Push Presents

Push presents are a very thoughtful gift for the Mama-to-be and Papa-to-be in your life. Giving birth and welcoming a new child into the world are life-changing events, and the best push presents are a celebration of that. Gifts Australia has a beautiful range of push presents that new parents will treasure forever.

Explore our range and celebrate the growing family unit in your life.

Baby push presents in Australia

If you're searching for push present ideas for new Mums and Dads, Gifts Australia has you covered. We've got a range of stunning push presents that any growing family is sure to appreciate.

All our gifts come with free, biodegradable wrapping paper and a premium card that you can customise with a personal message. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Browse our range today and give the new Mothers and Fathers in your life a push present that will make them giggle with excitement.

Push present gift ideas for Mums

Here are our best ideas for push presents for Mums:

  • Tea Hamper With Robert Gordon Mug
  • L'Occitane Rejuvenate & Pamper Hamper
  • Umbra Wooden Bathtub Caddy
  • More Than Flowers Hamper

Our new Mum gifts category also has lots of great options.

Push presents for friends – our top suggestions

Here are our best ideas for push presents for friends:

  • Deluxe Wooden Foot Massager
  • L'Occitane Rose Collection Duo
  • Blush Luxuriously Soft Lounging Robe
  • Luxe Pink Pom Pom Slippers

Push present ideas for Dads

Here are our best ideas for push presents for Dads:

  • Palermo Home Luxury Cotton Waffle Robe
  • Men's A Little Luxury Hamper
  • Bluey: My Dad Is Awesome
  • Wishes & Dreams New Baby Guest Book

If you're shopping for a man's push present, our new Dad gifts category also has lots of great options.

Push present from husband – our top ideas

Here are our best ideas for push presents for husbands:

  • Sparkling Indulgence Cheese Hamper
  • Serenity & Relaxation Hamper
  • Celestial Moon Colour Changing Light
  • A Trillion Clichés Every Dad Will Do, Guided Journal

Push present for sister-in-law ideas

Here are our best ideas for push presents for sister-in-laws:

  • Mint Camellias Linen Heat Pillow
  • Golden Hour Luxury Soy Wax Candle
  • Burgundy Luxuriously Soft Lounging Robe
  • There's Only One Mum Like You

Push present ideas for any new parent

  • A Touch of Luxury Hamper
  • Maggie Beer Dark Chocolate Gift Pack
  • Australian Cheese Grazing Hamper

FAQs about push presents

In this section, we'll answer your top questions about push presents.

What is a push present in Australia?

A push present (also known as a "push gift") is a present that family members, husbands, wives, and close friends give to the new Mum and Dad to celebrate the birth of their new baby. In practice, the push present is given shortly before or after birth (sometimes even in the delivery room).

Push presents can be consumable items like a spa package or keepsake items. The best keepsake push presents are a celebration of a new journey for the growing family.

Why is it called a push present?

"Push present" is a pretty literal name – it's a present you give a new parent to celebrate the fact that their baby entered the world. Push presents originally started as a present for the person giving birth, but it's normal now for both new parents to receive a gift.

When did push presents start?

The concept of push presents has been around for hundreds of years at least. It's possible that they originated from India or ancient Greece, but we aren't historians, so we can't verify that.

The trend started to gain mainstream popularity and media coverage in the 1990s, and over the past decade, it's grown even bigger. That's not to say, of course, that it was unheard of before then. If you ask your Mother or grandmother, it's possible they received a push present (though they likely didn't call it that).

Do husbands get push presents?

Yes, many husbands get push presents. The lives of both new parents are changing dramatically, after all.

What is a typical push present?

Gold, rose gold, white gold, and sterling silver jewellery are the most traditional push presents. However, keepsake items, pamper products, spa vouchers, experiences, and gourmet food are all popular push presents as well.

If you're looking for luxury push present ideas, we recommend gifting a hamper. Hampers truly spoil the giftee and help them recharge (something all new and expectant parents need).

Ultimately, the best push present for your loved one depends on their tastes.

When should I give my wife a push present?

Some partners give their wives push presents on their due date, at the hospital or birth centre, after birth, or in the weeks leading up to delivery. It's also not abnormal for a push present to be given alongside baby shower gifts. It really depends on your wife and her preferences.

How much should you spend on a push present?

The closer you are to the new parents, the more money it's typical to spend on a push present. Parents and spouses typically spend $100 to $1000, and friends typically spend $50 to $100.

Of course, you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a wonderful gift. As long as it's something your giftee will like, they'll appreciate it.

What can I get for a push present?

Jewellery is the most stereotypical push present – so much so that many jewellery stores offer a range of push present jewellery. However, these items also make for a great push present:

  • A hamper or gift box
  • Pamper products
  • Gift vouchers
  • Experiences
  • A baby bauble and baby book
  • Accessories to decorate baby's nursery
  • A classic Polaroid camera
  • A present related to the baby's heartbeat
  • A gift box full of goodies
  • Silk robes
  • A piece of art
  • A personalised push present like a monogrammed bag

What is an example of a push present?

Many celebrities have been pretty open about the push presents they received. Kate Middleton is rumoured to have been given various items of jewellery after each one of her births. Pink received a motorbike, and Adelle received a solid gold push present necklace designed by Lady Marina Cowdray.

One of our top push presents is the L'Occitane Rejuvenate & Pamper Hamper. It comes with sweet treats, cherry blossom beauty products from the French brand L'Occitane, a satin robe, and more.

L'Occitane Rejuvenate & Pamper Hamper

What push present etiquette rules should I be aware of?

The main thing to consider when giving a push present is convenience. The new parents might not appreciate having to carry bulky, awkward items home from the hospital. Similarly, if they need to set your push present up, it may sit unopened for the first few months of the postpartum period.

Timing is also important. If your push present is a pamper product, the new parents will likely get more use out of it if you give it to them before delivery.

We also recommend not giving experiences that have an expiry date. The new parents might be too busy to use them.

Finally, if you're buying a present related to the birth date, plan for the fact that delivery can happen at any time. So if their due date is the 31st, a birthstone ring might not be the best present as there's a chance the baby will be born in the next month.

Gifts Australia has push presents for men and women

Push gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate a growing or new family. Whether you're looking for sentimental keepsakes, jewellery, hampers, food gifts, or anything in between, Gifts Australia has you covered.

We offer free, biodegradable wrapping and a premium card with all gifts. Orders over $99 also get free shipping.

Explore our range of push gifts and celebrate new life in style.

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