Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Niece

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 July 2016 

Little girls are one of the most precious things in this world. They somehow represent all that is good and innocent in this world and they deserve nothing less than the best. If you have little girls in the family, you will understand the feeling of wanting to make the world a better place for them. It doesn’t matter whether they are your daughters, little sisters or nieces—little girls always make you want to shower them with all things nice and pretty. A birthday is always the best time to do this. Make them feel extra special this year with birthday presents for her that she will truly treasure forever.
Nieces, for one, are truly a treat to give presents to. It is like having a child of your own without being an actual parent and so aunts, uncles, and grandparents tend to spoil them a lot. If you have a niece’s birthday coming up and you are still unsure about what to get her, fret not. Gifts Australia is here to help you with a wide selection of birthday gifts for her. Here are a few tips on which birthday presents for her, at any age, are perfect.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Niece

Birthday Presents for her: the Little Kids
Ages 3 to 7 is one of the most wonderful years of any person’s life. They themselves may not realise it but as they grow older, they will look back on this time as being one of their golden years. You know it’s true—you may have the same feeling about it. As someone who is older, make sure that you celebrate these truly wonderful and innocent years with the perfect birthday presents for her—your precious niece. These are just some of the few items that will delight her.
Your niece is never too young to enjoy a good ride. Get her a scooter of her own with the Pedal Free Scooter Bike. It will help her develop her coordination, keep her occupied for hours, and who knows, may even inspire her to become a Go-Kart racer in the future! Another great idea would be to give birthday presents for her that will accompany her throughout her growing years. A stuffed toy like the Sesame Street Cookie Monster, the Piglet Beanie Plush or the Eeyore Beanie Plush will be her constant companion as she goes on adventures and discovers the world around her.
Speaking of growing up, why not get her involved and make her more aware of her development? This Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart is a stick-on growth chart that everyone in the family, including her, can look back on even when she’s all grown up. Mark down milestones as well as growth spurts with this gorgeous birthday gifts for her. As she starts to enter the big world, birthday gifts for her that prepares her for school can be a great gift idea as well. The ABCs of Winnie-the-Pooh Board Book can open her eyes to the Hundred Acre Wood while also teaching her the alphabet. You can also help her hone her motor skills with the Colour Stack Game- Peppa Pig—it’s both educational and a fun game to play.
Lastly, create a childhood environment for her that your little niece will surely treasure forever. If she loves to create things on her own, why not make this summer one of the best months of her life? Get her the Icy Pole Maker Set of 4 and watch her spend hours of fun concocting her own ice lollies. If, however, the rain is keeping her indoors, the Lots of Things to Find and Colour Fairyland Book will keep her entertained for hours on end—she will thank you for making her world a little more colourful. 
Birthday Gifts for her: the Pre-Teens
Now that she’s a little bit more grown up, your niece deserves birthday presents for her that are more challenging yet still wholesome enough. She’s still a kid but of course, she is beginning to explore more of her world and is also becoming more and more adventurous. Here are a few tips as to which birthday gifts for her you should get.
As your little niece is growing up, it is certain that she will start meeting other kids who will eventually become her good, sometimes even best, friends. Give birthday gifts for her that both she and her friends will enjoy. The Friendship Bracelet Making Kit with Neon Colours will surely be a treasured gift as she can share it with her friends while also honing her creative skills. Board games such as the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ludo/ Snakes & Ladders Game or the Soldiers Vs Zombies Vs Football Table are great gift ideas that will surely light up her face once she sees it.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Niece
If your niece is really interested in science, why not give her the Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit or the Hyperlauncher Rocketballs- Wild Science? These are great science starter kits that will encourage her to explore the world of science in fun and fantastic ways. Got a bookworm niece on your hands? She will definitely love the Whatever You Are, Be a Good One – a compilation of quotes and wise words from mind giants such as Marie Curie, Jack Kerouac, and Oscar Wilde accompanied with great illustrations by Lisa Congdon. The Adventure Time Collection of Awesomeness is also a great birthday presents for her. Let her lose herself inside her mind as she reads about adventures and challenges with Finn and Jake.
Birthday Gifts for her: the Teen Years
As your little niece grows up, she will, naturally want different things. Gifts Australia carries a wide selection of birthday gifts for her no matter what the age of your niece is. For the fashion-conscious young woman, the Cielo Graphite Mesh Watch is a great choice. The Louenhide Navy Riley Handbag will also be treasured as a sophisticated yet functional gift.
Whatever birthday gifts for her you thinking of getting, Gifts Australia is definitely the best place to get it. Make your niece feel even more loved this year by purchasing precious birthday gifts for her at Gifts Australia.


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