5 Gifts for the Stylish Guy

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

Men love to be in style as well. GQ and Men’s Style are just some of a man’s go-to magazines when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days when women are the only ones who have different pairs of shoes or a variety of watches. Modern men have their own sense of fashion. What better way to surprise him on his name day than to give stylish men's birthday gifts?
When giving birthday gifts to fashion forward alphas, you cannot just give anything that appears stylish. Functionality is always a priority for men. Hence, you should give him something he can use daily without sacrificing his style. Does this sound a bit difficult? Do not worry. Gifts Australia has the right gifts for the dapper man in your life.
Birthday Gifts to Suit His Suit

Nothing looks more attractive than a confident man in a suit. Complete his James Bond-inspired look with a good pair of cufflinks.
Cufflinks are like unsewn buttons of a shirt cuff. They fasten the cuffs but they are separate and removable from the entire shirt. Commonly, cufflinks have a large head called insert member. They often have a decorative font face, with a toggle attached to the post. In order to wear a cufflink, the toggle is placed in a position parallel to the post. The back, therefore, will be one straight post. Slide it through the holes on both sides of the French cuffs. Once all cuffs are slid, swing the toggle outwards to close the cufflinks.
There are four reasons why cufflinks are fantastic birthday gifts for stylish men. First, cufflinks are highly functional. Whether it is a soirée or a business meeting, as long as your man wears his suit, he can add cufflinks as accessories. Second, cufflinks are quite fashionable. It can dress up any simple suit. Third, cufflinks are versatile. A single pair of cufflinks can be used with different styles of shirts. Fourth, when you buy cufflinks from Gifts Australia, they can cost as low as $25 only.
Similar to buttons, cufflinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Although it is an essential part of a suit, men consider cufflinks as accessories since they are as interchangeable as the bracelets or earrings which women wear. Gifts Australia has a lot of cufflinks in store. Some are really formal while others suit a more playful ensemble.
Check out this Tardis Cufflinks. It is perfect for any Doctor Who fan. The front face features the famous blue Tardis Police Box time machine. Another, literally, playful pair of cufflinks is the Ace Playing Card Cufflinks. Is your man a great risk-taker? If gambling is part of his life, make sure he has all the lucks he needs by giving this pair of awesome playing cards-inspired cufflinks. For any gym buff, a pair of Barbell Cufflinks will do the trick.


Birthday Gifts through Time

Another perfect gift for stylish men are timepieces. A watch is an essential accessory. Whether he is going to meet a client or an out of town with friends, keeping track of time is quite important. Tell him you value how he spends his time, and you value all the time you are together with one-of-a-kind timepieces.
Here are a few more reasons to give watches as birthday gifts for him.

·       Watches last long.
Good quality watches like Oozoo and Lambretta are built to last. A watch that is taken care of and has an adequate amount of cleaning and maintenance may even last more than a lifetime.
·       Watches display a good sense of style.
Fashion forward men will deeply appreciate a good watch. If it is a formal-looking watch, he can wear it from the office to an evening party. A casual-looking watch, on the other hand, is perfect for your weekend date or out of town trips.
·       Watches are quite personal.

Giving watches as birthday gifts or as a present for any occasion shows the recipient that you have put a lot of thought into the gift. This is what makes a watch absolutely personal.
·       Watches are useful.
Modern timepieces do not simply tell time. Most models today have a wide range of functions such as taking pictures and controlling music. Others are even used in diving or running.
If you want to give unforgettable birthday gifts, giving a watch is really the way to go. Gifts Australia has a lot of formal and casual watches to choose from. Our formal watches include The Cesare Concept Black Leather Watch and the OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch. These watches are both quite sophisticated and glamourous on any man’s wrist. They are both made of high quality leather that can last long. Our casual watch collection includes OOZOO Steel Blue Diver Watch and OOZOO Sport Rose Gold on Black Watch.

Other Meaningful Birthday Gifts

Aside from cufflinks and watches, other birthday gifts you can give to style-conscious men are wallets, bow ties, and socks. Wallets are among men’s essential things. One cannot leave home without it. Bow ties are perfect for formal events. Socks, well, there are men who love to walk around in their loft wearing nothing but socks. Gifts Australia has a wide collection of items for men which includes a sleek BUCKLE Oscar Black Wallet, an eye-catching BUCKLE Purple Pinstripe Bow Tie, and some adorable and comfy Men’s Sock Set from ChattyFeet.
Giving birthday gifts is a way to show how much you appreciate or love a person. Men also enjoy and treasure receiving gifts although they are not as vocal as women are. On his next birthday, surprise him with gifts that go with his sense of style.
With Gifts Australia’s marvellous collection of awesome birthday gifts, you will never run out of great choices. Another good thing about shopping online through Gifts Australia is that it has a free Australia-wide delivery for any item worth over $99. Stop fidgeting around and worrying about what gift to buy. Simply sign up with Gifts Australia and start shopping.

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