What Are Some Unique Gift Ideas for Xmas This Year?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 April 2016 

Looking for unique Christmas gifts to surprise your friends and family? Be sure to check out our list of original Christmas gifts below, because these Christmas gifts are bound to give your friends and family the surprise of a lifetime.

Christmas Gifts for Kids: Child Tipi Tent

When you want to create some happy childhood memories for a child, you cannot get a better Christmas gift for them than the Child Tipi Tent. The Child Tipi Tent is perfect for those slumber parties or even to get an indoor camping experience. Every child should have an indoor tent to play in, because it is one of the most fun toys a child could have.

Christmas Gifts for Women: The Louenhide Coffee Boston Leather Bag

A designer handbag is a great gift for any woman, because any woman likes to have a great handbag. The Louenhide Coffee Boston Leather Bag is made by Australia’s favourite designers, Louenhide. This handbag is made from the finest quality leather, ensuring that the handbag is going to last for a long time. The colour of the handbag ensures that it can be used throughout the year as well, so the recipient does not have to limit their use of the handbag during the holiday period.

Christmas Gifts for Men: Insults Every Man Should Know

One of the most original Christmas gifts for men in our range is the book: “Insults Every Man Should Know”. This particular book is the perfect present for someone who likes a good joke, but also likes to engage people in a good debate. Inside this book, the recipient will find some of the most sophisticated insults, accompanied by their history and context.

More Christmas Gifts on Gifts Australia

Customers looking for more unique Christmas gift ideas will not get disappointed on Gifts Australia, because we have a lot more gifts to choose from. If one of our suggestions above did not really speak to you, maybe you will like one of our additional suggestion below.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know the personal preferences of a recipient. For that reason, Gifts Australia has added a number of gift vouchers for the Christmas period. In our gift voucher selection, you can find vouchers that match your budget. 

Of course, customers can also come to us to purchase an unforgettable experience. If your recipient is the adventurous type, or would not mind a nice gourmet meal, you are bound to find something suitable in our experiences range. From paintballing experiences to chocolate tours and more, you cannot go wrong by choosing one of our experiences as a Christmas gift.

If you could not find anything suitable in our range of Christmas gifts, be sure to have a look at our other gift categories as well. There are many unique & novelty gifts waiting for you on our website, so be sure to discover them all if you want to give someone the surprise of a lifetime.


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