What Are the Best Graduation Gifts?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:19 December 2017 

A graduation is a special occasion that should be celebrated accordingly. At Gifts Australia, customers can find numerous graduation gifts; this includes graduation gifts for university students as well as high school students. Curious what our top picks are? Discover the best graduation gifts in our overview below.

What Are the Best Graduation Gifts for a Girl?

At Gifts Australia, you can find traditional graduation gifts, but also true adventures that will stay with the graduate for the rest of his or her life. Today, we cover the best options from this range of adventures. So, be sure to read the options below and give a graduate the adventure of a lifetime.

Outback Advance Adventure

The Outback Advance Adventure is one of the most extensive experiences from the Gifts Australia catalogue. During this graduation experience, your recipient can discover himself while exploring the Australian outback. It is the perfect experience to develop personal power, confidence, and inner strength. In short, the perfect experience for someone who just graduated and takes her first steps in adult life.

Portaledge Cliff Camping & Abseil Experience in Victoria

If the graduate you need a gift for is quite the daredevil, you might want to consider the Portaledge Cliff Camping & Abseil experience in Victoria. During the Portaledge Cliff Camping & Abseil Experience, your recipient and a companion of her choice will head for a timeless adventure including the most remarkable Australian cliffs. With this experience, camping will never be the same again, especially when you consider the camping experience occurs on the edge of a high cliff!

Melbourne Street Food Tour for 10

Customers who want to give a group of graduates a wonderful treat could choose the Melbourne Street Food Tour for 10. During this experience, graduates will enjoy countless culinary treats in the heart of Melbourne. Of course, they can expect more than the usual Australian delights, because this foodie experience also includes many international flavours.

What Are the Best Graduation Gifts for a Boy?

Gifts Australia offers suitable graduation gifts for both girls and boys. Below, you will find out top choices for boys, which we are sure will be appreciated after such a great graduation achievement!

The Ultimate Porsche Day Tour in Sydney

If the graduate in question already has his licence, you certainly want to consider the Ultimate Porsche Day Tour in Sydney. During this exquisite experience, your recipient will spend an entire day driving in a genuine Porsche. Along the way, he will enjoy more than 250 kilometres of luxury, surrounded by the beautiful Australian countryside. The experience also includes a delicious lunch, which means this experience has everything covered.

Artisan Beer Glasses Set

Graduates who are over eighteen will enjoy a nice selection of beer glasses too, especially when you consider that students enjoy a good beer regularly. At Gifts Australia, customers can obtain various beer glass sets that graduates might appreciate; this includes the Artisan Beer Glasses Set. Inside the Artisan Beer Glasses Set, the graduate can find four beer glasses in different styles, making them suitable for a variety of national and international craft beers. The perfect addition to a graduation celebration.

Escape Room for 2 Players in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and Perth

Our final recommendation for male recipients is one of our adventurous escape room experiences, more specifically the Escape Room for 2 Players. During this experience, your recipient and his companion must escape a locked game room by finding clues and solving riddles. In short, the perfect way to challenge the intellectual prowess of a graduate.

What Are the Best University Graduation Gifts?

Looking to buy something for the university graduate? Be sure to check out our overview of university graduation gifts below!

The United Nations of Beer Hamper

What better way to celebrate a university graduation than with a nice selection of beers. There are many beer selections to choose from at Gifts Australia, including our United Nations of Beer Hamper. Inside this hamper, you can find some of the world’s most popular beers, so it will not disappoint for a university graduation.


To celebrate a university graduation, you could also consider a good drinking game. There are several that might be suitable for your recipient, including the Drinkopoly Drinking Game. Of course, there are other choices in our range too; this includes a university classic called Beer Pong.

Personalised Leather Gifts

Whether you are buying a gift for a male or female graduate, you could always consider a personalised leather gift. Simply choose one of our leather wallets, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, or other leather products, and then personalise it with the initials of your recipient at Gifts Australia!

What Are Some High School Graduation Gift Ideas?

Is your recipient graduating high school and need some gift ideas? Check out our top suggestions below!

A Backpack or Messenger Bag

One of the most functional graduation gifts for the high school graduate is a professional backpack or messenger bag. At Gifts Australia, you can find several of these bags. Some of these bags can also be personalised with the initials of your recipient.

Home Gadgets and Appliances

Anyone who just graduated high school may consider some additional study. Or they could be planning to move into their new home. Whichever one it is, you can always delight this recipient with some home gadgets or some appliances for their new living environment.

External Battery Gadgets

High school graduates tend to travel loads, so you could also delight your recipient with a gadget that enables them to charge their phone battery on the go. You can find such gadgets at Gifts Australia, as well as some additional options for travelling students.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for a Graduation?

Do you want more graduation gift ideas? Feel free to take full advantage of the Gifts Australia range of graduation gifts. Head over to our catalogue, and check out the graduation section for more wonderful gift ideas!

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