Timeless Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:20 June 2016 

There is no smile quite like that of a kid unwrapping their much awaited birthday gifts. Birthdays are the one day in the year where you are the star, and the spotlight is on you. Children, especially, really take this to heart and love celebrating their special day. And the best part out of all of it is that you are being given presents from your friends and family, showing how much they truly love you and care for you. So if your child, sibling, niece or nephew is about to turn one year older, make sure they experience a wonderful birthday by giving them these timeless birthday gift ideas for kids.
Plush Toys to Hug and Play With
Plush toys are something that everybody has probably played with when they were younger. They are wonderful birthday gifts for kids because their being soft and fluffy can cause no harm or danger to a young child. Kids can play with plush toys all day long without their parents having to worry about swallowing loose pieces or cutting themselves on sharp corners. But not only are these toys safe for children, but they are also a lot of fun to play with. Plush toys are something that kids can bring anywhere to cuddle and play with. At times, these may serve not only as toys, but also as new friends and playmates. From our varied collection of plush toys, you may opt to purchase for your child the Emme the Elephant Doll. This doll will especially be appreciated by young girls, and treat this plush toy as a partner to dance with. For males, on the other hand, this Spot the Dog Plush will serve as a great present. Spot may be seen as a companion that children can pretend to take on walks and treat like a real pet.

Help Children Explore Their Artistic Side

The arts is something that a lot of people really excel in and find happiness in pursuing. Be it drawing, painting, sculpting, or any other form of art, everyone can find something that they can enjoy and be good at. That being said, you can never be too young to become an artist. While kids are still small, help them bring out talents and skills that they have yet to discover. Great birthday gifts can be something that lets children explore their artistic side. You can give kids this Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarella Pencils 12 Pack and get them started on learning how to draw and colour. These are also great for kids because they are easy to grip, and come in various colours that appeal to kids. Along with these pencils, you may also purchase the Lots of Things to Find and Colour in FAIRYLAND Book. Keep children entertained for hours as they colour the images found in this book.
Birthday Gifts That Teach Kids How to Build and Create
Are your kids, grandchildren or younger siblings on their way to becoming the next great inventors or engineers? Further hone their skills by giving them the tools that they need at an early age. There are plenty of toys from our selection that can help kids become more creative and imaginative. From among these choices, you may choose to give the Nanoblock Pirate Ship as birthday gifts for kids. Nanoblocks are construction blocks that allow you to build and create whatever you want. This particular set allows you to create a pirate ship, but children may also go outside the box and use their imaginations to construct other things. You may also get kids this BEANO Paper Plane Kits. With up to 60 possible designs of paper planes to create, a child can make something different each time, and bring out their inner inventors.
Get Those Kids’ Noses into Some Books
Children love to play and run around all over the place, but there are also other ways to have some fun while learning as well. While still young, it is best to teach kids the importance of grabbing a book and reading. Through reading books, they can gain knowledge while also being entertained by interesting topics. A lot of children’s books contain illustrations that help in making reading even more fun. You may get the What Do You Do With An Idea Book as birthday gifts that enlighten kids’ minds on what to do with their different thoughts and ideas. The author, Kobi Yamada, and illustrator, Mae Besom, truly inspire and educate with this 36-page book. If your children are in for a longer read, you may get them this Adventure Time Collection of Awesomeness. This collection is full of interesting and hilarious stories that kids can get hooked on reading.


For Kids that are Active and Full of Energy
At a young age, you can already tell if a child is into sports, and will eventually live an active lifestyle. Along with that, kids are naturally filled with energy, and are little balls of lightning. Channel all this into something constructive by giving birthday gifts to kids that will help them get some exercise, and learn new skills as well. Here at Gifts Australia, we have various toys that children can run around with. One fun present can be this XL Ball Pool Inflatable. Especially if it’s summer time, or if they are on a vacation, this will definitely be enjoyed by kids. Your kids, nieces, or nephews can play with this inflatable ball when they are out in the pool swimming. This can be used not only when in water, but as well as if they want to bounce it around and play in the yard. You can also get them this cool Crab Children's Frisbee. It can never be too early to get into different sporting activities, and perhaps playing Frisbee is something kids can enjoy. Get children to go out, get some fresh air, and throw this Frisbee around. This may even be a chance for these kids to bond with their families and loved ones.  


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