Our New Year's Resolutions

7 Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

The New Year is nearly here, which means it’s time to start thinking about the important tradition of making annual resolutions! This year, more than ever, we need to think about positive things and exciting new beginnings.


At Gifts Australia, we’ve been wondering how to make our resolutions inspiring and cheer everyone up. It’s a fabulous opportunity to reprioritise things in our lives. This year, we think it’s the time to set goals or lifestyle changes for 2021, which will really impact on those around us and the things we want for society. 


Be Inspired, Thoughtful And Hopeful In The Coming Year

This year, why not make a resolution list packed with ideas and goals that have real meaning for everyone. Forget the top New Year's resolutions of exercise, money and food for one year. Choose lifestyle tweaks that create a mindset of hope. They will leave everyone around you optimistic about the coming months. Be positive and convinced it is going to be the best year ever!


Here are our top tips on how to keep it simple and make your New Year’s resolutions enjoyable and achievable.


  • Make realistic and meaningful New Year resolutions
  • Plan each small step to success
  • Choose something you truly care about
  • Commit to really ‘go for it’
  • Get someone to help you
  • Keep your resolutions in firm focus
  • Celebrate every small achievement


Unique New Year's Resolutions To Ring In The Changes

2021 is the perfect opportunity to help others and create a new perspective. Resolve to focus on the people and things that matter in life. If this current year has taught us anything, it’s that friends, family, and every small moment should be treasured.


So, forget this year’s failures and look to the future with creative New Year's resolutions for 2021. Think positive and reward yourself with some lovely treats and gorgeous gifts at each and every step. You’ll soon be feeling cheerful and spreading a little happiness!


  1. Prioritise family and friends

This current year has kept many of us far from our loved ones. So, focus on keeping connected even more and reserving time for meaningful conversations or get-togethers. Make mental health a priority and form simple New Year's resolutions around cherishing your nearest and dearest in every way you can.


Prioritise Family


  1. Live life to the fullest

Resolve to start each new day as if it will be great. Keep a positive outlook and a smile even when times are hard. Spread that positive thinking, as it has numerous mental benefits, and be gentle with everyone around you. Try to find humour in any bad situations and include others in your resolution to live life! 


  1. Take control of your health

2020 has been full of life lessons, with one of them being the importance of staying fit and in good health. Staying healthy in 2021 is not just about exercise; it’s about mind, body and soul. Resolve to set essential goals that get your overall wellbeing under control. Choose activities that you’ll love and take every opportunity to meet likeminded people. 


  1. Contribute to being eco-friendly 

This year, global warming and pollution have taken a back seat. 2021 is an excellent opportunity to take back responsibility or increase your contribution to our beautiful planet. Vow to make a difference, whether it’s saving energy, recycling or riding your bike to work. It’s a big deal to make the world a better place, so it should be high on your New Year's resolutions ideas list. Spread the word too!


reuse recycle


  1. Find your voice

Start to get involved more in your local community and the world around you. Speak up when you see wrong and help others who are maybe not coping so well. Now is an excellent time to reach out, however little time you have. It’s also a great way to contribute to things that matter and make numerous new friends. 


  1. Spread the feel-good factor

Find every opportunity you can to spread festive goodwill and joy all year! Support good causes, groups and charities. Volunteer, lend a helping hand or cheer someone up with a friendly voice. There has never been a more important year for caring and sharing. We guarantee your resolutions will be more than rewarding to complete! 


  1. Create new memories

Whether it’s planning a family holiday, spending time with your friends or starting a new hobby, 2021 should be about new adventures. Be spontaneous, or commit some regular weekly time, but just be sure to do some wonderful things. Allow space for quality time and fun activities or start some new traditions to make everyone smile. 


Have Fun


Always Try To Live Your Dreams In 2021


When you’re thinking about creative New Year's resolutions, remember your desires too. We only get one life, and this is definitely the New Year to ‘seize the day’. Try not to put things on hold because of uncertainty or the current situation. 2021 is the ideal time to start new goals, plan special occasions and move towards making your dreams a reality.


Savour every precious moment and enjoy the simple things in life which are so important. A beautiful sunrise, a new book, a walk in the countryside or a get-together with friends. Wonderful life experiences are irreplaceable. Each time you achieve something, remember to treat yourself with something pampering or something special to look forward to. 


Whatever simple New Year’s resolutions you choose, make them count. Good luck from everyone at Gifts Australia!




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