How to Give a Meaningful Gift

Make It Personal With Unique Valentine's Gift Inspiration 

Giving Valentine’s gifts is always such a thrill! Knowing the ins and outs of your partner’s tastes is the key to really getting your romantic message across. Thoughtful gifts are ones that are relevant and reflect their life’s passions, lifestyle, or hobbies. The best presents are meaningful gifts that will reflect the memories you’ve made together and make them grin from ear to ear.


Here at Gifts Australia, we’re experts in selecting thoughtful gifts, so Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite times of the year. Hopefully, our helpful guide and handy tips on how to make gifts more personal will help you find a gift that your sweetheart will cherish for years to come. 


There’s no standard formula that fits with everyone, but there are some useful questions you can ask to help you pick a meaningful gift for Valentine's Day:

  • Will the gift make them feel that I know them intimately?
  • Is the gift attached to a story or a shared experience?
  • Does the gift feel personal enough to create a connection?
  • How is the gift connected to the special occasion?
  • What can I add to the gift to make it unforgettable?


How To Give A Thoughtful Gift That Will Make Their Valentine’s Day


The first rule of Valentine’s romance is that we shouldn't choose a gift based solely on what we like to give. Think more about what your partner would really love to receive. Make gifts more meaningful by looking deeper than just what’s visible on their gorgeous outside. Show them you see their wonderful inner qualities or lovable quirkiness too!  


Personal Couples Scrapbook Journal


8 Ways To Make Your Gift More Personal For Your Sweetheart


1. Find Their Unique Traits

What makes them tick? Doing what they love on Valentine’s Day means not focussing on the gift’s desirability, but how they will enjoy it. Think about all the endearing things that define them, not just their hobbies. There’s so much more to everyone and, hopefully, the thing that makes your significant other different is a large part of why you love them!  


2. Connect Gifts To Their Lifestyle

Thoughtful gift ideas should touch your other half in a unique way and hold a value more than they cost. Does your beau love an outdoor lifestyle, their demanding job, or classic films? Try to find a gift related to their passion, whether it’s something useful or a fun novelty accessory.


3. Handcraft A DIY Gift

Getting creative and making something yourself is a beautiful way to give meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her. It may not be absolutely perfect, but it sure will be personal. Bake their favourite cake, design a tie-dye t-shirt, paint a picture or make them a handmade cute card for Valentine’s Day! 


4. Classic Gifts Are Always Stylish

Traditional gifts always have a place on Valentine’s Day, but add a unique take on them. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers, or chocolates, are universally adored and say a thousand words. To capture their heart, choose their favourite colours or flavours and add a romantic love note! 


5. Make It Uniquely Personal

Thoughtful gifts for him and her always come from the heart when they’re personalised. There are so many gifts you can personalise by getting them embossed or engraved. Wonderful personalised gifts include beautiful engraved jewellery, leather gifts embossed with their name, or fun bottle openers. Make it even more romantic by hand painting or embroidering their initials yourself! 


6. Everyone Loves Treats

Most people love to receive a supply of their favourite snacks or tipples; it’s the fastest way to someone’s heart. Think chocolates for the chocaholic, inventive accessories for the tea lover, or craft beers for the weekend sports fan. The possibilities are endless, and these little meaningful gifts will be treasured.


7. Donate To Charity 

If your sweetheart is more into giving than receiving, then an amazing, meaningful gift idea would be to show you care about the same things as they do. Plant a tree, sponsor a child or adopt a donkey! Whether they support the homeless or the environment, a gift for an important cause is priceless. 


8. Give Life Experiences

People receive gifts all the time, but a life experience gift is really memorable. Make Valentine’s Day incredible with an adventure they will delight in. Go on a tour, a treasure hunt or a hike. Surprise them with thoughtful gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends that have the ‘wow’ factor.


Valentine's Experience Gifts


Give a Personalised Gift from Gifts Australia

When it comes down to it, meaningful gifts for him or her do mean spending a little time thinking about your special person. Then it’s important to plan the finer details like when, where, and how you will give your present to make your gift more personal on this day of love. It’s all about making the moment really count, so add some fun finishing touches too.


If you’re searching for some Valentine’s inspiration, then browse our full range of gorgeous presents to find a personal and thoughtful gift just for them. Be sure to explore our collection of fabulous personalised leather goods and jewellery to impress. You’re sure to find something quirky and fun or a really powerful gift to make their day complete. For any special occasion, giving a meaningful gift is the way to show someone how important they are. A meaningful Mother's Day gift is also a lovely way to spoil mum.  


If you need the complete package wrapped and delivered to their door, we even offer a premium gift wrapping service. You can choose a free Valentine’s gift card with your order to leave a personal message from the heart. If your Valentine lives in the Sydney metro area, be one of the first 150 people to place an order and choose 'Valentine's Day Delivery' at checkout for delivery on Sunday 14th February.


Happy V-Day from the Gifts Australia team! 




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