5 Great Ways To Pamper Yourself This Weekend


How To Make The Most Of Your Weekends At Home


It can be challenging to find a healthy life balance when you are at home all week, right? Whether you’re working from home, or not, it’s essential to have a sense of separation and celebration when Friday arrives.


Once our weekdays are over, it’s time to look inwards and do something different so that normality doesn’t consume our weekends. So, put aside the cleaning, laundry and chores to focus on making the best of your free time and enjoy some interesting new experiences.


Take back your weekends and focus on preparing for some fabulous pampering ideas or other activities that will recharge you and reduce your stress levels.


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Relax And Rejuvenate This Coming Weekend


The whole world is experiencing lockdown of various levels, and for some people, it is an anxious time. It’s all too easy for cabin fever to set in and stress levels to rise. However, the weekends are ideal for enjoying pampering or projects that will keep you mentally stimulated and entertained. You can even learn photography in one weekend!


So, turn off the news, stop scrolling on Facebook or dreaming of being outside. Take a look at our suggestions for 5 pampering ideas of ways to fully enjoy a weekend home alone. You can even kick back and have some fun!


1. A Day Of Online Exploration Via Live Streaming


There are plenty of ways to bring an atlas of adventure, online art or Mother Nature to life at home. Live streaming can bring you a whole host of cultural activities and entertainment. Check out Google, and you will find over 500 art galleries and museums which have opened their virtual doors across the globe. Enjoy a day of free exhibitions and tours or spend some time exploring the Art & Culture collection for a variety of styles and movements.


If you love wildlife, then Zoos Victoria and Sea Life Sydney Aquarium bring it into your home with daily live streams. Studying animals or nature are great ideas for weekends and perfect ways to de-stress and pamper yourself for hours. Watch snow leopard cubs or the Zoo’s giraffes, lions and comical penguins. Or why not go on a thrilling off-road safari? Make yourself some tasty snacks and drinks, snuggle down on your sofa and watch the comedy and cuteness of the natural world outside unfold.


2. Weekends Of Feasting On Takeaways Or Barbie Favourites


Great food is always guaranteed to lift your spirits and chill you out, whether you are with family or have a weekend home alone. Plan in advance with a sizzling selection of your favourite foods and desserts, then open up your magic barbecue toolbox. Choose fresh local produce, juicy meat and burgers and the coolest choices of drinks. Prepare what you can so you are ready to relax and don’t worry about the weather. You can always bring it inside! Come rain or shine, just plan for a pamper weekend and a taste extravaganza.


If you want to relax even more, then there’s a multitude of restaurants offering some fabulous takeaway menus. No need to book yourself on an eat yourself sexy cooking lesson! Take the opportunity to keep yourself happy, healthy and well-fed while you are at home. You could even spend each weekend in a different country of the world by savouring some local cuisine. Many services are getting in on the action by providing free delivery and even bringing your favourite tipple to your door.


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3. Exercise Your Way To A Stress-Free Weekend


If you are struggling to remain motivated or positive while being at home, then a little weekend exercise could be the answer. There is no need to feel awkward, even if you are just starting, as there’s nobody watching! Dancing the day away will raise your spirits, especially if you have a weekend home alone. So turn up your sexy speakers, grab your dancing shoes and get ready for some action. You can improve your cool dance moves, learn Zumba, start ballroom dancing or even take an online masterclass.


For a pamper weekend with a difference, fun ways of exercising at home are never-ending. There’s even no need for those boring machines in the gym. Try one of these top tips and use the things you can find around you in the house.


  • Make a skipping rope for a cardio workout

  • Do step-ups using your books or a chair

  • Try mopping & hoovering as a daily workout

  • Use water bottles or food cans as weights

  • Run on the spot keeping your knees high up

  • Do jumping jacks during TV advertisements


When you exercise at home, you can enjoy your own routine and pace. You can also find those that you enjoy the most. There are lots of traditional workouts available online, so you can mix them up to avoid boredom. Stay focussed, tone up and even lose a little bit of weight along the way if you want!


4. Travel The World On Your Pamper Weekend


One of the great weekend ideas at home is to take off on a virtual world adventure. Travelling by yourself means you do not have to compromise in any way. You can choose exactly where you want to go and savour delicious food from Indonesian banquet cooking to Italian pizza. Explore the ruins of Macchu Picchu or set sail on a relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean islands. Visit the capital cities around the world or take an Australian nature trail; the world is your oyster!


Even if you decide to visit your nearest city for an hour, you can enjoy the luxury of travelling at your own pace and discovering new things. You could choose a mystery flight experience or a destination to explore for the whole weekend. Find every nook and cranny and cook up some local delicacies. Or, why not use your journey to find out what’s on offer and plan your next real holiday!


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5. Bring The Spa Atmosphere To Your Home


Self-love and weekend pampering ideas do not mean spending lots of money. You can recreate the de-stressing spa environment at home and benefit from the calming experience. The comfortable feeling can be recreated by closing the curtains and choosing some relaxing music for the background. Light some sensual aromatherapy candles, pour your favourite drink and prepare for an indulgent pamper weekend to remember.


Enjoy Your Weekend In


Treat yourself to a few luxurious products from scented body oils to organic makeup. If you can splash out, order a beautiful pampering gift hamper packed with gorgeous goodies. Smooth on a hydrating face mask, cut cucumber slices for eye patches and explore the lifting effects of a facial massage. Soak your tired feet in a foot spa, add a hair mask to your hair or take a long, hot soak in the bathtub. It's the perfect way to spend a weekend home alone!


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