Birthday Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 June 2016 

The art of boyfriend gift-giving is a bit tricky. On one hand, you want to make sure that the gifts that you pick and give out are received with excitement and warmth; on the other hand, you also wish to preserve the element of surprise. This can be a bit challenging given that usually, even if you really want to surprise the people that you love with gifts that they like, you cannot ask them what they want!

Finding the appropriate birthday gift is even more challenging if you are shopping for your boyfriend, no matter how long you’ve been together. The gift that you give can become a symbol of how well you know each other, and how much you value your relationship. That is the reason why looking for birthday gifts, especially for a boyfriend, is a game of second-guessing and indecision. Luckily, Gifts Australia is here to guide you through the process! Here are some birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Birthday Gifts that Complement his Hobbies and Interest

Giving your boyfriend gifts that show him how much you know him is a big plus in the relationship department. It shows him that you listen and you support the activities that he takes pleasure in.

If he enjoys cooking, you can help make the experience more fun by giving him a Boxing Oven Mitt and Apron, coupled with a Condiment Gun and a Fish Serving Block. You can also give him a Wood Chip Smoker Box in Stainless Steel and Quality 18 Piece Barbecue Tool Set when hosting barbeque parties. You can even sneak in some Food & Beer Recipe Book or a Food Truck Feasts Recipe Book if you really want to see him in his element.

If he’s playful and has a collection of games, you could give him a Drinkopoly Drinking Game or Spin the Shot, and add the Dapper Tequila Shot Glasses 6 pack to complement the set. You can even give him an Insulting Parrot to entertain him when receiving guests, or an impeccably designed chess set in the form of the Philippi YAP Chess Set.

Items for Everyday Use

You can never go wrong with giving accessories with functionality. That is the reason why giving watches as birthday gifts is never a bad choice. In Gifts Australia, you have a lot to choose from, with several OZOO high fashion watches like the OOZOO Sport Silver on Black Watch, OOZOO Sport Rose Gold on Black Watch, or even watches with classic designs like the OOZOO Vintage Denim Leather Watch or the The Cesare Concept Black Leather Watch.  

You can also give him birthday gifts that are useful accessories for business like the CROSS Newport Tie Clip, which perfectly enhances the sophistication and style of his business suit. There are also heaps of cufflinks to choose from, with classic choices like the CROSS Smithfield Gold Cufflinks, Blue Mini Squares Cufflinks, and Silver Grid Cufflinks. If you want to make business more fun, Gifts Australia also have playful yet professional cufflinks like the Barbell Cufflinks, Bottle & Corkscrew Cufflinks, or even the Black and White Union Jack Cufflinks.

Other birthday gifts that can be used daily are party favourites like the Cocktail Hour Shaker and the Ted Baker Hip Flask. For more intimate gifts, Gifts Australia has the Urban Rituelle Shave Set, and a classic BUCKLE Hugo Black Wallet. You can even add a VICTORINOX Red Pocket Knife to assure a maximum utility yet fashionable birthday gift.

Life Experiences as Awesome Birthday Gifts

The best kind of birthday gifts are those which can never get lost, and those which will be quite hard to forget. That is the reason why here at Gifts Australia, we do not just give you novelty gifts or material gifts. In fact, we also offer wonderful experiences, some of which are adventures that couples can do together,

If your boyfriend is into nature and appreciating the beauty of the environment, we have the Blue Mountains Abseiling & Canyoning Combo, a one-day introductory lesson for beginners which is packed with two activities that can pump your adrenalin. After that, you can order the Blue Mountains 3/4 Multi Pitch Abseiling or the Blue Mountains Introductory Rock climbing to apply those skills that you’ve learned at the introductory lessons. You can also commune with nature at a One Night Mini Glamping on Cockatoo Island, with ready-made campsites already offered for you. You can even get him an ultimate underwater adventure with the Great White Shark Experience Adult Off Peak package, a safe and exciting way to cap off the weekend.

If he is into extreme sports, there are also a variety of choices to choose from. We have 14,000 ft. Jump Tandem Skydive at Mission Beach, and it is completely safe as the novice diver is securely attached to an expert diver. He can also have water sports adventure with the Thunder Twist Adult, a jet boat journey featuring a tour of Sydney’s most famous icons. We also have the ultimate plane adventure with the Aerobatics Pitts Special S2A Stunt Plane Experience. You can even go out on a Helicopter Flight & Picnic Escape for Two, a scenic flight with a gourmet lunch delight.

Gifts Australia has All These Things for You

Gifts Australia is one of the largest and most established online gift store in Australia. No matter what you’re looking for, be it novelty and gag gifts, personal and intimate gifts, business accessories, or even unforgettable lifetime experiences, we have it all for you. We have a great stock of high-quality gifts for all ages and sexes, and we have a wide range of prices to choose from. We deliver in all parts of Australia and we are proud to have happy customers from all over the globe. 

Giving your special someone a gift that they’ll never forget is a challenging task. It requires both an intimate knowledge of the person, and a wide range of possible selections. Here at Gifts Australia, we would be truly happy to assist you in your journey to finding the best birthday gift possible.


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