20 Gifts Ideas That Parents Are Sure To Adore


Find a gorgeous gift for any parent on your list


'We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.' This quote by Henry Ward Beecher describes how many of us feel growing up.


Our parents are our caretakers in life; teaching us what they know, preparing us for the future and making sure we always have all we need. Parents are also the best gift givers as they know us like nobody else does. They even remember moments in our lives that we might not.


But when the tables turn and it’s time to spoil your parents, it isn’t always that easy. Most of us want to show them endless love and appreciation, but often feel like our Mum and Dad already have all they need. But do they really?


This list will help you find the perfect gift idea your recipient will absolutely adore. No matter if it’s for your parents, the in-laws or friends who have become expecting parents, this gift guide suits any person and occasion.


Gifts for retired parents


After years of hard work, your parents are finally retiring and ready to enjoy their well-deserved extended holiday together. No matter if they love travelling the world or prefer their own backyard, now is their time to do the things they never managed to squeeze in.


Gifting a holiday like a stay on a houseboat, or an annual pass to their favourite zoo or museum will be as much adored as recipe books and camping gear for their upcoming grey nomad days.


The Cheese & Wine Multi-Tool will come just as handy as the Maverick Into the Wild Travel BBQ during their next road trip chasing the sun. The briefcase-style BBQ simply opens up and folds out to create a barbeque grill that can be used anywhere with heat bricks. These presents will melt any outdoor lover’s heart and will help your retiring parents to cook up a delicious feast when camping.


Cheese & Wine Multi-Tool


Gifts for expecting parents


It is the most exciting time in life when a couple is expecting, and being a part of that is wonderful. If you have been invited to a baby party and can’t think past the clothes, diapers and wipes, don’t despair. There are many gifts for new parents that are unique, practical and thoughtful. Plus, they’ll actually enjoy them too!


Here at Gifts Australia, we stock a large range of baby hampers as well as books, clothes and toys to take the shopping load off the expecting parents. If you prefer to spoil the parents before time is less available, an experience gift is a wonderful idea. Anything from swimming with sealions, cooking school or helicopter flights is available as an instant gift to create some pre-baby memories.


A very unique present that will keep on giving over the years, is Sophie’s baby record book. The new Mum and Dad will have fun together; filling in the prompts given in this book, sticking in pictures of their new bundle of joy and later on browsing through it with their child.


Sophie's Baby Record Book


Gifts for the parents-in-law


You might be lucky and have in-laws that already adore you. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, it’s always hard to find the right gift when it’s not for your own parents. Finding a combined gift for mother and father-in-law that will make them love you more can be even trickier—but we have you covered, for any occasion.


The beautiful Stephanie Alexander Acacia Chopping Board is a must have kitchen accessory and will become a centerpiece of any kitchen with it’s beautiful and stylish brass handles. This is a gift to be adored and long remembered.


Sitting together and enjoying a glass of wine (or whiskey) together is a great way of getting to know someone over the years. With the Waterford Brady Hi-Ball fine crystal glass set you are gifting an elegant addition to the home bar or fine dine cabinet to take pleasure in for decades to follow.


Waterford Brady Hi-Ball Glass Set


Gifts for young parents


Many people would agree that the years shared with young children are the most wonderful but also the most exhausting in the life of a parent. The months fly by but some demanding days just seem to drag on. Young parents need to be present at all times which means they’re rarely getting a break.


Gifting a night of peaceful sleep or a more relaxed mind is like waving the magic wand to a stressed and overtired young mum and dad. The Silk Eye Mask and the Midnight Slippers will give their eyes and feet a break, no matter which time of day it is most needed. Every new dad will enjoy nourishing his skin and relaxing a little with the Aromatherapy Co Grooming Set and every new mum will appreciate the Little Bullet Book journal to be gorgeously organised in the midst of everyday chaos.


Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Man Grooming Gift Set


Gifts for divorced parents


No matter whether your divorced parents still get on or not, their separation likely makes it even more challenging to shop for gifts. Not only do you now need two, you need to be quite in-tune with their individual situations.


After a break up it can be cleansing to make some drastic changes. If your parents are separately going through the motions, help them move on and show how supportive you are for them both.


A new smell, a new piece of jewellery and even a new set of sheets can make a big difference in moving on and feeling yourself again. Gift your mother the feeling of a new beginning with the Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette or a personalised charm gold necklace.


The brown leather wallet with monogram or the Messenger Bag will help your dad to stay organised while he starts his own new routines. It is great for parents to know that their children have their backs, no matter what. These gifts will show love and appreciation in any stage of their lives.


L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette 75ml


Gifts for your new partner’s parents


Whether you’re meeting your new partner’s parents for the first time, you want to leave a lasting (positive) impression. Choosing a gift can be extremely stressful.


Once you have asked your partner a couple of questions about them, you might know if they are tea or coffee fans, golfers or walkers or cat or dog lovers. This will help you make the right choices when it is gift giving time.


The Tea Mug with Infuser, Golf Club Pen Set or the Dogs in the Air book are all beautiful and unique gifts to win over anyone's heart.


Leaf & Bean Red Tea Mug With Infuser


The choice is all yours


Here at Gifts Australia, we have a wide selection of gifts to suit anyone’s taste and interest. Finding the perfect gift is no challenge once you have browsed through our categories and found some gorgeous and funny ideas.


If you are still undecided, a beautiful gift hamper is a present anyone loves, no matter how well you know them. Our luxury hampers range from gourmet food and wine, picnic essentials and BBQ sets to beauty and spa, baby gifts and chocolate and bubbles.


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