Why more people are buying their Christmas gifts online

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:14 June 2016 

The Christmas season brings out the generosity in everyone. The Christmas air and the festive mood let people temporarily set aside their tight budget to be able to give wonderful Christmas gifts to their loved ones. Traditionally, stores will be packed with shoppers finding the best deal as Christmas season nears. However, recent years saw the trend of buying Christmas gifts online rather than the conventional practice of shopping in stores. For the uninitiated, shopping presents online may seem impersonal, thoughtless, or lazy. But nothing is farther from the truth! If anything, online shopping improves the whole process of thinking of, looking for, and buying Christmas gifts. If you have considered or are curious about shopping your presents online, this article is perfect for you.      

Reasons Why People Buy Christmas Gifts Online

According to a study conducted by PayPal, Australians similar to Brits, Americans, and Germans, among others, have shifted to the web for shopping Christmas gifts. The underlying reasons for the change of behaviour differ for each person. However, PayPal’s study reported that avoidance of long check-out queues is the main reason given by their respondents.

Another reason cited in the study is the convenience granted by online shopping in that they can shop while lying in bed or during the commute home. In addition, some respondents found online shopping quite helpful in countering time constraints since it enables them to shop 24/7. People who have no time to go to the store during its operation hours definitely found a friend in online shopping.

Christmas gifts

Although a great number now prefers to shop for Christmas gifts online, there are people who are convinced that traditional shopping practices are still the way to go. The study shows that shoppers in their late fifties and above are mostly the ones who still rely on traditional shopping. If you are among this minority of shoppers, you are missing a lot! The ability to shop Christmas gifts online is a consequence of modern technology that you should gladly take advantage of.    

Advantages of Shopping Online

The respondents in PayPal’s research have good reasons for choosing to shop their Christmas gifts online. However, aside from the reasons already mentioned, there are other advantages from shopping online.

·    Variety of Payment Options
Compared to local stores, online shops offer more options for payment. This aspect grants more freedom and convenience to shoppers.

·    Endless Gifts Catalogue
Obviously, when you buy gifts in local stores, your options are limited by the items they have. But with online shopping, you can transcend geographical borders. You can purchase an item made in France or food that is otherwise available only in a distant state.

Truly, the options are endless as gifts you might never think of are also available. For instance, Gifts Australia boasts a large catalogue of wonderful gifts. There is surely a suitable gift for everyone you love and know. To make your shopping experience more pleasant, our gifts are categorised efficiently and are easily searchable. You will have no trouble in finding the gift you are looking for.

Our collection has presents for ladies, such as the Louenhide Gold Mischa Handbag, which is also available in other colours. It is an exquisite Christmas present for your sophisticated female friends. We also have classy gifts for men that they will approve of. Active guys in your network will jump to joy when you give them the OOZOO Steel Blue Diver Watch. There are also numerous gifts suitable for kids. For a fun, interactive, and educational playtime for the little ones, the Pop-Up Dinosaurs will make an excellent pick. Whatever gift ideas you have in mind, you can easily search for and find them.   

·    Easy Price Comparison and Accessibility
Back in the old days, searching for the best deals for your Christmas gifts entails great patience and effort. You have to check each store where the item is available and take note of its price. Afterwards, you will compare their prices and go back to the store that offers it at the lowest price. You are lucky if your search ends there because there could be unfortunate instances when the item you want will be out-of-stock by the time you return. The process is less troublesome with online shopping as checking and comparing prices only take minutes. And you can do them anywhere and anytime that it is convenient to you. Right then and there, you will know if the item is still available or when it is going to be in stock again. 

·    Eradicates Stress
The awesome features of online shopping help eradicate all the stress that traditional shopping is known for. No more shoving, no more tired soles, no more panic shopping. With just your computer, tablet, or smartphone, your Christmas gifts will be delivered right on schedule at your desired address.

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·    Saves Money
Numerous deals are available in online stores that are not available in retail stores. Because online stores arguably have lesser expenses, they are able to extend larger discounts and other good deals to online shoppers. Aside from that, the one-click-away price comparison allows you to save your budget for gas. Some may argue that delivery charges are pricey, but if you buy from online stores like Gifts Australia, you will benefit from free standard delivery across Australia.

·    Recommendations and Customer Feedback
Another advantage of shopping online is that you have access to recommendations and testimonials from fellow shoppers since online stores dedicate a page for them. This is a far cry from the sales pitch that you get from a sales agent in your local store because they are from real consumers. By reading the comments and feedback of other customers, you will know more about the products and the services of the store. 

·    Convenience, Convenience, Convenience
Ultimately, online shopping wins over traditional shopping because of the former’s convenience. You can research and buy your presents while wearing your pyjamas and doing other stuff. The freedom online shopping gives you is just amazing!      

Why Buy Your Christmas Gifts Online from Gifts Australia?

Shopping online, while absolutely convenient and beneficial, is not perfect. You might have heard of ugly stories from friends or have experienced one yourself. But do not let those isolated experiences from hindering you in taking the most out of online shopping! The key is to choose a trustworthy and service-oriented online store just like Gifts Australia. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who care about gifts and would climb mountains just to deliver yours beautifully. With our superior products, reasonable prices, and proficient customer service, you are assured to have a trouble-free Christmas shopping experience. Buying perfect Christmas gifts is now possible, thanks to online shopping!


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