Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mum Who Loves to Cook

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Celebrate motherhood by giving your mum other super mums you know one-of-a-kind and memorable Mother’s Day gifts. Being a mum is not an easy job. It is a 24/7 work that requires physical and emotional effort, and so we give our hats off to the awesome mums out there!
A lot of mums really love to cook. Ideal Mother’s Day gifts for mums like them include kitchenware that would encourage them to develop their cooking skills and assist them in making delicious home-cooked meals. To show your appreciation and gratitude to moms out there, here are some of the Mother’s Day gifts offered by Gifts Australia for those moms who love to cook.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Baker Mum

If you will be giving gifts to the mum who loves to make those yummy cookies and sweet cakes, you must give her baking tools or even baking goodies. She will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness if what you’ll give as a Mother’s Day gift is something that will inspire the baker in her.

You could give that super mum this Rolling Pin in Red. This gorgeous silicone rolling pin comes in the funky colour red. It has easy grip handles that would make baking easy for wannabe baker mums. This stylish rolling pin also comes in the cool colour of blue. Gifts Australia also offers the Master Class Crusty Bake Baking Pan. It is a baking pan designed with shallow holes and non-sticking coat that you can use to easily bake 12 pastry goodies at once. Let the super mum baker make the best cookies in town.

Since baking is all about precision in measuring ingredients, ideal Mother’s Day gifts for baker mums could include measuring baking tools. You could give the Anna Gare Retro Measuring Spoons Red. It comes in varying shades of red in 4 sizes measuring 1tbsp, 1tsp, ½tsp, and ¼tsp. You could also give her this Duck Measuring Cups that comes in 4 sizes of 1cup, ½ cup, 1/3 cup and ¼ cup. The hip design of ducks would be a cool addition to her kitchen.

Mother’s Day Gifts for then Chef Mum

For those who are not really into baking but are fond of making delicious home-cooked meals, ideal Mother’s Day gifts could include items that are helpful in cooking her favourite pasta or other tasty recipes. For mums who are into cooking meals that are filled with aroma and flavour of herbs and spices, you could give them this Bamboo Mortar & Pestle. It is made of quality bamboo and elegantly designed with white handle. It is not only functional for the cooking mum but it would also be a perfect feature of her stylish kitchen.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for mums who love to cook breakfast, you can give her the 4 Piece Mini Breakfast Set. This set includes non-stick items as follows: 1 spatula with the length of 31 cm, 1 milk pan with 9 cm pan diameter, 1 square fry pan with 19 cm diameter, and 1 round fry pan with 14 cm diameter.

You could also include in your list of Mother’s Day gifts the Stix for Cooks. It is a cooking tool ideal for blending, beating, stirring and serving. It is designed not to damage your saucepans and bowls. Since it is not made of metal, it is cool to touch and will be easier to stir the food while cooking.

Another ideal gift for mothers is the Laguiole by Jean Dubost Cheese Knife Set with Cleaver in Light Horn. It is a unique and elegantly designed cutlery perfect for mothers who are cheese lovers. All items of this set feature the Laguiole trademark on the handle. The set includes a 21 cm cheese fork, 23 cm cheese knife and a 20.5 cm cheese Cleaver.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Kitchen Buddy

There are other Mother’s Day gifts that you could give that are fit for those mums that are kitchen buddies and just love adding items to the kitchen to have a wonderful cooking experience. If you are intending to give gifts to mums like that, you could give kitchen innovations that are useful to mums that are really in love with their kitchen area.

You could give the Perfect Pikelet Set for mums who love to cook round and piping hot mini pikelets. This item also includes a recipe book for delicious treat that you could try to make to treat family and friends. For mums who love to Asian food, you could give her the Asia One Dumpling Cooking Set. She could easily make home-cooked steamed dumplings with this set. She can use this to perfectly mould the dumplings and then place on a bamboo steamer.

If you are giving Mother’s Day gifts to mums who love to prepare waffle treats, the Belgian Waffle Maker would be the perfect item for her. This waffle maker has deep pockets so that your waffles will have place for any topping you would want to include in your food. You can use it on stove top, barbeque stand or even over a campfire. With this waffle iron, she will surely be able to make crispy-edged, square, and super yummy waffles.

But wait, you should never forget that every chef does not cook without an apron. So for your Mother’s Day gifts list, you should include this Linen Apron with Frill Detail made with 100% Linen. Don’t let her clothes be stained while cooking and give your mum or other moms this bestselling linen apron.

Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and to all the super mums out there!


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