep You Top Of Mind All Year Long


The spirit of giving creates strong relationships


Where has this year gone? One blink and it is June already. Which means we are close to the end of the financial year and corporate ‘Christmas in July’ parties. It is business gift-giving time.


Some of you might moan. Yes, it can be very challenging to buy for a colleague, client or even the boss. But worry no more, we are here to save the day, or month. Gifts Australia are the experts in gift-giving for any special occasion. We are here to make sure your corporate gifting nightmares are over and you can enjoy the fun side of it.


There is something we all love so much about giving to people. And it is probably the knowledge that when they look at that gift, they’ll be reminded of you.


You know when you drink out of a certain mug and it makes you remember auntie Dorothy? Or how you remember your boyfriend when you check the time on your brand-new watch? The same principle applies when you gift useful products to your valued customers or teammates. Corporate gifting makes staff and clients feel special and remembered. This feeling and the thoughtfulness of a gift will leave a lasting positive impression.


Everyone likes presents. Everyone. If it brings a smile to your clients’ faces, then you are winning. Happy faces mean happy branding and happy memories. Adding a simple thank you card can go a long way when you’re far away.


Here are 10 great corporate gift ideas to help you to stand out this year. From the personal to the practical, this guide for corporate gifts provides an array of prices and products. You'll enjoy giving these special gifts and even better—your recipients will love receiving them.


1. Desk necessities


To help keep your staff or business affiliates up to date at all times, the Retro Wooden Desk Calendar is a great gift. It is timeless, practical and something they’ll use every day. The quirky Golf Club Pen Set is a practical item that will bring a smile to the passionate golfer and hit the jackpot. It is a stand out from the crowd in any stationery collection.


Retro Wooden Desk Calendar


2. Great gadget gifts


The Emergency Tech Kit and the Unicorn Powerbank are great small budget gifts that will be appreciated by staff and colleagues alike. No more asking around for a charger just before the end of day—these gadgets will become lifesavers.


The fashionable Bluetooth Headphones are a stylish and practical high quality gift that will win a standing ovation with your clients.


Kreafunk Ahead Bluetooth Headphones


3. Keep your team hydrated and happy


Drinking enough water is critical to our health, but many of us probably don’t consume enough. It is important, especially at a desk job, to stay hydrated, fresh and switched on all day. The Florence Glass Tea Infuser Flask is a stylish and easy way to carry tea or infused water on the go. This is a thoughtful and creative gift to make water more interesting and shows you care about the health of the gift recipient.


Florence Glass Tea Infuser Flask


4. Spoiling the Masterchefs in your business


The Maverick Steak or the Laguiole Knife Set help conquer any cut of meat and is a durable dream gift for aspiring chefs, steak-lovers and avid barbecuers. The Academy Copper Plated Measuring Cups are another great culinary gift. They take kitchen chic to the next level and are sturdy and beautiful. Getting a set of these will be a thrill for anyone who enjoys strutting his or her stuff in the kitchen.


Academy Copper Plated Measuring Cups


5. The gift of travel dreams


You most likely have that one person in the office who travels the globe whenever they can. They will thoroughly enjoy browsing for new travel destinations in the ultimate travel bible—Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2020’.


For those ready to explore their state, the shimmering silver travel organiser from Ted Baker is the ideal gift. A gorgeous and practical way of keeping organised—even when on holidays.


Ted Baker Women's Travel Document Holder


6. Think about the commuter


Show that you appreciate everyone’s hard work and efforts to reach the same yearly goals. The Rise and Shine Travel Mug is a wonderful practical item to make the life of those easier that get up early to come all the way to you. Long train and bus rides will fly by while reading the Love Who You Are Inspirations Book. These are exactly the kind of gifts that will keep you top of mind all year long and show you care.


Kate Spade Rise and Shine Travel Mug


7. Gift voucher


Sending a gift card to clients, employees or partners is a great touch. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect card that shows the right sentiment. Sending along a Gifts Australia gift voucher will prove you value your team and let them be in control. This is a great gift and will suit any corporate budget—with vouchers ranging from $50 to $500.


$50 Online Gift Voucher


8. Experience gift


Being memorable means you’re top-of-mind whenever the client, prospect or partner sees your thoughtful gift. What if you can create a memory that will keep them buzzing for the whole year?


Here at Gifts Australia we offer experiences that they’ll never forget. Anything from floating, surf lessons, swimming with sea lions to massages, stunt driving or aromatherapy. This is where you find a very unique and personal gift that showcases you care about your clients.


Hahndorf and Hills Gourmet Food and Wine Tour, SA


9. Make it personal by personalising


Personalised products often make for a unique gift that is unlike the traditional corporate gifting fare. When your client is thinking of you more frequently, they’ll be more inclined to reach out when they hit an issue.


The personalised burgundy leather keyring and the personalised tan leather pouch are both useful, unique items that will achieve exactly what you are aiming for. To be used on a daily basis and to stay on top of mind all year long.


Personalised Tan Leather Pouch


10. Treat with a hamper


While you may not personally know what everyone likes, you can still go beyond the expected corporate gifts and select a unique gourmet food gift hamper. Spoiling someone with one of our beautiful gift boxes will make them feel extra special and leaves an impression with your clients. The Gourmet Food and Wine Gifts are filled with delicious treats sourced from the world’s finest food producers.


Moët Rosé Imperial & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper


Choosing great gifts helps your brand image


Find the right balance when you are considering a corporate gift or a gift for staff. Browse our selection to give you endless inspiration. Here at Gifts Australia, it is important to us to offer a wide selection of gift ideas to cover all personalities and interests.


Corporate gifting should not be a last-minute event, but as we all know it often is. Make use of Gifts Australia’s express delivery and take advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service to make sure this gift is ready to be opened.


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