Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Get You Ready For Christmas 2020

Christmas Magic Is In The Air And Mischief Is Afoot

Christmas is always a special time of the year for families across the globe. It's a time of celebration, spending time with loved ones, and of course, exchanging Christmas gifts. To ensure kids behave well, parents make sure they know that Santa monitors what they have been up to throughout the year. In the endearing Elf on the Shelf tradition, Santa sends his little helpers from the North Pole during the day, and they report back to him at night! 


Two main rules apply to the Elf on the Shelf tradition;

  • If the kids touch the elf it will lose its magic. They must write an apology letter to Santa and sprinkle some cinnamon beside the elf before going to bed. The cinnamon acts as vitamins for the elves, which help them make their way back to the North Pole, where they will be examined by a doctor.
  • The elf will not speak or move while the children are still awake. When they are asleep, he heads back to the North Pole, and returns in the morning, assuming a different position in the house. 


Setting up Elf on the Shelf around the house can be a fun and exciting affair but maintaining creativity can be challenging. If you are stumped on where to place your elf, here are a few updated Elf on the Shelf ideas 2020 from Gifts Australia to spruce up the tradition this year!


Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids

To make sure your kids, your nieces and nephews, and grandkids are on their best behaviour through December, you can try out some of these easy Elf on the Shelf ideas for kids.


  1. Gaming Elf

If your kids enjoy playing video games, you can set up Elf on the Shelf to hold one of their controllers. The elf saw they were spending too much time playing video games and was wondering what the fuss was all about! 


  1. Superhero Elf

Kids running around the house playing can usually cause some damage. To make sure they don’t break anything, dress the elf in a cape, and there you have it! Superhero Elf! They’ll always be watching. He could even bring an Obsessed With Marvel Book with him so they can learn all about their favourite superheroes.


  1. Hungry Elf

Baking treats for Christmas can be an exciting family affair, but there’s always one cheeky child who wakes in the middle of the night to grab a snack or two. If you have an extra cake dome, place the elf inside it to make sure they’re always watching whoever creeps into the kitchen!


Elf on the Shelf ideas


  1. Time For A Vacation

Even elves need a vacation! They travel from the North Pole and are always working throughout the day, so sprinkle some sand around, and put him in some mini sunglasses. He’s on vacation, but still watching! Play some excellent tunes on your Sunnylife Kasbah Beach Sounds radio and entertain the whole family. 


  1. What’s That In My Stocking?

As an alternative to the elf sitting conveniently on the Christmas tree, he can also keep a watch on their stocking. His head poking out from the top is sure to ward off any curious little ones that may want to feel what’s inside their stockings.


  1. Don’t Touch That!

Christmas Eve can be the most exciting night for kids, especially when they see all the wrapped presents around the tree. One of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas is using Christmas tree decorations to hide an elf in the branches. He can make sure they don’t open their presents until Christmas day!


Elf on the Shelf for Kids


Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Toddlers

Introducing your little human to the tradition can be made fun using these simple Elf on the Shelf ideas for toddlers.


  1. Elf Prank

Teach your toddler how to scribble with Switcheroo Markers by incorporating a prank on your family photos. Draw some moustaches and funny glasses and ask your little one, “Who did that?” Place your elf lounging behind the picture frame with a marker pen in their hands.


  1. Driver Elf

The first toy car is always special, and the STEMFormer Windup Car & Robot can be a great first gift. Leave it unwrapped with the elf sitting in the driver’s seat. If they touch it before Christmas, the elf will drive off with it, all the way to the North Pole! 


  1. Reading Stories To Other Toys

Elves love storytelling. One morning, your elf has gathered all the other toys around, and has been reading them a story. Lean him on a pile of favourite books like Where is the Green Sheep?  


  1. Best Friends

Toddlers love their furry friends, and so do elves! Wrap the elf’s arm around Larry, the Cuddly Soft Sheep, and if your toddler behaves well, the elf will leave their furry friend all to them.


  1. That’s My Seat!

If you have a family car, your toddler is probably used to having their baby seat all to themselves. Introduce an elf seatmate to make sure they behave while they’re in the back.


  1. Little Helper

Elves are always helping Santa wrap gifts at the North Pole. Why not have them help you wrap your gifts with little packages tied up with tiny ribbons. This would be a great way to make a little helper out of your toddler as well!


Elf on the Shelf Toddlers


 Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Adults

Who says adults can’t enjoy Elf on the Shelf traditions? Here are some fantastic Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults and kids-at-heart.


  1. Christmas Party

A Christmas party isn’t complete without some sweet goodies and Champagne with your loved ones. Put a gorgeous Moet & Swarovski Crystals Hamper under the tree but make sure the Elf on the Shelf is watching the goodies in case someone decides to be naughty.


  1. Murder Mystery

The elves know when the Grinch has been up to no good. When you wake up in the morning, the Grinch has been murdered. Who did it? The elf seated at the fireplace on the murder weapon looks suspicious!


  1. Drinking On The Job

Did the elf mistake Santa’s reindeer for beer bottles? Line up beer bottles from our Corona Beer Hamper in the reindeer formation and have the elf sit on the hamper box for a sled.


  1. It Wasn’t Me

There are some funny Elf on the Shelf pranks you can play on your partner when they are deep asleep. Draw a moustache and a mono-brow as they dream. When they ask, point straight to the elf holding a marker on their nightstand.


  1. Hot Tub Elf

Adults will get a laugh out of naughty Elf on the Shelf enjoying some hot tub fun. Arrange him in the bathroom sink with Barbie and Ken, or create a funny Xmas party morning-after scene.


Elf on the Shelf Adults 


Start The Endearing Elf On The Shelf Tradition

If you haven’t already, starting the Elf on the Shelf funny tradition can be a great way to spread cheer throughout the days leading up to Christmas with your friends, family, and loved ones. For even more fun, help the elf deliver your presents. Surprise them with our fabulous range of Christmas gifts that will make for an unforgettable 2020 Christmas.  




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