Why do we give birthday gifts? 9 Reasons why people buy presents

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 January 2019 

It is quite hard to imagine celebrating a birthday without birthday gifts. For as far as you can remember, gifts are always involved during birthdays. Whether the celebrant is a family member, a friend or someone you regard dearly, it has been considered proper etiquette for us to give them birthday gifts on their special day.
We go through great lengths just to get them the best possible present for their birthday. We try our best to find out what the recipient wants by knowing his or her current interests and needs. Then we spend hours, or even days trying to get our hands on the perfect gift by searching one mall after another or from online gift stores. But why do we give people we love birthday gifts and where did the tradition start?

A brief history of giving birthday gifts

Although birthday traditions vary depending on culture, giving birthday gifts has its roots from religious rituals. One popular theory about gift giving on birthdays started hundreds of years ago in Europe. People believe that during a person's birthday, evil spirits would haunt and harm the celebrant. In order to protect the person, people would gather together and bring presents with them to ward off the evil spirits. This is the equivalent of our modern day birthday parties and gift giving.

Reasons for giving birthday gifts

Over the years, the purpose of giving birthday gifts has extended beyond its religious origins. Gift giving has evolved into a more complex social and cultural dynamic. Here are the most common reasons why we continue giving birthday gifts to our loved ones and what do the gifts mean nowadays?

1. Tradition

Giving a birthday gift is a tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another. Every birthday, as well as other occasions like Christmas, Wedding or Valentine's Day, we are expected to bring gifts for the celebrant. Even giving simple and small things like chocolates or maybe a Sesame Street Cookie Monster plushie would be enough to continue this tradition.

2. Personal bond

Of course, there's more to giving gifts than just the act itself. The message behind it is even more important. Most of the time, we give gifts to people who we value dearly and by doing so; we affirm our personal relationship with them. It's another way of showing our affection to the recipient. You don't give gifts to someone of little or no importance to you. By giving them something that they want or need, we are, in a way, taking care of them. For example, you think your mom/dad or your wife/husband needs some time off to relax, then the Farmers Lunch and Natural Hot Springs Bath For 2 would be exactly what they would want for their birthday.

3. To mark milestones

Birthdays mean that another year has been added to the person's life. That alone is worth celebrating. To commemorate this important milestone and celebrate the year that has passed and the year ahead, we give gifts to our loved ones. We often give them something that they could utilize for a long time. One of the most popular birthday gifts are books like One: A Cook and Her Cupboard Recipe Book. It could also be something inspirational such as Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Book, which is perfect for the important ladies in your life.

4. Alternative to money

Some people refuse being given money because it hurts their ego. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to give someone something that they need and could use in their everyday lives without them thinking that it's for charity. Your mom might be reluctant to accept money from you, but if you give her a LOQI 'Gerhard Richter' Reusable Shopping Bag, she would gladly accept it.

5. To show our love and appreciation

This is probably the most important reason to give birthday gifts to someone important to us. More than the material thing that we are giving them, the thoughtfulness, love, and appreciation behind the gift is what we want them to see. You can make them feel your love by giving them only the finest things in life, like the Best of All Gourmet Hamper, which contains fine wine, sumptuous sweets and nibbles that the recipient would truly enjoy.

6. To let them know that you pay attention to them

In one of your conversations, your loved one might have mentioned something, like a book or a collector's item that they've wanted to get for a long time. Just imagine their joy when you finally get it for them on their birthday. Birthday gifts tell the recipients that the givers care for them enough to really get to know them, including the things that make them happy.

7. As a way of looking after them

Maybe you know something that your loved one needs but he or she hasn't got the chance to buy it yet because of lack of time or money. Giving such items as a birthday gift could be your way of taking care of their needs.

8. To display your skills

Giving handmade gifts, whether big or small, would surely melt the heart of the recipient. More than the item itself, the thought that you spent a lot of effort and time to make it is the best gift you could give to someone.

9. As a keepsake

We all want to be remembered, especially by those who are important to us. By giving someone a present on his or her birthday, the item becomes a keepsake. Every time the recipient sees or uses it, the giver would always come to mind. This is what makes gift giving so much special.

Where to shop for birthday gifts

When it comes to looking for special birthday gifts for you loved ones, you want unique presents that would last long so they would remember your thoughtfulness for years to come. For that reason, you shouldn't get them some random gifts that can be bought just anywhere.
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Gifts Australia also value sour customers, so we see to it that we provide exceptional customer service. Our representatives are professional and experienced in the field of gift giving, so they could give you sound advice and even assist you as you choose your gift.
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Whatever your reason is for giving the important person in your life birthday gifts, shop from Gifts Australia to ensure that you get top-notch gift products and excellent service. Contact us now!

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