Fun, Fun, Fun! That's what turning 21 is all about, and 21st birthday gifts should be exciting and bring a smile to their face. You're sure to find something exciting in our range of novelty 21st birthday gifts that we've carefully created to make your novelty gift shopping as easy as can be.

Difference between Gag Gifts and Novelty Items

Birthday gifts could be anything but boring. Fun is something that we all seek so we want the gifting process to bring out laughter from everyone or from the one receiving it. This is why gag gifts and novelty items are quite popular gifts nowadays. However, how do you distinguish one from the other? Which one is better as a birthday gift?

Basically, a gag gift is a practical joke. Novelty items, on the other hand, can be given seriously or for fun. Still not clear on their difference? Read on to find out more about how similar and different these two gifts are.

What is a Gag Gift?

A gag gift is more of a prank than a gift. It is generally defined as something you give to someone with the intention of poking fun or generating a good laugh. There are a lot of gag gifts in the market. The creative, disgusting, and others with masked or obvious sexual undertones. This type of gift is gaining popularity lately because who doesn’t like a good laugh? However, gag gifts require a lot of thinking compared to ordinary gifts.

Even though gag gifts are meant to create fun and entertainment, you don’t want to offend anyone. Some gag gifts can be offensive to the recipient so it will take a lot of time to decide on what to buy.

Gag gifts can be given in numerous occasions. They are perfect to cheer up almost any occasion, although a funeral might not be the best time or place to give a gag gift. College graduations or bridal showers are some of the occasions where gag gifts are given the most because they can easily take away any unnecessary stress.

What is a Novelty Gift?

A novelty gift is similar to a gag gift, but novelty gifts are not designed to be a prank or to be really funny. They can be used to crack laughter or they can also be a showpiece. They are usually bought because of simplicity, uniqueness, or because it displays humour. Novelty items are usually small in size, they are not large or bulky at all. Trinkets, collectibles, gadgets, and toys are some examples of novelty gifts. They have no practical use but can be quite unique and interesting.

For birthdays, it is always better to give novelty items and leave the gag gifts for other occasions. Because gag gifts are given to poke fun at someone, it might not be a good 21st birthday gift.

Novelty Birthday Gifts Suggestions

1.    Bull Head Bottle Pourer

This novelty item by Suck UK is the perfect gift for wine lovers. This bull head can be attached to any bottle neck to create a cool way to pour drinks. This can be a great gift for your bartender or chef friends so they create cool cocktails during parties or gatherings with family and friends.

2.    Drinking Games and Hangover Cures Book

For that friend or family members who loves to party and who doesn’t have an alcohol limit. This Hardback book by Dominic Bliss will get the party started but will also prepare you to recover with ease the next day.

3.    PUNDERDOME Card Game

There is Fun in a Pun! This hilarious card game is great for a night of fun with friends. This gift features 200 double-sided cards that will throw you and your mates to fits of laughter. Let your bonding night be filled with the most groan-worthy puns.

4.    Bottle Opener Happy Man

This fun novelty gift is a cheeky little fellow with his massive appendage. Suited for popping caps off bottles, just a flick of the wrist and this happy man will have it off. The happy man bottle opener is a nice gift for your beer-loving mate. Every time he pops a cap with the happy man, he will always think of you.

5.    Queen of Effin’ Everything Apron

For the woman whose personality rocks everyone, this funny apron is machine washable and made from 100% high quality cotton. This is the perfect gift for every domestic goddess.

6.    100 Places You Must Visit Before You Die Poster

The perfect gift for someone who believes that life should be non-stop fun. This gift features 100 incredible locations and the recipient can peel off the top layer to reveal a colourful illustration. So the more the recipient travels, the brighter the poster becomes. The perfect gift for the wanderer who doesn’t know where to start their travel adventures.

Hassle-free Shopping for Birthday Gifts and Novelty Items

Now that we have listed some amazing novelty items, you might ask where to find them. If you are in need of birthday gifts and just don’t have the time to do so, you can always go online. Online shopping is always better than going out and searching for that perfect gift. However, you should make sure that you only transact with legitimate online stores. All of the birthday gifts we have mentioned above are the most popular novelty items of Gifts Australia.

Gifts Australia is one of the oldest and largest online stores in the country. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we have perfected quality customer service for online shoppers. Since 2000, we have helped many Australians in giving the best birthday gifts for all ages. We are an Australia-owned and managed company based in Sydney providing a wide range of high quality gift items for everyone. Apart from a user-friendly website, we also treat our customers to an efficient delivery service.

Gifts Australia Delivers Nationwide! Place Your Orders Today.

We likewise deliver countrywide and some of our products are free of delivery charge. You do not need to get out of the house to have the perfect birthday gift. Just go online, browse through our products, and we will deliver your purchase right at your doorstep. Gifts Australia also offers a variety of deluxe wrapping and gift card options to ensure great gift presentation. No matter what type of novelty items you look for, check out Gifts Australia for more awesome finds.

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