Boredom Busting Indoor Games For Kids

Family Time And Holiday Activities For Fun And Frolics!

Has lockdown got you cooped up or the holiday blues set in? If you’re like us, you’re always searching for exciting games to play at home when bored and keep kids entertained and occupied. It’s time to prove to them that being at home isn't a bad thing — it’s an added opportunity to make their own fun!


Boredom busters for kids and things to do for families will help keep them off their electronics and stop them driving you crazy with ‘I’m bored.’ It’s every parent’s goal, so the team at Gifts Australia have curated a collection of entertaining and immersive things to do with kids for inspiration. 


We've picked a few favourites from our range of kids gifts, toys, and games. Stop the constant cabin fever by having an exciting stash of indoor creative activities for kids at the ready. A go-to list of educational games or solo puzzles is perfect as there’s completely no stress involved. Plus, when they’re mentally exhausted, you can cuddle up on the sofa with a great movie or book!


Cool Games For Kids 

It’s great when young kids can play with siblings and friends or be occupied with their favourite pastimes. But sometimes, having ideas for fun family games and entertainment is the order of the day. Enjoying games together is a wonderful way to interact with kids beyond the daily slog of chores and homework and create lasting memories.


Cooperative family games are a fabulous way for children to learn all sorts of new mental skills, from problem-solving to strategic thinking. They also teach them life skills like waiting, taking turns, playing fair and communicating. Most importantly, it shows them how to be a good loser or winner. 


Dominos, chess, dice games and cards like Yahtzee are great indoor games for family fun at any age. They all reinforce motor skills, listening, maths, and reading skills, plus they’re immersive pastimes. Memory games are another classic to keep in your games cupboard for developing comprehension and concentration. Picture games, memory flashcards and mind-bending puzzles are all great choices. 


What are some fun indoor games for quiet afternoons? Nothing beats clearing the table and getting out a colourful and challenging jigsaw puzzle. If you’re searching for something more competitive and interactive, then table games like basketball or curling will keep them entertained for hours.

Lucky Cat Card Game


Science Toys For Kids

Young kids are all naturally curious, so science and nature toys are guaranteed to keep them occupied. You can’t beat hands-on learning and active indoor games for kids for boredom-busting. Awesome science games provide fun ways to explore our amazing world, experiment, and create. Perfect for beginning to nurture future innovation and creativity, all the family can join in too! 


High-quality educational and STEM toys are designed to stimulate thinking, imagination, and problem-solving abilities. Ideally playful, they should tap into existing interests, letting kids learn without any pressure. They improve cognitive and spatial skills as well as making learning exciting and enjoyable. 


Fun science experiments for kids like building a volcano or growing crystals is a great place to start. They are exciting, super educational and good fun. Any kind of chemistry lab will be a hit, too, allowing them to get hands-on, messy and creative. You can even use materials and ingredients you have around the house!


For youngsters who love nature, even when it’s raining, a fabulous microscope starter kit or metal detector is perfect. There are hundreds of creative outdoor games for kids at home, including nature trails, plant growing kits and activity sets to choose from. For little star gazers, explore everything from astronomy kits to plasma balls and interactive robots to fire their imagination.


robot toy


Arts And Crafts For Kids  

Kids thrive when they can get creative and use their hands, even if they’re not classically artistic. A stock of arts and craft supplies can always save the day. In fact, many parents say that it’s vital for keeping everyone happy and engaged. It’s a great activity that can employ all our senses - touch, sight, smell, sound, and even taste.


Experimenting and creating, mixing paints and using their imagination will fire away youngster’s brain synapses. All of these fun pastimes develop increasing amounts of coordination and dexterity. Kids also become flexible thinkers, key for their self-confidence. They’re more likely to enjoy trying new things and exploring their feelings. 


Art can involve getting messy, so let them express themselves however they feel. For starters, stock up with essentials like jumbo colouring sets and books, coloured markers and smush crayons. The brighter the colours the better! For budding experts, pencil art sets will teach them to shade and draw people or choose paints and chunky paint sticks.


Crafting and creative activities for kids is quality time enjoyed with someone they love. You! Choose a selection of adventures from balloon modelling, 3D wooden puzzles, window art and a host of exciting activity books. They can even try new skills with stitching, handwriting, badges, and a variety of ‘make your own’ kits. As a bonus, you can then find a space to display the finished product in their room!   

Window Art


Construction Toys For Kids

For energy-burning activities for kids, building colourful models and piecing together new structures is a fascinating and lively activity. Creative construction toys take the fun to the next level. Kids will be completely immersed in the process, and when it’s finished, they have something new to cherish. They’re perfect for all ages, including adults!


Building and construction toys generally involve collaborative play and encourage good communication skills. They also help develop children’s motor skills, spatial reasoning, persistence and patience. Playing with a wide variety of construction toys also encourages self-confidence and independent learning, keeping them engrossed in projects for days. 


Whatever their interests, there will be something exciting to construct with Nanoblocks. From colourful motorcycles and fantasy pirate ships to great white sharks or even an incredible space centre. With small individual blocks, it’s a superb challenge at any age, and the whole family can get involved. What’s even nicer is that they’re designed to build and display.


As an alternative, there’s a whole range of exciting construction kits including materials, paints and tools. Kids can build a working clock or a mechanical hand, the amazing solar system or intricate flying machines. Try practical marble runs or let their imagination run riot with a construction straw set. They’re something you’ll be itching to try your hand at too!


marble run


Give your kids plenty of opportunities to make their own fun with games and toys to inspire their imagination and learn new skills. Start your Christmas wishlist and plan ahead with these ideas for Christmas gifts for kids. You can create an account and click the heart to add each gift idea to your favourites list. Do all your gift shopping online in the one place for all your friends and family with free shipping on all orders over $99.




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