Small Thoughtful Birthday Gifts

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

Every year, we go through the challenge of getting our loved ones the best birthday gifts that would make them feel special. For the important people in our lives, it is never enough to just get them something generic that can be easily bought from any store. We want to give them birthday gifts that they would remember and value for a long time.

Many gift givers think that the larger the gift is, the more valuable it is. But is the value of a gift really based on its size? Is our appreciation or love for the recipient proportional to the size of our birthday gifts for them? Not necessarily. Regardless the size of our birthday gift, its true value lies in how much thought you put into it. By really getting to know the recipient, including their personality, interests, hobbies and likes, you would be able to show them how much you really care. No matter how small the gift is, thoughtful birthday gifts would always be loved by the recipient. Cliché as it may seem, it is not the size, but the thoughtfulness behind the gift that really counts.

Little Birthday Gifts to Make her Feel Special

No woman would turn down those cute little trinkets that she could use as accessories. Gifts Australia offers several necklaces and watches that your fashionable girlfriend, wife, mother or grandmother would love. Our gifts range from classic styles to fun and bold designs such as the aqua-coloured Vivid Jewellery - Willow Bangle. Does she own a lot of rings but nowhere to keep them? Get her the Waterford Crystal Lismore Ring holder, for a stunning holder for her precious rings. If she loves shopping, help her shop in style by giving her the fun and colourful Reusable Shopping Bag Set in Frutti that could be folded down small but can actually hold until 20kg. She can use when buying the groceries, shopping for clothes, or heading to the beach or the gym.

For the special ladies in your life who makes sure that your houses remains a home, some small yet eye catching house decors would be fantastic birthday gifts. Candles have always been one of our most popular home ware gifts. Stylish candles are both decorative and functional, as they look good atop side tables while giving out calming scents that makes everyone feel relaxed. The Fruity Floral Gilded Candle by MOR has an exquisite gold detailing while having a mixed fruits scent that would refresh anyone who enters the room. In addition to that, why don't you buy the Osbourne Set of 3 Candle Holders to hold our beautiful candles? These candleholders would be the perfect finishing to your side table or dining table. So would these Piccolo Porcelain Birds.

If the recipient is the type who spends a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up sumptuous meals and relaxing teas, we also have some knickknacks that they would love. Our Dunkin' Monkey Tea Infuser adds a bit of fun in making loose leaf tea. Those who are into quirky and fun gifts would appreciate the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, an interesting way to clean the microwave.

Small but Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Him

When we talk about small gifts for men, the first thing that would come to mind is a set of cufflinks. These classy accessories may be small, but they could transform a man's formal wear into a suit with character. Gifts Australia understands every man's desire to show their personality through the clothes they wear, so we collected a wide range of cufflinks to complete their attire. We have the traditional and classy looking cufflinks, such as Silver Grid Cufflinks for business and strictly formal wear. We also have something for men who are a bit more playful with their accessories. Our hobby-themed cufflinks would literally show what they love on their sleeve, like the Footy Cufflinks for football fans, the Barbell Cufflinks for those who love to work out, and Bicycle Cufflinks for bicycle enthusiasts, to name a few. See our website for all the classic and modern cufflinks we have on offer.

For those who love to host get-together and appreciate a nice bottle of wine or beer, we have some drinking accessories to liven up the party. Give them the Dapper Wine Charms to avoid any wine glass mix-ups during parties. Throw in the Bull Head Wine Pourer so the recipient could pour wine with style. Cricket night with the boys will be more fun with a couple of beers opened using The Cricket Bottle Opener.

Of course, tools are quite important for every man. Give them something that they could easily carry around and use in case of an emergency. The VICTORINOX Handyman Swiss Army Knife, is exactly what every man needs, as it combines many different tools into one.

For your brother, husband, boyfriend, or dad who spends his day cooped up in the office; liven up his day with some of our quirky office items. Star Wars fan boys would enjoy signing documents with the CROSS Star Wars Stormtrooper Pen, which is also available in a Darth Vader design. Let him take a break and play his favourite sport without having to leave the office with our Desktop Basketball. For more fun gifts, check out our novelty gifts category.

Where Can I Find These Small Thoughtful Birthday Gifts?

If you are looking for little birthday gifts that the recipient would remember for years to come, Gifts Australia is the one-stop shop for you. Our unique and quirky knickknacks may be small, but they certainly show how much you care. In just a few clicks, you would surely find something that would suit your loved one's personality, style, interests, and likes. Our items are affordable, yet made of high quality materials from top brands. Because we value customer service highly, we also offer beautiful gift-wrapping services with one of a kind gift cards where you could write your personal message in. We would even deliver it right to the recipient's doorstep for a hassle-free gift giving experience. The birthday celebrant would definitely feel your love and care with the special gifts from our birthday catalogue.

Never run out of small birthday gift ideas by checking out our awesome selection of gifts that any recipient would remember for years to come. Visit our website now!


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