What Is The Best Way To Wrap A Gift Basket?

Sumptuous gift basket ideas for an indulgent Christmas 

Do you think a beautifully wrapped gift basket is the ideal gift this Christmas? Well, we all agree wholeheartedly at Gifts Australia!


Gift baskets and hampers look fabulous and can easily be customised for anyone on your Yuletide list. With a little careful planning, you can fill them with festive cheer, decorate with gift basket wrap and ribbons, and make them look like a million dollars.


If it’s your first time venturing into the world of how to gift wrap a basket, we’re here to help. You’ll find step by step instructions from choosing a theme and how to shrink wrap a gift basket to fabulous gift ideas and all those cheery finishings. They’re perfect all year round, but they look especially amazing nestling under the Christmas tree!


Give the gift of thoughtful homemade gift baskets


Theme and product choice hold the key

The first thing to do is decide on your theme. As we’re feeling festive already, we’ve chosen a Christmas theme. At this time of year, baskets are usually brimming with colourful seasonal food and tasty treats. You could even add homemade cookies and mince tarts along with your chosen unique gifts. A bottle of wine and a selection of gourmet Christmas treats is the perfect way to fill a Xmas gift basket.


Gift baskets are spectacular if they are based on your recipient’s personality. Any theme you like from craft beer to gardening will impress if it’s their favourite pastime or hobby! Choose creative gifts for him that will keep him occupied for hours or make him laugh out loud. Find fabulous gifts for her that she will enjoy, with fun activities or pamper gifts to make her feel relaxed and thoroughly loved. 


What to put in a Christmas Hamper


Get creative with containers

Next, you need to start looking for a suitable basket or box. Just because it’s called a gift basket doesn’t mean it has to be a basket! Anything you have to hand will do as long as it’s sturdy and attractive. Boxes, bowls, trays, plates or decorative tins are ideal. Terracotta flower pots and containers, glass vases and, of course, anything made from wicker is perfect too.


For Christmas, we always choose strong cardboard gift boxes. They’re easy to find, rigid, and come in all shapes and sizes to suit any choice of gifts. Simple to pack, they’re reusable afterwards too. They will look spectacular when they’re finished, even if you’re just learning how to wrap a gift basket!


Festive colourful fillers

If you choose a deep container, you will need some colourful tissue paper at the bottom. Florists often fill it halfway so that gifts are visible above the top and it looks extra full and lush. This packing will help to keep your goodies firmly in place and prevent heavier items from moving down to the bottom. It’s always exciting to see your gifts peeping out from the top of the basket!


Once this is in place, add some beautiful, bright basket shred. Choose a colour that matches your overall theme or a complementary colour to your bows and ribbons. You can shred using a paper shredder, cut strips with scissors, or just rip it into small pieces by hand. Curl the shred for a designer effect by pulling each strip gently over the blade of your scissors.


Make your own Christmas hamper


Arrange with loving care

Think about how your basket will be viewed; whether you want gifts showing all around or just from the top. Layer them carefully, starting with the largest, heaviest or your chosen centrepiece item. Position taller products at the back or in the centre, depending on the view. Then place smaller items in the gaps and around the edges.


Once you are happy, then pad each item carefully with your coloured basket shred and perfect the look. As it’s Christmas, why not add some festive charm with red berries, sparkling baubles or leafy green twigs from the garden? Then stand back for a final admiring glance!


Beautiful basket gift wrap 

Now it’s time for the challenge of clear cello basket bags or wrap! If your basket will fit in a preformed bag, it makes it much easier. If you’re struggling with how to wrap a large gift basket, you will need to resort to a traditional roll. Cellophane should never be scrimped on as it gives a finished professional look. Make sure you don't cut it until you have enough at the top to make a gorgeous gather! 


You can also use gift basket shrink wrap for a slightly different look. If you can’t find any, then many clingfilm varieties will work with a little gentle heat from your hairdryer. Finally, secure the top of the gather with a length of string, colourful cord, or Christmas ribbon. This helps with the overall look, keeps the cellophane crisp and holds all your lovely gifts safely and securely. 


How to wrap a Christmas Basket


Final finishing touches

Now comes the fun part of adding those lovely themed touches that will make the final product look stunning. A quality satin bow is essential for the overall presentation, but you could decide to use lovely ornament, dried flowers, or even fruit segments. Add beautiful flowing ribbons for a sumptuous look and remember to attach your Christmas card! 


Christmas Hamper Decorations


There’s a solution if you need a helping hand 

There you have it–an incredibly luxurious, personalised gift basket that will spread joy and wish them Merry Christmas the best way possible! You can find all the fabulous gifts you need at Gifts Australia. Follow these straightforward steps, and you’ll be an expert at making gift baskets for any celebration in no time!


There’s some even better news too! If you run out of time, take a look at these stunning gift hampers for all special occasions, including Christmas. They are packed with every gorgeous gift you can imagine from gourmet food and wine to sparkling Champagne and pampering products! Gifts Australia has fabulous looking gift hampers filled with all your favourites and ready for delivery.


Merry Christmas from Gifts Australia!




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