How To Rekindle Your Relationship

Experiences To Get The Spark Back In Your Relationship

Anyone who’s had a long-term relationship knows that every couple goes through ups and downs. There will always be periods of closeness and intimacy paired with times when you’re each feeling a little more distant or disconnected. If the excitement and spontaneity of the honeymoon phase has long since faded to predictability and routine, rest assured there’s nothing actually wrong with your relationship! While you may no longer feel the need to gaze lovingly into their eyes for hours at a time, there are other ways to let your significant other know that you’re still in it for the long haul.


If the busyness of life is creating a growing distance between you and your partner, it’s time to do something to bring the spark back to your relationship. Little steps towards regaining joy and rekindling the spark are generally more successful than a sudden grand gesture. Take the time to give more of yourself and create frequent opportunities to be together where you can focus on each other. Little gestures of love and shared experiences are the best way to rekindle your relationship and fall in love again.


If your anniversary is approaching and you are thinking of ideas for an anniversary gift, we hope these tips will inspire you.


5 Easy Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship

Try New Things

Break out of routine and mix it up with new experiences. Not only will it give you both something to look forward to, learning and doing new things is a great way to boost your own feelings of accomplishment. Pick activities you can do together. Outdoor experiences like tennis or stand-up-paddleboarding are fun to do as a couple. If you’re not into outdoor activities, find a new interest like wine appreciation or learning to cook multicultural food. Pick something you've both always wanted to do and make it a priority—learn a language together, take up home brewing, try an ‘escape room’ experience, or learn to surf…the possibilities are endless.


Fun Outdoor Activities For Couples


Schedule A Regular Date Night

For some couples, a regular romantic date night is the perfect way to reconnect. An evening at your favourite restaurant without distractions, away from the kids, with no phones to interrupt might be just the thing you need to rekindle passion in your relationship. Candles, wine, and quality time for uninterrupted conversation is the best way to regain the intimacy you’ve been missing because of a busy schedule. If getting out of a night time is difficult to manage with babysitters, try a sunset cruise or a gourmet lunch.


Romantic Lunch Ideas


Do Something Fun and Laugh Often

The secret to keeping the spark in a relationship is making time to laugh together and have fun. Juggling your careers, paying the bills, mowing the lawn, and getting through the unending mountains of washing is all part of the background noise that will drown out the joy you find in each other unless you make stress-free time together a priority. Life is serious, but your downtime together doesn’t have to be. Watch a funny movie, sing karaoke, or do something silly together—ride a Segway, go on a pub tour, or take a scenic trike ride for two. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It’s all about getting out and creating fun memories together.


Tour for Two


Touch and Be Affectionate

Being more affectionate is one of the most important ways to rekindle your relationship. If you don’t know how to regain physical intimacy, then start with the little things. Book an activity you can do together and that you will both enjoy. Choose an experience that creates lots of opportunities for physical contact or laughter. Go abseiling together – not only will it get your heart racing, but a victory hug if both manage to survive is a great excuse for physical contact. Play tourist and hold hands as you go on a guided walking tour around your city. Or book a helicopter flight or river cruise, sit close, and enjoy pointing out the best views. Low-pressure activities that create opportunities to be close are a good first step to getting your marriage out of a rut.


River Cruise For Two


Talk and Create Opportunities For Conversation

Getting dressed up for a night of romance with slow dancing and playful banter can be a good way to set the scene if your relationship is still somewhat fresh. But if it’s been ten years since you last sat in a restaurant together and you’re pretty sure the conversation is going to circle around when the car needs its next service and your kids’ school report cards, then you need a Plan B. Pick something less intimate to rekindle a spark before aiming for passion. Create opportunities that give you something new to talk about. Try a group cooking class that ends with a shared meal, or a winery tour so you can still share that bottle of wine, but you can ease in slowly with plenty to talk about throughout a wine tasting and stroll around the vineyard.


Winery Tour


Unforgettable Experiences To Rekindle The Romance

The honeymoon might be over, but you can still have fun and bring some romance back into your relationship. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, there’s no reason to panic or make a big deal about it. Just take action to rekindle the intimacy – both emotional and physical – with activities to get the spark back in your relationship. Rather than a physical gift, give an experience gift to share for your next gift-giving occasion.

These are our top picks for experience gifts for couples to rekindle your relationship.


Good Experience Gifts For Couples


Valentine’s Day and your wedding anniversary are two perfect occasions for the time to take a leap and surprise your husband or wife with a fun adventure. Reminding each other of all the little reasons you connected in the first place is the best way to rekindle love in your relationship. Shout each other to a new, fun gift experience for couples each month. After the first surprise experience gift, make a regular date night to talk and plan together what new experiences you want to try next to discover new interests together.  Book a Valentine’s Day experience for couples or plan a weekend away and get out of your relationship rut.




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