Grazing Boxes

If you're looking for grazing boxes, Gifts Australia can help. We've got an amazing selection of grazing boxes for small, medium, and large gatherings. Browse our range of grazing boxes and enjoy a gourmet grazing meal.

Grazing boxes Australia

There's nothing quite like a gourmet grazing meal, a glass of wine, and good company. It's the recipe for the perfect afternoon or evening, and we've figured out how to box it. Our grazing hampers are packed with savoury gourmet foods from our favourite artisans, cheeses from celebrity chef Maggie Beer, sweet goodies, wine and champagne, and more. They're perfect for picnics with friends, intimate nights with your partner, a party with a house full of people, or a solo night of indulgence.

Any Gifts Australia order over $99 comes with free shipping, and all our hampers come with a customisable card.

Explore our range of grazing boxes and enjoy a gourmet night your way.

FAQs about grazing boxes

In this section, we'll answer your top questions about our grazing boxes.

How do you make a homemade grazing box?

The first step to creating homemade grazing or catering boxes is selecting foods. We recommend choosing a range of foods, sweet, savoury, and fresh. Expect that your guests will eat more than usual, so err on the side of overcatering. (Helpful tip - keep any lids and reuse them at the end of the night). The next step is to get a grazing box and add all your products to it, arranging them artfully to create a meal that's gorgeous to look at and eat.

What do you put in a grazing box?

Typical grazing boxes include dried fruit, fresh vegetables, a variety of cheeses, crackers, dips, preserved meats, a savoury nut mix or two, and sweet treats. Gift Australia's grazing boxes are filled with gourmet food like premium cheeses from Maggie Beer, artisan crackers, Salumi salami, and antipasto. Each item in our grazing boxes comes from artisans who take pride in creating Australia's finest foods.

How far in advance can you make a grazing box?

If your grazing box contains preserved meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables, it's advisable to make it within 24 hours of your event to ensure freshness. Gifts Australia's grazing boxes feature only the freshest ingredients, and we recommend enjoying them quickly after they arrive.

How do you store your grazing boxes?

Each of our grazing boxes comes with a Maggie Beer cooler that holds premium cheeses and meats. We recommend storing this cooler and its contents in the fridge once they arrive and only getting it out before enjoying your grazing box. The other contents of the box can be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight, like the pantry.

A better way to ensure the freshness of your grazing box is to enjoy it ASAP, a task that's not difficult considering how irresistible our hampers are.

What are some grazing box gifting ideas inspired by your range?

Here are some grazing box ideas inspired by our range:

  • Ultimate Night In For Two With Red Wine Grazing Box – The perfect box for a unique dinner in
  • Ultimate Night In For Two Grazing Box – The ideal box for a movie night
  • Ultimate Night In For Two With Chandon Grazing Box – An excellent grazing box for a night on the back deck
  • Cheese and Chocolate Grazing Box – A fantastic box for someone with a sweet tooth
  • Cheese and Chocolate With Red Wine Grazing Box – An excellent box for a birthday
  • Cheese and Chocolate With Moët Grazing Box – A great box to celebrate a career milestone
  • Ultimate Grazing Box – A great gift box for a family party
  • Ultimate Grazing Box With Red Wine – The best box for lunch with friends
  • Ultimate Grazing Box With Veuve – A great grazing box for a team lunch

Where can you deliver grazing boxes to?

We can deliver grazing boxes to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and some cities and towns around SA, QLD, NSW, VIC, and the ACT. Please check our cheese hamper delivery map to see if your suburb is included.

Cheese hamper delivery map

Gifts Australia makes gifting a gorgeous grazing box easy

Gifts Australia makes buying amazing grazing boxes for anniversaries, birthdays, major life milestones, Christmas, and other occasions easy. Simply select a grazing box, and we'll write in a card for you and deliver it ASAP. Our grazing boxes are a gourmet treat for the senses, so they're a great gift for everyone.

Explore our range of grazing boxes and spoil your gift recipient your way.

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