She deserves something special for her 40th birthday gift, and our beautiful range of women's gift hampers make the ideal present for her. Take her someone special for a gourmet picnic featuring gourmet nibbles, or sit back and relax at home with a sensational wine gift hamper. We've got something for everyone.

40th Birthday Gifts for Her – Hampers

When we are at our youngest and most naïve, we think 20 is the oldest you could ever be. 40? Not even on our radar at that age…until you reach 20, and then 40 seems like an ever-looming number. It creeps up on you. One day you blink and life has happened. Tada! Most of us retreat in fear to grieve the loss of our youth, but come on. Since when is 40 the end-all be-all?

BIG congratulations from us for 40 wonderful years! Best wishes, happy birthday, and may all your dreams come true in the greatest ways. You see, we think 40 should be a start point, a new chapter in an already beautiful book that focuses on the awesome, fantastic YOU. Every heartbeat is another memorable moment; one that you should cherish with those you loved. So, beautiful, this year, you are the queen bee. And you totally deserve it.

What are our best 40th birthday gifts for her?

While the above was a confidence boost for the birthday babes, the next segment is for those aforementioned loved ones. The ones who want to make 40 the best birthday ever for a special lady—be it their mum, friend, sister, niece, cousin, confidante, lover, aunt, or otherwise. Every woman is unique, so you should go above and beyond to make her 40th a memorable occasion.

Do you remember the picnics that you experienced with your mum when you were a kid? Picking that perfect, grassy spot with a spread of homemade, delicious foods? Do you remember the way your heart felt full of love and adoration when your mum smiled? We would bet you anything that she remembers the same feelings when you smiled too. Take her back to that perfect picnic spot with a Gifts Australia hamper—one of the best 40th birthday gifts for her.

These hampers are abundant in great food and beverage, and some of them are themed for special occasions. Is your mum a wine and cheese kind of lady? Gifts Australia packs a marvellous box of well-aged spirits with the finest cheese to match and complement in taste. Decked out in sleek black and topped with your choice of colourful ribbons, this type of hamper also includes crackers, sweet homemade jams, and a fresh-baked cookie or two.

If the birthday beauty in your life doubles as your sweetheart, one of the best 40th birthday gifts for her would be a romance-themed hamper. Think pink and red roses, a bottle of chilled wine, perhaps a stick of incense or two, and decadent chocolates. This kind of hamper is for home, of course. But there are romance-themed picnic options, which might include a bottle of red or white wine, handcrafted chocolate truffles, scrumptious cookies, and nuts, dried fruits, and a variety of other fine nibbles.

Our hampers make great 40th birthday gifts for her because we strive for indulgence. We encourage you and your lucky birthday girl to partake in yummy foods and wines from around Australia. Or, you could always opt for the non-alcoholic versions, inclusive of fruity, sparkling beverages (or teas), chocolates, and boxes of sweet biscotti.

Celebrate her 40th Birthday Outdoors!

Truth be told, despite the pep talk, most women are less than thrilled about turning the big 4-0. They would rather forget it. Hide away from it and pretend to be 39 for the next 20 years or so. Enable her positivity with an outdoor celebration, because as we all know, fresh air is an awesome mood booster.

Break out the classic picnic ensemble, complete with checker blankets, a wicker picnic basket, and a couple of wine glasses. Or, go modern with a pop-up table and chairs celebration, complete with faux candles and a little vase for a bouquet of beautiful birthday blooms. You can snag an all-in-one birthday celebration from Gifts Australia, as we carry more than the aforementioned hampers.

Another great way to ensure a fantastic 40th birthday for her? Pick a picnic spot that overlooks a gorgeous view, like rolling hills, sprawling mountains, lush valleys, or a sandy seashore. Make her birthday memorable by creating a top-of-the-world feeling for her. She deserves to feel special—no matter the role she has played in your life.

Just the two of you? Gifts Australia offers pint-sized hampers for 2, with enough snacks and drinks for a small birthday celebration. Planning a bigger to-do with your family? Opt for several hampers of all kinds. Or, go the bigger-is-better route and snag a gigantic hamper, complete with enough nibbles and beverages to accommodate upwards of 4-5 guests.

Why go all out for her 40th birthday? As we said, she totally deserves it. But the real reason is because you love her and want her to be happy. Our hampers are sure to put a smile on her face, especially when she sees that you thought of all the tastes she loves. We have a few hampers dedicated to sweets. Or, we have several committed to savoury nibbles. Whatever her preferences, we will happily accommodate her 40th birthday celebration.

Gifts Australia—Need to Know Info

Aside from our great collection of hampers and other stuff that would make the best 40th birthday gifts for her, Gifts Australia is all about making customers comfortable. This means free, Australia-wide shipping on orders over $99 AU. You could buy heaps of wow-worthy gifts and must-haves to make her 40th birthday the best it can possibly be. Then receive your goodies, free of charge, right to your door, just in time for an amazing celebration.

If you are giving your gifts directly, we offer a complementary birthday message. Compose your sweetest words, we will type them up, and voila! The lucky lady has a custom message that shows you care. Or, go the extra mile with a handwritten note, professing your hopes that she has a beautiful 40th birthday. Say everything you want to say, from the heart, and we will jot it all down in beautiful handwriting within a sweet birthday greeting card.

Delightful gourmet gift hampers for her 40th birthday to make her feel special, delight her tastebuds and pamper her just as she deserves.

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