Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mum Who Loves to Read

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Mums love to read, and what better way to show your appreciation for her by giving her books as Mother’s Day gifts.
Reading is every mum’s quick escape. Whether it is in a little nook at home or just around the town’s coffee shop, mothers want to spend a little time for themselves. It is not selfishness. It is just a little breather from all the things she does for the home on top of her profession or day job. Some mums read novels while others love cookbooks, books about fashion, and other things. There are even some who consider reading magazines, comic books, and a quick browse on Facebook a reading habit. When you are a mum, reading becomes a habit apart from the occasional patronisation of TV series like Downton Abbey. Why not giving her tons of books from Gifts Australia as Mother’s Day gifts in support of her reading addiction?
Mother’s Day Gifts Book Collection

Gifts Australia has a wide array of books for mothers. They may not be fiction but they cover a wide variety of topics. Fashion, cooking, pets, and motherhood are just some of the collections available at Gifts Australia.


Fashion Books as Mother’s Day Gifts

Marrying and having children definitely does not mean your mum or wife cannot get dolled up anymore. Give her some style inspirations as she takes the mall, or even the neighbourhood, in a fashionable storm with fashion books as Mother’s Day gifts.
●    Portraits of the World's Most Stylish Women Hardcover, by David Downton
David Downton’s works of art are known worldwide. This is his first individual collection of portraits. This book features actresses and fashion models such as Cate Blanchett, Catherine Deneuve, and Charlotte Rampling. Its foreword is written by fashion designer Christian Lacroix while the afterword is in the words of model Dita Von Teese.

●    My Mum: Style Icon Book Hardback Guide, By Piper Weiss
This book features retro fashion, and pieces in your mum’s closet she probably forgotten how to wear. This book will remind her of the days she showed her legs, strut a bikini, and drove a motorcycle around town like a badass chick that she is. It is a perfect way to remind her how strong she was and has always been.
Cookbooks as Mother’s Day gifts

Mothers are kitchen queens. They love to cook for their families, friends, and even pets. They even start and end their day in the kitchen. Show your mum how much you love her cooking skills by enhancing them with cookbooks as Mother’s Day gifts.
●    Margaret Fulton’s Baking Classics Recipe Book By Margaret Fulton
Margaret Fulton is Australia’s #1 cooking 'guru', writer, journalist, author, and commentator. This baking recipe book will definitely help make your mum the best baker in town. It is full colour and the photographs are exquisitely taken. Your neighbours will surely envy the smell that comes out of your chimney when your mum begins to cook these recipes.
●    Mug Cakes: The Original' Recipe Book Hardback By Lene Knudsen
Cooking does not always have to be expensive and extensive. Get your mum in the loop of the trend that is sweeping over London and Paris with this book full of mug cake recipes. You will be surprised one morning when you wake up with a cake in every cup.
●    Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Recipe Book By Shane Carley
Does your mum love to host parties at your home? This book is a great help in concocting booze for a mums’ night out, a poetry reading night, or just a simple neighbourhood gathering. This book contains classic and novel cocktail recipes. It also features tips on garnishing cocktails.

Mother’s Day gifts for the New Mum

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sister, a friend, or wife who is new to parenthood? Gifts Australia has the coolest collection of books for new mothers.
●    100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile Book Hardback, By Dawn Bates
Today, most parents spend their time on the internet. They forget that a child needs more hands-on activities than playing with a tablet. This book contains 100 activities for parents and babies to help strengthen the bond and have the house full of laughter. This book also features tips, techniques and ideas for babies ages 3 to 14 months. Help a new mum find ways to spend time with her new baby with books like this as Mother’s Day gifts.
●    Sh*t On My Hands: A down & dirty companion to early parenthood
They say parenting is a lot about trial and error. Make it easy for a new mum to know when and how to get things right with this book. It is perfect for mums with babies below two years old since it is a refreshing and humorous take on how it is to be successful in parenting. It is light-hearted and very easy to read. Any mum with this at hand might even finish it within the day.
●    How to be a Hip Mama Book Hardback - By Jenny Scott
Jenny Scott is a well-known creative director and graphic designer who founded Mothers Meeting when she had her son. She was like all the other first-time mums, clueless and naïve. With Mothers Meeting, however, she and other mothers were able to combat the hardships that come with motherhood. This book has lots of tips and tricks on handling the ups and downs of being a first-time mum.
Mother’s Day gifts need not be expensive. Give meaningful and helpful books from Gifts Australia today!

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