What Are the Top Christmas Gifts This Year?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:27 April 2016 

Having trouble deciding which Christmas gifts to get this year? Would you like to know what the most popular Christmas gifts on Gifts Australia are? Then be sure to read on, because we have summarised the most popular Christmas gifts for 2016 below!

INSULTS Every Man Should Know

The book “INSULTS Every Man Should Know” is a true bestseller amongst our range of Christmas gifts. This book is a collection of sophisticated insults, which could come in handy for some specific occasions. From old Chinese insults to modern insults, you can find them all in this book with their historic context and meaning.

Marshmallow Gift Set with Diamond Bathrobe & Fragrance

When you need a good Christmas gift for a sophisticated woman, the Marshmallow Gift Set containing a diamond bathrobe and fragrance will be perfect. 

All the products in the Marshmallow Gift Set are created by Australian cosmetics brand MOR. It is the perfect gift for your wife, fiancé or girlfriend, but can also be gifted to a daughter or another special lady in your life. At the end of the day, all women love MOR Cosmetics, so you cannot go wrong with this gift from our Christmas gifts collection.

Frankie the Fox 

Frankie the Fox is one of our most popular Christmas gifts for toddlers, because toddlers seem to love everything about this cute toy. Frankie the Fox is created by Nana Huchy and is approximately 40 centimetres in height. It does not contain any small parts that could be swallowed by the toddler, because Frankie the Fox is fully made out of fabric.

The Pamper Gift Pack

If you want to spoil a female recipient with all the goodies they want for Christmas, we can recommend the Pamper Gift Pack. The Pamper Gift Pack is one of our finest gift hampers, containing delicious biscuits and quality cosmetics.

For the biscuit selection of the Pamper Gift Pack, Gifts Australia selected three of the finest biscuit brands in the world: Maison Fossier, Luken & May and Jules Destrooper. The cosmetics are of the finest quality as well, since they were made by Australia’s number one cosmetics brand – MOR.

Bugs in the Tub Toy Set

Bath time is always something special for a toddler, which is why the Bugs in the Tub Toy Set is a bestseller during the Christmas period. The Bugs in the Tub Toy Set contains three toys that will transform bath time into a real adventure. Of course, this toy set also comes with a net, just in case the toddler needs to catch the bugs again for their next bath time adventure.

The Man Plan

The Man Plan is another novelty Christmas gift for men, since it contains some valuable information men will not be able to live without. With topics such as “how to cook a killer meal” and “how to get into a good one and out of a nightmare”, this book will be on the bookshelf for a very long time.


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