How To Plan An Easter Scavenger Hunt

Hop This Way For Refreshingly Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Call us kids, but everyone here at Gifts Australia loves a good old-fashioned Easter scavenger hunt. An exciting chase for chocolate treasure and adults wearing hilarious bunny hats? We really can’t think of anything that’s quite so much fun. 


Easter egg scavenger hunts are the very best part of the holiday celebrations. If you’re like us, there's outdoor activities and some light-hearted competition. Even better, there are chocolates, fabulously colourful eggs and Easter gifts and prizes. What’s not to love?


Whether you’re hosting an extravaganza for friends or having a small hunt at home, we’re here to help. Follow our guide to organising an Easter Sunday event and other alternative Easter scavenger hunt ideas, plus fun themes for the perfect treasure trail.


  • Set the date, location and guest list
  • Plan the theme and extra activities
  • Stock up on colourful plastic eggs
  • Have baskets and buckets at the ready 
  • Make between 8 to 10 cryptic and fun clues 
  • Buy candy, gifts or treats to fill the eggs
  • Decorate your home or garden with Easter crafts
  • Award an Easter scavenger hunt prize
  • Remember some delicious chocolate eggs or decadent sweet hampers for adults.


Cryptic Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt With Clues

When it comes to planning an exciting time, nothing works better than Easter scavenger hunt clues. You can find printable easter egg hunt clues online or get creative and design your own. Clues need to be just difficult enough to be challenging, whatever the age group. If your treasure hunters are older or adult, Easter hunt riddles or clues can be cryptic and lead from one place to another. You can either put them all in a booklet or put a clue with each of the hidden eggs.


Choose your hiding spots well, and don’t make them too easy! You can place some in obvious locations but hide most eggs in challenging spots. If you’re outside, tuck them in the mailbox, behind plants or even hang them from the trees. Let the youngest kids go first and then sit back and watch the adults compete fiercely!


Easter hunt


Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas With A Difference!

Skip the Easter eggs

Instead of candy as rewards, write fun wishes on pieces of paper and put them in the eggs. For the kids, this could be things like staying up late, a sleepover or skipping chores for a week. 


If you’re stuck inside, then a great Easter twist on a popular party game is pass-the-parcel with eggs. Mix fun treats, dares and jokes, put on your favourite tunes and let the family fun begin! 

Golden ticket chase 

Instead of having Easter scavenger hunt clues, plan a Willy Wonka theme and hide a golden ticket for each person. They can each find one ticket and exchange it for a big, fun gift.

Egg relay race

Split everyone into competitive teams, and the first teammate from each searches for an egg. When they find it they tag the next one until the winning team is rewarded with a giant egg!

Egg obstacle course

Make your treasure hunt even more fun with an obstacle course of ladders, tunnels, coloured hula hoops and even slippy water slides. Hang your eggs in trees to make it even more difficult. 

Hunt by night 

A scavenger hunt at night is a magical idea, and you can use plastic eggs that glow in the dark or glow sticks to mark their hiding places. It will be a fun and exciting Easter wonderland for all! 

Make Easter mischief

To add a humorous element for a family get-together, add fake Easter eggs to the mix. Fill plastic eggs with rice or confetti and add prank notes and forfeits for a laughter-filled day.

Add adventure maps

For an imaginative touch, map the landmarks on your hunt on an antique treasure hunt map. Use your creativity to create fun features in your backyard - egg hunters of all ages will love it. 

Bunny Plush For Easter

Make Sure The Fun Doesn’t Stop!

When you’ve found all the Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles outside, then organise some extra activities. The day’s fun doesn’t have to stop until you want it to! Anyone who’s taken part will want to continue with the social event. Choose some interesting Easter crafts and games to keep kids entertained. You can choose outdoor activities like bunny bowling, an Easter relay race or an egg toss. Or, plan some indoor games like pin the bunny tail, Easter bingo or themed charades.


Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults

Easter egg hunts are just as much fun for adults, and it’s a fabulous way to get together with loved ones. There’s a whole host of fun ideas and Easter egg hunt clues printable from the internet. You can stick to a traditional hunt with eggs hiding adult treats like mini liqueurs or cute Easter gifts. Make outdoor easter egg hunt clues brain-teasing or collect a six-pack of craft beers. Make it a themed event or add in a barbie and it will soon become a firm annual tradition.

easter hamper


We love decadent chocolates as Easter gifts for adults but there are a whole range of unique ways to spend the day. Why not scavenger hunt for a lush charcuterie board for a deluxe Easter brunch? Hide the crockery, tools and food inside or outside with cryptic clues for their whereabouts. Think cheese, cured meats, olives, nuts, dried fruit, French bread and jams. Watch their hunger grow as they hunt, and when it’s all been found, arrange the charcuterie board and start brunching. No illicit snacking allowed during the hunt!


No adult Easter egg hunt is complete without a bit of booze to mark the celebration either. Host a cocktail and mocktail hunt, hiding shakers, mini wine bottles and shots for them to find. When they’re all collected, it’s time for a relaxing buffet breakfast brunch packed with favourite flavours. Set up the bar, and they have all the ingredients for shaking their very own Easter cocktails. 


We guarantee it will be great fun and quickly become part of the Easter traditions that everyone loves. Add your personal touches to tailor it to everyone’s taste, and browse our full range of funny or stylish gift ideas for the day. No matter which kind of Easter scavenger hunt you choose, it will add a playful atmosphere to the day’s festivities.
Happy Easter egg hunting to all!




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