Australian Gifts To Take Overseas That Your Friends Will Love

If you are going on an overseas holiday and planning to stay with family, friends, or a host family during your stay, it's nice to take a little gift to give them on your arrival. It doesn't have to be anything super expensive or fancy, just a sweet Australian-themed gift as a memento of your visit. Choosing something with an Australian flavour makes it memorable, and also makes any thank you gift from you more special.


Bringing along an Australian gift from home gives you the chance to share your favourite parts of our Aussie culture with your family and friends abroad. Your hosts are opening their hearts and home to share with you, so it's nice to be able to give something in return. Leaving a little part of your Aussie selves behind when you leave makes for a more meaningful cultural exchange.


Choosing An Australian Gift To Take Overseas


For a gift to take overseas, it helps to choose a present that will travel well. You don't want anything too heavy, breakable, or awkward to pack. Most importantly, make sure your gift is the perfect souvenir of your visit by choosing something quintessentially Australian. Not sure what to buy? Aussie wildlife is a winner. People overseas can't get enough of our adorably, wacky wildlife. Koala toys, kangaroos, possums, or the weirdly wonderful platypus will all make your overseas friends smile. Anything with artwork that features Australian native flora like wattle, banksia, waratah, or flannel flowers is also perfect. Travel mugs, a scarf, socks, a tea-towel, or beach towels all become great Australian-themed gifts when they feature Indigenous artwork, Australian animals, or native flora. If you have the room, an Australian gourmet food hamper is an extra-special treat.


Ideas For Australian Gifts To Take Overseas


Need great gift ideas fast? We have a whole list of inspirational ideas if you're not sure what is a good gift to take overseas that celebrates our uniquely Australian culture and wildlife.


A fun Australiana tea towel is a cute gift to take overseas. They pack small, and obviously won't break. Depending on whether you are buying an Aussie gift for kids or adults, you could choose Australian tea towels featuring adorable Aussie wildlife, our unique flowers, or scrummy traditional Australian food. What's more Australian than a sausage sanga from Bunnings? A funky Made in Australia Sausage In Bread Tea Towel!


If you're looking for Australian gifts to take overseas for adults, a gift-pack of Australian gourmet BBQ spices or chutney made with our unique blend of native foods is perfect. For beer lovers, an Australian hamper featuring a selection of Australia's finest craft beers is something your friends won't be able to buy overseas. If you don't have the room for an Aussie foodies hamper, an Australian Baking book with recipes of traditional Aussie meals is a great gift that will easily slip into your suitcase.


There are so many great Australian gifts to take overseas for kids! Everyone loves koalas, so a cute koala gift is sure to be a winning present for a family. Snuggly koala bear toys, a koala blanket, or even a koala book are all beautiful Australian-themed gifts that are easy to take overseas in your luggage.


Books about our Aussie wildlife make an especially good Australian gift to take overseas – even if you are travelling to a country that doesn't speak English. Simple kid's books with colourful illustrations will be enjoyed by everyone. An A-Z of Australian Animals book is one of the best gifts to take overseas to a school or for a family with children.


Best Australian Themed Corporate Gifts


When arriving for that all-important first business meeting with a new overseas client or colleague, an Australian themed gift is a great way to break the ice! While you probably won't have a lot of spare room in your luggage for too many gifts, it's important not to go empty-handed. Bringing a uniquely Australian gift is an easy way to make a good first impression and leave your new business colleague with something nice to remember the meeting by. A gift-pack of gourmet Australian-made condiments is an inexpensive and impressive Australian corporate gift to take overseas. Notebooks or pens featuring Australian flora or fauna are also lovely gifts suitable for an overseas business meeting.


Unique Australian Gifts


Australia has so many wonderfully original products that it's easy to find something unique to share. Choosing the best Australian gifts for overseas also means doing a bit extra to help our local artists and Australian companies. It's always nice to know you're buying Australian when you're choosing a little piece of home to share with new friends overseas. Buying gifts that are made in Australia also means you can be sure your gift won't also be found at the local Walmarts (that would be embarrassing!) Keeping an eye out for the little Made in Australia tag or browsing for products designed and created by small Australian companies is a great way to share the love and promote our local businesses to a wider audience.


Whether you need a fun, novelty Australian gift or a family-friendly 'thank you' gift for your overseas hosts, Gifts Australia always has the right gift in store for you. Left your shopping to the last minute? With fast delivery, we'll get your gift packaged and sent in plenty of time for you to make it to the airport for your holiday. Choose from our extensive range of Australian-themed gifts to take overseas. Need to buy a large number of gifts or several Australian presents to give to people overseas? Gifts Australia has you covered. We offer free delivery on all orders over $99 so you can choose something special for everyone.


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