Top Birthday Gift Ideas for your Daughter

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:22 July 2016 

Daughters are a precious gift. They make your life wonderful, brighter, and they inject a different kind of innocence. As with sons, daughters encourage you to make the world a much better and safer place for them. They are, indeed, God’s little angels. If your little one’s birthday is coming up, get birthday presents for her that will surely light up that pretty and innocent face. Commemorate the special day when the world changed for you and your family with birthday presents for her that she can treasure even when she is older.
Finding the right birthday gifts for her is made easier with Gifts Australia. Our selection of birthday gifts for her is varied and as precious as she is. So check out these delightful ideas for the top birthday gifts for her.
Birthday gifts for her at ages 3-6
These in-between years are such a precious time for any family or parent. This is the time when our precarious little ones are more curious, amusing, and every little thing they do seems so dear and priceless. It’s the time when they are becoming more aware of the world around them and yet they still retain that childlike wonderment we all wish we still had. Gifts Australia offers a wide variety of birthday gifts for her that will certainly complement these treasured years.

Birthday Gift Ideas for your Daughter
For daughters who have a hard time sleeping without the lights on, get her an adorable night light that will surely make her feel safe all throughout the night. Make her feel protected with the Loppy the Rabbit LED Ornament. It will certainly chase away those nightmares about the boogey man and keep at bay those things that go bump in the night.
If your little one is an aspiring ballerina, give her something that will encourage her when she’s not in the studio. This Ballet Bag with Oriental Blossom will ensure that she looks forward to all those ballet sessions, while Nina the Ballerina Doll and Valentina the Ballerina Doll will be her ballerina best friends.
It is never too early to ensure that your child gets the best education even while at home. Hone her coordination and intellect with birthday gifts for her such as the Peppa Pig Sorting Box, Peppa Pig: Block Wagon with Games, and the Magnificent World of ABC- Animals. These birthday gifts for her will ensure that she is a cut above the rest once she starts going to preschool. And as she starts going to preschool, why not give her an adorable rucksack that will make her look forward to learning more. This Zebra Organic Cotton Rucksack is the perfect companion for small schoolchildren.
Make her childhood as wonderful and precious as possible with these great birthday gifts for her.  
Birthday Gifts for Her at Ages 7 to 12
Having a daughter at these precarious ages can be a little challenging especially at this day and age. There are so many external influences that may affect and interrupt her childhood. The best way to avoid this is to cultivate an innocent and wholesome atmosphere at home. As her birthday approaches, why not give her birthday gifts for her that will remind her that she doesn’t need to be in a hurry to grow up. Birthday gifts for her such as these top picks will ensure that she enjoys as much of her childhood as she can.
If she likes to make pretty things to hang up on your fridge or in her room, give her the Birds, Bugs, Beasts, and Blossoms Sticker Book. It will definitely occupy her time while you gaze in amazement at just how beautiful her works of art (and her presence) can be. Another birthday presents for her idea would be this Paddington Bear in Embroidered Coat and Wellies. No childhood is ever complete without a teddy and this will definitely carry her until she outgrows it. Let her relive the wonders that is the story of Alice in Wonderland with the colouring book that will keep her engaged in her own little world for hours.
As her world opens up a little bit even more, she might get inspired ideas that she may not know what to do with. This storybook called What to Do with an Idea will point her towards the right direction. The ALEX Bracelet Kit- Friends 4 Ever or the Friendship Bracelets Kit in Faux Leather will also delight your daughter. As she creates friendship bracelets for her and her friends, watch as their friendship blooms as well—she will definitely thank you for such a wonderful gift.

 Birthday Gift Ideas for your Daughter

If your daughter has tendencies leaning more to the creative side, then birthday presents for her that hone her skills will be much appreciated. Give her a gift combination of Faber- Castell Art Grip Aquarella Pencils and the Big Book of Colours. This will certainly encourage the burgeoning Van Gogh in your family to explore, develop, and flex her creative muscles. If, however, your daughter is more scientifically- inclined, it would be best to give birthday presents for her that will encourage this. At Gifts Australia, there are several exquisite options to choose from such as the Weird Slime Lab by Wild Science, BEANO Paper Plane Kits, Erupting Volcano Factory by Wild Science, and the Sands Alive! Starter Set.
Birthday Gifts for her as a Grown Up
If your daughter is already in her teenage years or even older, it’s best to give birthday presents for her that will celebrate her entry into the adult world. A purse such as the Louenhide Gold Mischa Handbag is the perfect accessory for a sophisticated night out. You can also never go wrong with jewellery like the Reese Necklace Chocolate. Lastly, a watch is also the perfect choice to for birthday gifts for her. Give her the Cielo White Leather Watch—the gift of time will always be a timeless piece she will treasure forever.
Whatever you may choose to give your daughter, Gifts Australia will always have a selection of birthday presents for her that is appropriate at any age. As such, come browse through our online catalogue today. Make Gifts Australia your partner in finding the perfect birthday presents for her on her special day.


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