Fun School Lunch Ideas

Think Outside The Lunch Box For Delicious, Healthy Options


With the kids back at school, are you suffering from a lunchbox dilemma? Alongside the flurry of activity before a new term, it’s time to decide what to pack for school lunches that will keep their interest every day! 


Sandwich burnout can arrive all too quickly, and it’s easy to succumb to the ease of junk food and snacks. Here at Gifts Australia, many mums are in the same boat. So, we’ve been on the hunt for creative food alternatives and fun school lunch box ideas.  


Take their lunch boxes to a new level with our appetising ideas and fun hacks to get kids of all ages excited about school lunch!


7 Hacks For Making Every Lunchtime A Surprise Event


One of the easiest kids school lunch ideas is to give them something to look forward to every day with some cool and interesting school accessories from backpacks to lunchboxes. Also, give them a choice of healthy foods and snacks (within reason). If they choose what to eat and have fun filling up their backpacks, they are much more likely to savour every bite. 


  1. Buy some really fun age-specific lunch boxes, which they love using and showing to friends. You can find everything from a cute Chirpy Bird Box to a retro Fridge Lunch Box.
  2. Use a handy thermos flask or Modernist Canteen for keeping foods warm. Instead of sandwiches, hot dishes like delicious mac and cheese or bean chilli will work great! 
  3. Pack an ice pack so you can opt for cold lunch foods like chicken caesar too, or fill a trendy Insulated Cup with mouth-watering desserts which taste better cold. 
  4. Opt for fresh water and not sugary drinks or fizzy cans. Tempt them with a sophisticated Slim Reusable Bottle for older kids or fun Glow in the Dark water bottles for youngsters.
  5. Make silly faces on their food using sliced veggies, leave cute notes and funny jokes. Or treat yourself to a Unicorn Food Cookbook and create amazing edible rainbows!
  6. Grab yourself some fabulous Alphabet Cookie Cutters and carve out messages to them. Whatever their age, it's lovely to feel appreciated with a personal ‘I love you’ note. 
  7. Let them pack their own lunch and fill up a great new backpack. Choose a favourite like a Kids Jungle Backpack or what about a NASA Lunch Bag for your budding astronaut?

Lunch Box Food Ideas

Healthy School Lunch Ideas For The Fussiest Kids


Inventive lunch box recipes every day can seem challenging and time-consuming. But, there are numerous tricks and hacks which you can use. From classic deli staples to nutritious salads and hot mains, there are easy and healthy lunch ideas for school they will love.


Here are our favourite healthy school lunch ideas for picky eaters everywhere:


  • Add raw veggies and let them dip away. Everyone loves it, so add interesting options each day to make it more fun. From peanut satay to spicy hummus, there are so many delicious choices. 
  • Make kids mini kebabs for nutritious treats. Cube up chicken, turkey or cheeses and skewer them on cocktail sticks. Alternate with cherry tomatoes, grapes, melon or crunchy carrot.
  • Make deli sandwiches or change to whole grains. Just use the bottom slice and pile on healthy spreads or sliced meats. Top with pieces of brightly coloured veggies like capsicum and tomato. 
  • Change bread completely for wheat pita, tortillas and wraps. Stuff them with mouth-watering easy fillings like avocado and tuna, salmon and cucumber, or roasted chickpeas and sweet potato. 
  • Mix things up and slice everything up! Kids like bite-sized pieces, so take advantage of it. Make tiny quiches or pies, serve mini roll-ups or make a fruit cup with different chopped fruits. 
  • Add some calcium and flavour with fruit yogurt and homemade smoothies. Energy bars and bites are always a hit, and oatmeal cookies, banana muffins or Anzac bars are easy go-to’s.
  • Dessert should give a healthy lunchtime energy boost and not a sugar high. Think avocado and chocolate mousse, banana split bites with strawberries, or chocolate-dipped sweet oranges.
  • If you’ve got crunch-loving kids, then aim for lower fat nibbles and stay away from crisps. Choose small cups of baked chips, healthy nuts, low-fat popcorn or wholegrain crackers. 


Healthy Lunch Box Ideas


Forget Sandwiches - Easy School Lunch Ideas Australian Alternatives


Children deserve to have fun with food, and kid-friendly lunch ideas for school will encourage them to eat healthily. If you're searching for easy, nutritious alternatives to sandwiches that kids will actually finish, try our creative recipes. They are sure to win their approval! 


  1. Spring Rolls - large lettuce leaves or rice wrappers are superb for roll-up snacks. Fill them full with shredded chicken, tofu or prawns. or let your kids make their own ideas.
  2. Tasty Tacos - make extra when you have them for dinner. Stuff with meat, beans or rice then top with sliced tomato and onion, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. 
  3. Vegetable Sushi - use leftover rice with salmon or veg for sushi which is as easy as sandwiches to make. Add in some soy sauce or dips for a colourful, healthy feast.
  4. Pasta Salads - cold pasta, rice, and noodle salad variations are endless. They are easy and quick to prepare and can be packed with veggies, onion, tomatoes and olives.
  5. Savoury Waffles - freeze your leftover waffles and make school lunch more fun. Top them with anything from peanut butter to smoked salmon or sausages and cheese!
  6. Brunch Lunch - think cold pancakes, sliced sausages, crispy bacon and tomatoes. Add extra protein with delicious baked eggs cooked in your muffin tin!  
  7. Thermos Time - pack something warm and nourishing in a thermos as an easy lunch for school idea. Rich soups, mac and cheese, meatballs, or meal leftovers are perfect. 
  8. Homemade Muffins - whole grain muffins are a real treat and can be paired with cheese, fresh veggies and fruit. Or why not make them into fun and healthy mini pizzas!


We hope you’ve had fun with our school lunch box ideas, Australian style. If you’re looking for fabulous kids lunch accessories or ways to make lunchtime even more fun, then browse our complete collection here. 

Bon Appetit!




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