Kids' Night Lights

They'll sleep easy with one of Gifts Australia's luminescent kids' night lights. With a glowing range of fun night lights to keep them feeling safe and sound, we've got the perfect nightlight for every little boy and girl.

From fantasy nightlights to superhero nightlights, these adorable kids accessories are perfect for lighting up their whole room or simply providing a little bedside illumination. Browse through our stunning range of nightlights of all sizes, styles and colours to find the perfect one to ease the mind of your precious little one.

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your child is sleeping soundly thanks to one of Gifts Australia's gorgeous kids' night lights. These bedroom additions are a great way of providing a soft glow to the pitch black of night, or to give them a guiding light on their midnight toilet breaks.

Gifts Australia is home to the best kids' night lights available, with the perfect light to brighten any room. Cast magic patterns across the ceiling with a projecting light, drench the room in the warmth of a pink tinted nightlight, or display a sweet figurine that doubles as a softly glowing light as the sun goes down. No matter what illumination you're after, we have you covered.

Confronting the unknowns of utter darkness can be scary for anyone at the best of times. These sweet kids' nightlights provide a sense of comfort to a space that allows children to sleep easily while progressively getting comfortable with the dark. The kid-friendly night light designs ensure that these lights are perfectly safe to leave on throughout the night and unattended around your precious little ones.

These cool nightlights are not only functional but come in a range of stylish designs that double as a decor element for the room or as a novelty ornament. From light-up loveable animal friends to glowing figurines, these nightlight gifts will become a cherished element in every kids' bedroom. These light up wonders even come in a selection of inconspicuous styles that are perfect for the older child or teen bedrooms. They make a great gift for kids’ birthdays or as a Christmas stocking filler!

If you're after the best range of kids night lights, then you can't beat Gifts Australia's range of loveable plug-in or battery powered accessories to keep the monsters at bay through the night.

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