Top 10 Birthday Gifts for the Father with Everything

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 July 2016 

When it comes to getting them birthday gifts, men typically are quite easy to satisfy. They go with anything, making it hard to pinpoint what exactly it is that they really like. However, if this birthday gift is for your one and only father, you would want to get something that he not just likes, but truly loves. And for the father with everything, you have to make sure that what can you give him is something that’ll have special meaning when given by you. Here is a list of birthday present ideas that will surely be appreciated by your dad.

Birthday Gifts for the Father

1. Get your father to learn something new

For your father that may be of a certain age, or simply needs to get out of his bubble, it is never too late to learn something new. By giving him birthday gifts that let him explore different interests and hobbies, you will certainly be thanked and appreciated. One interesting gift that you can give to your father on his birthday is the Cantina Mexican Kitchen Recipe Book by Paul Wilson. With this recipe book, the recipient of this gift will be able to authentically taste the unique flavours of Mexico. Cooking may be something that your dad doesn’t really regularly do, but he can certainly give it a try, and eventually learn to love it.
2. Brighten up his outfits with quirky accessories

No matter what your dad’s tastes in clothes and accessories may be, men are also capable of enjoying updating their wardrobe. It may be outside of his comfort zone, but great birthday gifts may be these quirky and one a kind accessories that can liven up your father’s outfit. With this ChattyFeet Art Sock Set, your dad will surely have some fun putting on comfortable and comedic socks on his feet. And every time he puts these on, he will be able to remember all the laughs and fun memories the two of you have shared.
3. Bond over exciting experiences

The father with everything has probably got all that he wants and needs. But sometimes, the most significant and memorable birthday gifts are those that cannot be held or bought. A wonderful present that you can give you father would be an opportunity to bond and some quality time. How else can you achieve this in the most fun way possible than with our selection of experiences and activities. An activity that you and your father will surely enjoy is this 1-Night Camping Experience on Cockatoo Island. You can enjoy the great outdoors, and get the whole family together under one tent.
4. Encourage him to see the world 

If your father has gotten at that point in his life where he just stays at home and barely does anything for himself, you can get him a birthday gift that allows him to explore and have adventures. If you give him the Australia’s Top 100 Places to Go, Ultimate Bucket List Book, your dad will be able to see how easy it is to travel, and go out to these different destinations.
5. Birthday gifts for fathers who love to barbecue

All fathers love a good old-fashioned barbecue. Nothing is better than a weekend spent out on the porch and grilling up some meat. Birthday gifts that cater to your father’s interests will surely be appreciated, which is why you should give him this Quality 18 Piece Barbecue Tool Set. You will no longer be able to keep your dad away from the barbecue with this present. It is made up of quality stainless steel, and can help your dad cook up a feast of steaks and burgers. Not only will your father enjoy this present, but all of his family and loved ones as well. 
6. Share a cold and refreshing beer

After a long and gruelling day at work, sometimes all that your dad wants to do is to sit back and relax. And what other way does a man enjoy relaxing and unwinding the most than by enjoying a nice cold bottle of beer. Get your dad this Corona Beer Hamper, and have him enjoy a stress-fee afternoon over beers and delicious gourmet snacks. You can even strike up a conversation with him and ask how things are going. Before you know it, you would have bonded and spent some quality time with each other, thanks to this birthday gift.
7. Add enjoyment to his card games

Another thing that a lot of dads like to spend their free time on is playing cards. Whether it is poker, blackjack, or any other game, game night with the boys is surely one thing that he looks forward to all week. If this is so, one birthday gift that you can give your father are these one of a kind Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards. This luxurious 24-carat gold-plated card set is something for him to feast his eyes on, and enjoy playing with.

Birthday Gifts for the dad

8. Keep your dad looking sharp

Men can sometimes forget about taking care of how they look and keeping groomed. Age may also be a factor as to why your father’s skin is looking dry and dull. But with the Baxter of California Skin Care 123 Kit, you can keep your dad looking his best. With these specially formulated products, your father’s skin will remain feeling soft and young. This also provides men who may be busy with work and other activities with an easy skincare regimen.
9.  Birthday gifts for fathers who enjoy adventures

If your dad loves exploring the great outdoors, or is into doing various activities, birthday gifts like the VICTORINOX Hunstman Swiss Army Knife is the way to go. This knife has all sorts of useful gadgets and tools like saw blades, scissors, can and bottle openers, and other handy and portable solutions to life’s challenges.
10. Help him get ready for work

If there is one thing we have to thank our fathers for, it is for all their hard work and dedication. Without these strong men in our lives, we may not have been able to make it as far as we have. So in order for your father to get the energy that he needs to start the day, you can get him this Berlin Coffee Plunger. With this coffee plunger, he will be able to simply and easily make a cup of invigorating coffee.


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