What Are Some of the Top Birthday Gifts for Men This Year?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:16 May 2018 

Looking for inspirational men’s gift ideas in our range of top birthday gifts? Below, we have listed the top men’s gifts for birthdays, so you can easily get some inspiring gift ideas for men. With many of our unique men’s gift ideas listed below, you are bound to leave a lasting impression with your recipient!

What Is the First Top Birthday Gift from the Men’s Gifts Range?

One of the most popular men’s gifts in our collection is the Sweet Bites Hamper, a gift that is popular for birthdays, but also other special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and anniversaries. The gift basket provides a variety of sweet treats, chocolates, and pantry items, which can be gifted for special occasions throughout the year.

The Sweet Bites Hamper from our men’s gifts collection is packed with the world’s finest chocolates; this includes various chocolates from Butlers Irish Chocolates, an Irish chocolatier with an impeccable reputation. Of course, we also included some of Australia’s own chocolates, obtained from popular chocolatier Ernest Hillier, to complete this exquisite hamper.

What Is the Second Top Birthday Gift from the Men’s Gifts Range?

One of the most popular men’s gift ideas throughout the year is Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag. No matter the special occasion, a bottle of sparkling wine is always nice to celebrate with; this immediately explains why this bottle of bubbly is such a popular option.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling Wine from our men’s gift ideas range is one of the highest-awarded sparkling wines in Australia. The sparkling wine is created by popular winery Brown Brothers, who also released other incredible wine labels such as Devil’s Corner. So, if you want a reliable and quality wine to celebrate his birthday, Australia’s Finest Sparkling in Custom Cooler Bag from our men’s gift ideas range will be an exquisite choice.

What Is the Third Top Birthday Gift from the Gift Ideas for Men Collection?

Another popular birthday gift from our gift ideas for men catalogue is the Ritual Winter Warming Soup Set. With the Ritual Winter Warming Soup Set from our gift ideas for men range, your recipient will get the most from his soups and drink them in style!

The Ritual Winter Warming Soup Set from the gift ideas for men collection comes with a decent-sized mug, which has a whopping capacity of 500 millilitres. There is also an accompanying lid for the mug as well as an accompanying spoon. So, for regular soup drinkers, you cannot afford to miss out on this birthday gift.

What Is the Fourth Top Birthday Gift from the Gifts for Men Collection?

Even though our range contains many different birthday gifts, sometimes you will find that similar products are counted among our bestsellers. We already mentioned Australia’s Finest Sparkling Wine as one of our top birthday gifts, but Brown Brothers Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé is another top birthday gift you cannot pass on.

Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé in Custom Cooler Bag has a lovely aroma of baked sourdough bread, citrus, strawberries, and cream. The palate of the rosé follows through with a lovely layered palate of red berries and nougat.

A bottle of Australia’s Finest Sparkling Rosé does well in the summer, mainly because this wine has such a refreshing palate. Of course, you can still gift this bottle of rosé for a birthday outside the summer season; this since the complexity and overall character of the rosé can easily be enjoyed at any point of the year.

What Is the Fifth Top Birthday Gift from the Gifts for Men Collection?

There is more wine in our overview of top gifts. However, this time we are not recommending a standalone bottle of wine, but rather a gourmet hamper with a lovely white wine and a large selection of delectable gourmet treats.

The White Wine & Nibbles Hamper is one of the most popular gift baskets at Gifts Australia. It is especially popular for birthdays, mainly because it contains such a great variety of gourmet products. This gift basket is also a serious recommendation for wine lovers due to the presence of a white wine from the Robert Oatley winery.

Where Can I Find More Top Birthday Gifts for Men at Gifts Australia?

Gifts Australia provides countless unique gifts for birthdays, so it is not uncommon for popular items to change over time. To ensure you can acquire an immediate overview of our bestsellers, we have created a useful sort menu on the website. Simply select “Most Popular” from the dropdown menu and our website will display gifts by popularity.

Do you have a specific question about one of the birthday gifts mentioned today? Or could you use some advice on a birthday gift? Get in touch with the Gifts Australia team for some professional assistance.

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