Why give birthday gifts?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:5 April 2019 

From the very day of our birth, we've been given gifts to celebrate and honour our lives. But why give birthday gifts? For many, it's a family and social tradition that is a big part of birthday parties and birthday celebrations.

Giving lets us communicate feelings we have for an important person in our life. Giving a thoughtful, heartwarming gift on a special day is a way to connect to someone in a generous, loving way.

Importance Of Gift Giving

Do you like receiving gifts on your birthday? Sure, everyone does. There's a saying that goes, 'It is better to give than receive'. At Gifts Australia we believe this is true, which is why we are committed to helping customers find and give a special gift for any occasion.

Giving a lovely gift to someone special is a rewarding feeling. It's a way to form a connection with someone; to express feelings and communicate love and appreciation.

Gift Cards

Gift vouchers make great birthday presents, especially for hard-to-buy-for people. Think of an excursion that will add pleasure to someone's life. Extreme adventures, relaxing spa treatments, tasty foodie tours, and beer tasting make some of the best 'experience' gifts.

If you're at a total loss as to what to get someone, Gifts Australia offers instant gift vouchers worth dollar amounts between $50 - $500 so the recipient can choose exactly what they want.

Birthday Presents

Everyone loves to unwrap a thoughtful birthday present on their birthday. Receiving a gift makes the celebrant feel special and loved. Gifts Australia stocks a range of wonderful birthday gift ideas for all ages.

Kids love stuffy toys, trinkets, and board games. Teens go for trendy technology accessories or funny novelty gifts. Buying for adults is easy because of our extensive collection of gift hampers, homewares, experience gift vouchers, and jewellery choices.

Birthday Traditions

Different cultures have different birthday traditions, just like families have their own way to observe special occasions. But one thing we all have in common is giving a token to mark the birth of a loved one.

Champagne is a traditional gift for adults of all ages as it's used to give a toast and celebrate their birthday. As we grow older, giving funny gifts that poke fun at someone's age are common as are gift certificates for bucket list items like skydiving and aerobatic flights over the city.

Why is gift giving important?

Giving someone a gift on their birthday or special occasion is not only for the recipient. Giving is  rewarding for the giver; it makes them feel good to give to someone. Giving, whether it's a small token of appreciation, or a generous gesture to express feelings for someone, is a way to make a connection and form a bond.

How to buy the best gift cards?

Finding the best gift cards to give as a special gift is easy at Gifts Australia. What kind of card are  you looking for? Do you want to give an experiential gift? Something like a tandem skydive, surfing lessons, race car driving or a ride on a Harley?

Or are you thinking that a dollar amount gift voucher to be redeemed for an amazing hand-picked gift of the recipient's choice is the way to go? Gift certificates range in price from $50 to $500 and can be used for any item on our website.

All of our incredible experience and gift vouchers are sent directly to the email address provided, either instantly or on a specified day. It's that easy.

How did the tradition of birthdays begin?

Birthday traditions vary depending on culture, but it's thought that bestowing birthday gifts comes from religion. One of the most famous birthdays celebrated and gifted is December 25, the day Jesus was born. The three wise men gifted baby Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each had a specific meaning. Gold symbolised kingship on earth. Frankincense for deity. And myrrh, death.

Today, birthday gifts still carry great meaning and are used as a way to express love, appreciation, and friendship.

Which is the best gift to give to your loved ones?

The best gifts to give a loved one are gifts that are personalised especially to them. Think of something that really connects to the special occasion. What is this person celebrating? Besides Christmas, a birthday is the most popular reason to give a gift. Gifts Australia has countless birthday gift ideas to mark milestones in life. In many cases, the age of the recipient will reflect and determine the best gift to buy.

Young people want modern gifts, so think fashion, technology, and gift cards. Adults who live busy lives may like something pampering such as a gift hamper filled with wine and chocolate. The key is to make it specific and personal to them.

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