Here Are All The Toys Your Kids Will Want This Christmas!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:24 March 2019 



Summer is just around the corner—and so is Christmas! People will soon start to put up decorations on doors, walls, and streets. Participants in the Carols by Candlelight are now rehearsing. Families are already preparing their surfboards, bicycles, tents, and grill. Children are busy writing their Christmas wish lists filled with their favourite Christmas gifts for kids. Let’s admit, Christmas gift shopping will sooner or later stress us out.

We surely want the best for our loved ones, especially for our kids. We do not want to enter a shop and just buy the first Christmas gifts for kids we see. And when we get home, we will realise that we do not want it either. Better regret nothing than only save an hour of time but hate what we bought.

If we do not have the luxury of time to go to malls in search for Christmas gifts for kids, then online shopping is the way to go. Beat the heat and stress that goes with it by reading on.

What Are the Recommended Christmas Gifts for Boys This Holiday Season?

Usually dubbed as the most playful, boys can really be given different kinds of toys from our Christmas gifts for kids catalogue. For the younger ones who still play in their cribs, Freddy the Teddy Plush is the perfect gift. It is a delightful teddy that conforms with tradition and provides maximum comfort. You may also choose to give them the Alimrose Blue Linen Bunny Rattle & Squeaker. This soft rabbit will give him the entertainment he wants. These cuddly toys will definitely make them giggle this Christmas. Hooray for new friends from our Christmas gifts for kids catalogue!

Toddlers who start going to preschool can be gifted an Inflatable World Globe or the Magnificent World of ABCs Magnet Set. They can keep it cool but fun at the same time when playing. It will also keep them busy and behaved while mum is preparing snacks.

If you are still hesitant to engage your boys in intense sports, you can give them one of our cool Christmas gifts to keep them active instead. While exerting less effort, they can experience one of our premium floats or playmats!

kids Christmas gifts

What Are the Recommended Christmas Gifts for Girls This Holiday Season?

While the boys are already hard to please, girls are pickier where cool Christmas gifts are concerned. Treat your baby girl with a GoldieBlox & The Spinning Machine Building Game and watch her be entertained. Imagine the smile on her face as soon as she discovers all the features this building game provides! Better yet, gift her Emma the Elephant Doll to put beside her as she sleeps. Emma’s soft exterior and pink ballerina tutu will make your girl’s eyes glow with genuine joy.

Of course, as girls start reading Total Girl and It Girl magazines, they want to be like the girls in its pages. For a daily dose of confidence boost, surprise your girls with the Nailmatic Lip Gloss & Nail Polish Pack Kids Cottage. She will learn how to beautify herself, while using products that are completely safe for a young skin.

Our catalogue of cool Christmas gifts for girls also includes some interactive sets. From making crystals and bounce balls to baking and creating bath bombs, you can find something for every little girl’s preferences at Gifts Australia. If you need an original gift set this holiday season, we urge you to check out the options we available to you.

How Do I Find Cool Christmas Gifts That Kids Want?

If you are feeling even more generous, so be it. There are a lot of toys from our cool Christmas gifts catalogue you can provide. To stimulate the brain as they grow, Slips & Ladders The Board Game is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give your children. They can choose to play with one or more friends. A cool feature of this board game is that snakes are nowhere to be found. Kids will love this.

Another equally interesting toy is Ridley’s Utopia Compendium of Classic Games. This is not your average game, since this bundle contains all the classics; this includes dominoes, bounce balls, yo-yo, and loads more. Your children will adore playing with the various games over the holidays.

With the sun shining so brightly outside, it will not give justice to the vacation your kids have if you just stay indoors. Go out for a swim or surf. Make sure you have the Sunnylife Rainbow Baby Float though. As soon as your kids unwrap this present, prepare your swimsuits and freestyle your way to the beach.

Then after a long day of fun, surprise your children with Mudpuppy Tea Party Activity Pack to Go. Inside this activity pack, you can find loads of activities suitable for creative kids. From crayons to stickers and colour-in postcards, kids between the ages of 4 and 10 will be entertained for hours. You will also subtly teach your kids to prepare for school as early as now.

Here in Australia, we celebrate Christmas during the summer. The heat may make the kids moody, but there are a lot of ways to put smiles back on their faces. Boys and girls of all ages will find satisfaction and joy when given toys that are not smartphones or tablets. Certainly, traditional toys never lose the spotlight.

You thought it right: Christmas time is also playtime at Gifts Australia! It is amazing how all these are readily available in our store. No more trying to catch Santa. Be the Santa yourself.

Christmas gifts for kids

Why Should I Choose Gifts Australia To Obtain Christmas Gifts for Kids?

Guess what, delivery is free Australia-wide for orders over $99. You can even send your Australian Christmas gift ideas in beautifully-wrapped packages to your loved ones’ doorsteps. What are you waiting for? Check out what else are in store for you here at Gifts Australia.

When you take advantage of our Australian Christmas gift ideas, you can get your gifts delivered up to Christmas Eve. We also have some instant gifts for kids; this includes some child-friendly experiences. Not only are these Australian Christmas gift ideas quick to obtain, they also provide a more original alternative to regular Christmas gifts.

At Gifts Australia, we regularly obtain new Australian Christmas gift ideas; this keeps our Christmas range new and fresh for our regular customers. Of course, it also enables customers to get the latest children’s Christmas gifts without problems.

Are you taking advantage of our Australian Christmas gift ideas, but do you need advice on gifts? Do not hesitate to contact the Gifts Australia team for additional information.

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