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Maggie Beer is a true Aussie icon who's responsible for reshaping the way we cook. She's also known for her natural, home chef style – and that's where the Maggie Living range comes in. This range of gorgeous kitchenware and accessories dresses up any kitchen instantly. It's perfect for your next housewarming gift, wedding gift, engagement gift, or first-home gift – or you can collect the range and truly treat yourself.

Explore the Maggie Living range today.

Try Maggie's stunning range of kitchenware

Have you ever seen a kitchen that was too beautiful to cook in? Or a kitchen tool that was so pristine that no one would dare to use it?

The Maggie Living range walks the line between fashionable and functional carefully. It uses gorgeous, natural materials like teak wood and olive wood that are naturally stunning and long-lasting. Underneath the beautiful exterior of the wood is a durable brass or stainless steel interior that will serve any home chef well.

The Maggie Living range is all-too-giftable, and each item is perfect for wedding gifts, engagement gifts, housewarming parties, or first-home gifts.

Gifts Australia offers free, biodegradable gift wrapping with each Maggie Living product, plus a free and customisable card. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Explore the Maggie Living range today and give the gift of style.

FAQs about the Maggie Living range

If you've got a burning question about the Maggie Living range, keep reading. We've answered your top questions below.

Is this range designed to be collectable long-term, or is it a pop-up line?

The Maggie Living range isn't a pop-up line, and none of its products are limited edition goods. However, we don't have a crystal ball and the gift of foresight, so if an item grabs your attention, it's better to be safe than sorry.

What is the best wedding gift from the Maggie Living range?

Our Maggie Living: Measuring Cups Set of 4 and Maggie Living: Measuring Spoons Set of 4 are perfect for a newly married couple on their wedding day.

These cups and spoons are crafted from olive wood and brass, so they're guaranteed to stay gorgeous long-term. Each set includes four cups or spoons in different sizes, so they cover all bases.

What Maggie Living item is best for engagements?

The newly engaged couple in your life is sure to appreciate our Maggie Living: Olive Wood Wooden Spoon Set of 3. These spoons are perfect for any culinary adventure that the couple embarks on, and each spoon has its own unique strength. A couple that cooks together stays together!

Which Maggie Living product is good for an anniversary?

Our Maggie Living: Salad Servers are a very thoughtful anniversary gift. This gorgeous pair complements any salad, and no task is too ambitious for them. They're sturdy, naturally gorgeous, and easy to sanitise.

What is the best housewarming gift from the Maggie Living range?

Housewarming gifts should add warmth to a new space, as well as elevate the new occupants' lives with functionality and style. Therefore, our Maggie Living aprons – available in a jacquard pattern and a woven gingham pattern – are a comfortable and thoughtful choice. These aprons are machine-washable, breathable, and designed for the busy home chef.

What is the best Maggie Living item for home chefs?

Home chefs will appreciate our Maggie Living: Teak Rolling Pin above all else. This rolling pin is big and beefy, so it's not to be messed with. It uses carbon steel ball bearings and a big hunk of teak wood to flatten dough of any variety. It's also a low-fuss item – simply hand wash it, air dry it, and it'll stay stunning for generations to come.

Maggie Living Teak Rolling Pin

How long does delivery on Maggie Living products take?

If you place your order before 1 pm AEST on a business day, we will dispatch it the same day. Depending on your location, your package will be delivered in 3-10 business days. We also offer express shipping.

If you live in Sydney and place your order before 11 AM AEST, we can deliver it on the same day (assuming you pay for express shipping). Sydney locals can also pick up their gifts from our Regents Park warehouse between 8 am and 3 pm.

Do I get free delivery if I'm part of Maggie's Food Club?

No, sorry. We can't offer Maggie's Food Club members free delivery on orders placed through Gifts Australia. However, you'll get free delivery if you order through the Maggie Beer website and you spend over $80.

Is Gifts Australia the only retailer for the Maggie Living range?

No! The Maggie Beer website also sells the Maggie Living range.

If you want gift wrapping, however, you need to purchase your items through Gifts Australia. Gifts Australia is the only retailer offering free, biodegradable gift wrapping on Maggie Living products.

Can you gift wrap Maggie Living items?

Yes! Gifts Australia offers free, biodegradable gift wrapping. We also offer several other wrapping papers for a small fee.

We also provide a free gift card (though, again, we have paid options if you want a design for a particular occasion).

Experience the Maggie Living difference

Kitchen accessories that are only useful for Instagram are out, and functional and natural tools that will last generations are in. The Maggie Living range is built with the principles of style and practicality in mind. Crafted from teak wood, olive wood, brass, and stainless steel, the goods in this range will add class, depth, and warmth to any kitchen.

Gifts Australia offers free delivery on orders over $99. We also provide free, biodegradable gift wrapping and a free card.

The Maggie Living range is perfect for those big, special occasions. Explore the range today, and give the home chef in your life a gift they'll treasure forever.

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