40th Birthday Gifts – Wine & Spirits

Do you remember most of your birthdays? Can you pinpoint your favourite ones? When your 40th birthday is looming, you start thinking back, reflecting, on your past years. The friends you made, things you did, adventures you had, loved ones you spent time with, and even the regrets that accumulated on your conscience. Sure, you remember partying hard, with your buddies fondly; but now, you’d rather enjoy a chilled glass of wine with your closest friend. Perhaps while sitting beneath the stars. No hangover the next day. No regrets. Just a well-aged cuppa bubbly and good company.

So, on your 40th birthday, when you are ready to move forward into your bright future, have a drink to us. Sip your best wine, hug your best friends, and be thankful that you blossomed into the beautiful person you are.

Wine & Dine: Our Best 40th Birthday Gift Suggestions

There is nothing quite like having a glass of beer, bubbly, or spirits after a strenuous, arduous day at the office. When you come home and kick off your shoes, the relief is immediate. You made it through another day. We imagine the same relief extends to your 40th birthday. How come? We are told time and time again, from an early age, that 40 is basically middle age. That it is “all downhill from here.” Not true. The relief comes from the realization that 40 is like any other age—only you have lived four decades’ worth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

We at Gifts Australia believe that some of the best 40th birthday gifts are a combination of fine wines, well-aged spirits, and gourmet cuisine. You deserve decadence, if only for a day of celebration.

Is your husband the type to pour himself a little tumbler of whisky after a rough afternoon at work? Gift him with a bottle of Ardberg whiskey, complete with two tumblers in a convenient, stow-away case. Or, give him the gift of amber-coloured cognac, also accompanied by two glass tumblers in an awesome Hennessy gift box. Do you want to celebrate your wife’s 40th birthday with a few close friends at a quiet, rented venue? Pick the place and we’ll supply a two-bottle gift set of red and white wines. Or, if she prefers a drink with sparkle, opt for a rose-coloured bottle of our best champagne.

Better yet, plan a picnic for their 40th birthday. Take them to their favourite outdoor destination when the sun is setting. Then reveal one of our hampers, packed with nibbles and a beautiful bottle of sweet red wine. Munch on crisp crackers, green olives, yummy jams, and assortment of other goodies, while enjoying a glass of good, fruity bubbly. Be sure to grab a couple glasses on your way!

Why Wine & Spirits Make Great 40th Birthday Gifts

Growing up, many of us would see the examples of our loved ones. Those who relaxed at the end of the day with a cold glass of whatever their preferred wine or brew was. And, as youngsters, we wondered what magical elixir could unwind their nerves, relax their muscles, and put them in an instantly better mood. It only took a glass—as if what they were drinking was an indulgence (because it was, is, and should be).

Wine and spirits, in the humble opinion of Gifts Australia, make some of the greatest 40th birthday gifts because it’s a drink that signifies relaxation and celebration—in moderation, of course.

For the ultimate 40th birthday gift, our carefully selected range of wine gifts and spirits gift packs make the ideal birthday present. Whether they love a layered red wine, or the smoothest of whisky, add in some amazing barware and their 40th birthday gift is complete. From Brown Brothers to Glenmorangie, it's all here to be savoured.

It's time to toast to the awesomeness that is turning 40! When it comes to 40th birthday gifts, wine & spirits gifts rock.

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