We've got Australia's most beautiful 40th Birthday Gift Hampers in stock and ready to delight someone special. Whether it's fine wine, sweet chocolates or a pamper hamper for her, we've got every angle covered with Australia's best gift hampers that are guaranteed to have them smiling.

40th Birthday Gifts – Hampers

There are various sentiments about turning 40, from all kinds of people, from every walk of life, profession, and perspective. Some birthday guys choose to approach 40 with jokes about aging. For instance, “Forty isn’t old…if you’re a tree,” or our favourite, from Peanuts writer Charles M. Schultz, “Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.”

We have seen women approach the big 4-0 a little differently. Sure, they like to joke, but most of them would rather forget the whole ordeal. Comedian and actress, Lucille Ball, once wrote, “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” Ha!

But, regardless of gender, we are going about aging all wrong. We should embrace 40 with zeal because this new age opens up new, exciting possibilities and opportunities. You might find that you are wiser now than you were 20 years ago. Score. Many people have said that they wish they had the wisdom of a 40-year-old with the energy and body of a 21-year-old.

Anything could happen in your 40th year. But we will dedicate this blog to romance. Oh, the sweetness of love. Whether you have been together for a couple decades, or just met your sweetheart, they are major parts of celebrating your 40th birthday. So be sure to include them in all the fun!

Dear Loved Ones of 40th Birthday Celebrators:

Your sweetheart has hit a big milestone. 40 is one of those major birthdays, and you are lucky enough to share it with them. So, of course, you need the perfect 40th birthday gifts, and we have exactly what you need. Hampers! Think picnic baskets without the baskets. Or, maybe picnic boxes would be a better term. Want to plan a wow-worthy, dreamy afternoon date for your loved one’s 40th birthday? Pick a beautiful scenic spot and we’ll provide a beautiful, abundant hamper of wine and food.

Take a moment to reflect on your loved one’s personality. Does she love a well-aged bottle of wine? Does he go gaga for a smudge of cheese on crisp crackers? Is she obsessed with decadent chocolate truffles? Would he say that dried fruits are his go-to for satisfying his sweet tooth? Really think hard about what they love, food-wise. Now take a look at our hampers.

We offer four categories of hampers—each one doubling as great 40th birthday gifts for your sweetheart. If your honey wants to luxuriate and relax, invest in a pamper hamper, complete with bubble bath, incense, a hot/cold compress, a sweet-scented candle, and fresh-baked wafer cookies. Or, if your rugged love would rather have a brew and watch the sunset, opt for a beer hamper. There are international-brand bottles of beer in every hamper, as well as peanuts, pretzels, cheesy nibbles, and olives.

If you are planning a picnic for more than the two of you, a bigger hamper, or two, would be charming 40th birthday gifts. Mix and match a bit of sweets and savouries to satisfy your picnickers and your birthday babe. For instance, a hamper of sweet red wine and decadent, handcrafted chocolates would complement a checker blanket well when paired with fine cheeses, tart jams, and a bottle of white wine.

Why do hampers make the best 40th birthday gifts?

We at Gifts Australia believe hampers make the best 40th birthday gifts because everyone loves variety. Instead of choosing “just wine” or “just chocolate,” you can order a box that piles everything he or she loves to munch on, in one convenient location. Plus, there is the looming promise of a romantic picnic when you get a super-sweet hamper for two.

If you’d prefer to leave the food out of the 40th birthday gift, grab a double-box wine hamper instead. You can choose between a sweet, yummy red wine, or a crisp, cool white wine. Or, you could go an entirely different direction and snag a bottle of bubbly champagne instead.

There’s always gift vouchers…

If you find yourself struggling to pick a 40th birthday gift for your honey, gift them with a Gifts Australia gift voucher instead. You can load the voucher with the amount of your choice. Then point your sweetheart in our direction. They can pick out their own hamper for custom goodies that fit their tastes. Or, they can stray away from the hamper selection and pick a trinket, keepsake, or useful bauble to better celebrate their 40th birthday.

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