What Can I Buy for my Baby at Gifts Australia?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:30 May 2016 

Baby gifts are a sweet and endearing category of gifts that can easily be found at Gifts Australia. Depending on what type of gifts you are looking for, Gifts Australia will surely have what you are looking for. Take your time to find the perfect baby gifts from our huge selection and you will definitely not be disappointed by the options. You can peruse among soft and comforting stuff toys, toys that can help your baby enjoy and explore the new world around them, and finally huge hampers that include different baby gifts, all wrapped into one sweet and exciting baby hamper.

Soft and Comforting Baby Gifts

One of the easiest types of baby gifts to choose would definitely be some of the soft and comforting ones. Some of these are the ones that a baby would love and take care of until they have grown into toddlers. Other comforting baby gifts are those that make the baby’s room a bit more baby friendly, such as a few cute night lights for the baby.

Night lights are a great addition to the atmosphere. Although your baby probably will not be able to enjoy these lights while they are still quite young, you can still make the room a bit more comfy. This Loppy the Rabbit LED Ornament would be a great night light that has a gentle glow that can also help you whenever you need to check on your baby from a distance. If you don’t like rabbits, Gifts Australia has other options available.

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A cute stuffed toy can be enjoyed by your baby even when they are still too young to appreciate them. This is because a stuffed toy can also be used to make cushion the baby’s crib, or even double as an extra pillow. Having something warm and comforting nearby can also help your baby relax whenever they are disturbed by certain things. Here are a couple of soft baby gifts: Tommy the Tiger, and Rag Doll Rosie.

Developmental or Teaching Toys

Other people would prefer to give a baby some toys that can help them in their development. These are usually for babies that are around a year old or older, and are a great way to help the baby start playing around with different types of games. Most of these toys are usually played with their main guardian and are colourful. One thing to take note of before you choose from the wide array of baby gifts in Gifts Australia is to make sure that your choices are appropriate for the baby’s age. This will make it a bit better for the baby to play with them.

Children who are able to hold onto toys with their thumbs and pointer fingers will soon learn to match shapes with each other. This means that they can start playing around with the toys that ask them to insert certain pieces or shapes into holes that correspond to them. A good example of one of these toys is this Wooden Circus Truck. Other versions of these types of toys are available on Gifts Australia. Take note that those with simpler shapes and less detailed silhouettes would be more appropriate to younger children.

Other toys will probably not be appreciated by young babies at the time but are still a great set of toys. For example, this educational Inflatable World Globe is a great way to someday pique the baby’s curiosity and give the baby a great play toy for when they are still unable to understand what the map’s words, lines and shapes mean.

Very young babies are already able to appreciate sounds, which is why they are usually given rattles. These sounds are definitely interesting to them because it is their first time hearing these things. Rattles are usually made with plastic but Emme the Elephant Rattle and some of the other rattles on Gift Australia are covered in cloth. They are also decorated in pastel colours that are easy on the baby’s eyes.

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Great Hampers Filled with Baby Gifts

If you find it hard to pick a certain gift, you might want to opt for a set of baby gifts. Hampers are a very good choice of gift for whole families. These baby gifts are wonderful if you want to give a set of small things that make up a thoughtful and interesting set of gifts. Gifts Australia has a wide variety of options for these hampers, too. Here are some of your possible options:

     If you want to be specific, you can buy hampers that are either for baby boys or baby girls. These hampers usually have toys in a specific colours, such as the 100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile, Baby Girl Hamper, which uses a pastel pink theme. This hamper includes a comfortable sweater and even a stuff toy.

     If you want to focus on giving the baby some things that they can interactively enjoy, this Four Seasons Baby Boy Hamper may be perfect. This hamper also comes in a baby girl version. This specific hamper has some cookies that the baby (or his/her parents) can enjoy, if they are already able to do so. It also has a few books to enjoy and cotton singlets that are soft enough for them to wear any day.       

     You might also prefer to give a gift for the whole family, so you can choose to buy the Baby Boy Snuggles Hamper. Again, this has a baby girl version, but both of them come with wine that was meant for the parent’s relaxation and celebration.

Gifts Australia has so many different choices for baby gifts, and they are either bundled up in great hampers, or packaged individually. These toys may be educational, or they may be a great source of comfort for the baby. No matter what your goal, you will surely be able to find great baby gifts at Gifts Australia. Place your orders today and we’ll ship it straight to your doorsteps!

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