Birthday Gifts for Sporty and Active Teen Boys

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:20 June 2016 

Every parent can attest to the fact that one of the hardest but most rewarding stages in their child’s life is the teenage years, and buying the perfect gift for teenage boys is a tough one. This is the time when people explore who they are and what their place is in this world. Some become young artists, some become young scientists and some become young athletes. However, parents still have to grasp what their kids’ interests are starting to become. So, if their kids are sporty, that means their kids are more active. As such, it becomes difficult sometimes to look for birthday gifts that would contribute to their child’s growth.
Birthday Gifts You can Play With

Most people give balls as birthday gifts because that’s the easiest thing you can give to people who are into sports. But you don’t want their rooms to be flooded with balls and become a massive ball pit. You want them to have as much flexibility in discovering which kind of sport they can excel at or which ones they can just say goodbye to. So, here are a couple of suggestions for perfect birthday gifts for sporty teens.
●    Lightsabres
If your kid went through a phase where they collected as much Star Wars items as they could then just suddenly stopped and started talking about fencing or sword fighting, you can show them that they don’t have to necessarily leave the force just yet in order to pursue these newly discovered passions. Lightsabres are good toys for practicing these new interests with and serves as helpful items for bonding for your next sci-fi movie marathon with them. These lightsabres come with realistic sounds that will surely get your young Padawan excited.
●    Frisbees
If your kid loves spending days out in your garden and playing with the dog or just run away for a few hours to get some sand on their feet with friends, Frisbees like the coq en páte edition Crab Frisbee will be much appreciated. This Frisbee comes in the colour yellow and is perfect for trips for entertainment or just to play with at home. This French-made Frisbee is also environmentally friendly and is made up of Algoblend which is 50% Brown Seaweed which is presented as an alternative material to plastic. Therefore, there’s no need to worry when you accidentally throw it too far into the ocean and it gets lost before you can recover it.

●    Kaleidoscope Table Tennis Set
The Kaleidoscope Table Tennis Set is a great gift for anyone who’s afraid of getting hit in the face with a hard ball. This simple game that originated from England has brought joy and skills to so many people all around the world. Besides being easy to learn, the playing space is also easy to set up. You only need to mount the stands to keep the net up, and then you can start playing. It’s also portable. So, you can bring it with you everywhere you go play it on any surface that’s available.
●    So, You Think You’re a Skateboarder Book By Alex Irvine

Sometimes, knowledge is the key to winning tournaments or games in sports. You have to learn certain skills and techniques to improve your efficiency and your overall performance. There are pieces of information that you just learn while playing the game and there are certain pieces of information that you have to read up on. But since teenagers are generally more active, reading can be a boring thing for them sometimes, especially if you’re a skater. You just want to go out there and just do all these tricks without laying down the foundations. This is why this book by Alex Irvine is perfect because it’s not only informative but it’s also interesting as it talks about the many cultures in skateboarding. Any teenager will surely enjoy turning the pages of this book.

Experiences as Birthday Gifts

The great thing about sporty teens is that your birthday gifts don’t always have to be material. You can just buy them gifts that will give way for them to learn and experience new things. Here are a couple of suggestions that you can consider giving a sporty teenager.
●    Exclusive Paintball Elite Pack

Survival is probably one of the best ways to develop focus which is what most sports require. This exclusive paintball pack will surely do a lot of things for improving a teenager’s concentration, strategy and craftiness. Not only that, but this pack includes a playing field that looks like a playing field, safety officers, equipment and up to around 1,500 paintballs for you to utilise.
●    Blue Mountains Introductory Rockclimbing
Playing sports also require a certain amount of dedication and courage. And where better to get those things than in rock climbing. Putting a teenager in a different terrain than they’re used to will help them step up and take responsibility of their own actions. This will practice their decision-making skills and their stamina. This introductory rock climbing package will get your teenager a full day rock climbing tour with certified experts to guide them along the way and to serve as mentors they can learn from.
Vouchers as Birthday Gifts

If birthday gifts are really not your specialty, you can just give them a gift voucher and call it a day. This not only ensures that they’ll get something that they want but also allows their parents to monitor their purchase. Giving them gift vouchers gives their parents the assurance that their kids will purchase something from a place they’re familiar with.
Where Can I Get Birthday Gifts For Sporty Teenagers?

You can get these items and these packages at Gifts Australia’s online store. Along with other gift items you can give for any other occasion, these products can be found easily through the categories and through the search feature of the website. After picking your gift, you can just place your order and we’ll take care of the rest for you. With deliveries nationwide, you can be sure that your items will arrive safely to the address you specified!


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