Creative Gifts for your Birthday

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

The best part about celebrating the day of our birth, apart from spending it with the people we love and care about, is the fact that we are going to get birthday gifts that signify how special we are to them. However, nowadays, the act of gift-giving is often being taken for granted, and we sometimes get disappointed because of predictable and mundane birthday gifts that lack imagery and creativity.

There’s an unspoken rule about not getting gifts for yourself. Yet, we know that we should not be caged by that traditional ideology. On our birthdays, we should make ourselves as happy as possible, and getting ourselves birthday gifts that we want is the best thing to make that happen.

Luckily, here at Gifts Australia, there is no limit to the kind of items that both have creativity and utility. We have compiled various items from our catalogue, and hopefully, you’ll find items that suit your interest.

Birthday Gifts for Women

·       Beauty and Fragrance

The most common birthday gifts that women receive are perfumes and makeup. However, having a lot of these items can get quite underwhelming, especially if they are caged within unimaginative boxes with unoriginal scents.

All of these sour factors can be countered by the combination of the MOR Rosa Noir Eau De Parfum, MOR Rosa Noir Triple-Milled Soap, and Marshmallow Diamond Bath Robe & Fragrance Gift Set by MOR. They are high-quality products that ensure the feeling of luxury through the beautifully flora-scented items that are adorned with classic floral patterns. If you would like to store them in elegantly designed boxes, you can even order the Twinkle Marshmallow Duo by MOR which, apart from a pair of lotions, include a jewellery box-like chest that exudes grace and elegance. You can have a pick between the cheerfully-designed Louenhide Cosmetic Bag Set and the wildly-flourished Casa Uno Felt Lined Tiger Jewellery Box if you want additional options for storage.

·       Handbags and Watches

Every woman needs fashionable items with high utility value. That is the reason why we at Gifts Australia offer birthday gifts that aren’t just useful but are aesthetically pleasing as well. Have a pick between the different varieties of clutches like the Louenhide Silver Mischa Bag, Louenhide Blue Mischa Bag, or the Louenhide Gold Mischa Handbag. These are glamorously designed clutches that will add a pinch of style and luxury to any outfit you wear.

You can also have a spectrum of stylised watches as birthday gifts to yourself. We have high-fashion watches ready for your picking, like the Cielo Rose Gold Watch, Cielo Black Leather Watch, or the Cielo Peach Gelato Watch. Cap everything off with a fun and eco-friendly shopping bag set like the Reusable Shopping Bag Set in Frutti. Enjoy shopping with in-style bags featuring fruity designs that are sure to cheer every shopper up.
Birthday Gifts for Men

·       Business Accessories as Birthday Gifts

There are a variety of accessories for men that are usually underappreciated. Among these are cufflinks, which exude a statement of sophistication with a touch of taste and functionality for the modern man. We have classic designs like the CROSS Smithfield Gold Cufflinks, Black Contemporary Cufflinks, Black and Gold Diamond Cufflinks, and CROSS Affinity Cufflinks. To those who want to mix business with fun, we have the TARDIS Cufflinks, Footy Cufflinks, Silver Grid Cufflinks, and the Blue Mini Squares Cufflinks.

We also have a variety of stylish watches. We have ones with classic designs, like the OOZOO Vintage Cognac Leather Watch, OOZOO Vintage Black Leather Watch, and the OOZOO Vintage Grey Watch. If you want modern designs, you can have the pick between The Cesare Concept Black Leather Watch, The Cesare Concept Silver Leather Watch, the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch, and the OOZOO Sport Rose Gold on Black Watch.

·       Items for Boys’ Night Out

When hanging out with a couple of your closest blokes, having a few (or heaps) of drinks is a given. Gifts Australia gives you an array of creative ways to hold your boys’ night within or outside your home.

Buy yourself a couple of party games, like the Drinkopoly Drinking Game, Spin the Shot, Beer Pong, or even a classic Luxury Gold-Plated Playing Cards set. Choose among a wide selection of fun shot glasses like the Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses 6 pack, or even a set of Grenade Coffee Mugs. There are also those with vintage designs like the Waterford Crystal Mad Men Collection Olson Pair, or the Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned Tumbler Pair.

Make the drinking sessions even more fun by using this Bottle Opener Happy Man, which feature a little bloke’s appendage as the main opener. You can also purchase the Wild Drinks & Cocktails Recipe Book and create cocktails that suit your interests with the use of the Cocktail Hour Shaker and the Davis & Waddell Wine Aerator. 

Lifetime Experiences as Birthday Gifts

Let’s face it: the best kinds of gifts are those which you’ll always remember and those which will never get lost. That is the reason why giving yourself an experiences of a lifetime is the best kind of birthday gift that you could ever give to yourself.  Here at Gifts Australia, we wholly agree with that idea. That is why we are offering various activities and trips in our birthday gift catalogue.

If you are into, or would like to enter into extreme sports, we have basic introductory lessons like the Blue Mountains Introductory Rock climbing, Blue Mountains Introductory Canyoning, or even the Blue Mountains Abseiling & Canyoning Combo. You can even jump from 14,000 ft. up in the sky with a Tandem Skydive in Brisbane with an expert diver helping you along the way. If you want to commune with nature, we have the Glamping Cockatoo Island for One Night camping adventure ready for you, and a Farmers Lunch & Natural Hot Spring Bath For Two.  

Get your Birthday Gifts from Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia is one of the largest and most trusted online retail companies in Australia. We offer a spectrum of birthday gift choices for you—from personal and intimate, business and glamorous, to opportunities to have unforgettable experiences. We have a lot more in store for you, and choosing us to give you the gift you deserve is the best choice that you can make today.


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