Nothing makes a greater gift for men than the gift of memories to last a lifetime. Our carefully selected range of experience gift vouchers for men offers everything from gourmet cooking classes to camping and hiking experiences for the truly adventurous guy. From beer tour vouchers to chopper flights; it's here at Gifts Australia.

Amazing Experiences

The experiences are located in a variety of locations that range from Sydney to Cairns, Brisbane to Byron Bay. With many more locations to be added.

Exhilarating fun and adventure is what you get out of practical gift prices exclusively at Gifts Australia. Depending on your hobby and expertise, you can choose great range of items and experience gifts without hurting your wallet. You can also take advantage of the fast and convenient process when opting for the voucher of your choice. These experience gifts can be bought in advance and simply used it at the right time to surprise a sweetheart, a friend or parents within the 12 month validity period. For a cut rate offer as minimal as $75, you can already experience an escapade you’ll never forget together with the fondest people in your life.

These experience gifts enable you to appreciate life and the beautiful nature, while catching your breath flying in the sky. After you indulge in an electrifying feat, you can again use another voucher to savour the finest tasting cuisines and drinks made by the food maven in the industry, right on the actual location. 

Experience Gifts Extravaganza Especially at Gifts Australia

Discover Australia in pair with prestige and endless fun. This is not your usual experience gifts because it is beyond your wildest fantasies and activities. These treats were even made more interesting because you dive, surf, dine and learn a lot not just by yourself, but as couple or within a group. For sure, you can’t wait to see which among these pursuits best fits you or can make your surprise treat extra special. 

1.    Tandem Skydive

a.    Sydney – Explore Sydney 14,000 feet above sea level and fly freely even without a pair of wings. For a $334 package, you have all access privileges for a highly accommodating venture. Apart from once in a lifetime breathtaking journey of jumping from the heritage listed drop zone, you can also take a relaxing wildlife walks, high accessibility with transportation and free transfers from one location to another and close view with skydivers. 

b. Byron Bay – This one of the most exceptional experience gifts lets you add memorable milestone together with your perfect tandem. Overlooking the crystal blue beaches of Byron Bay. Gifts Australia allows you to undergo fantastic face off with Cape Byron Headland and popular lighthouse and more. 

c.    Cairns – Up up and away to witness the 900,000 hectare wonder of Cairns. Take a 20 minute scenic flight and collect as much eye catching scenes, virgin forest, reef and momentous mountain ranges. 

d.    Mission Beach – There are two exciting choices to avail the experience gifts Mission Beach Skydive! For $334 you have the opportunity to book on the same day you decide to dive overlooking the rainforest and tropical islands with free transportation from Cairns, heading towards Mission Beach. You can also be at peace with a safe landing at the beach all the time. Now, for few dollars more at $369 you can gain the above benefits plus an all access advantages to castaways’ facilities as well as free lunch and drinks. Lovers or couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon secures of more comfortable moment with this deal. 

e.    Brisbane – Spectacular 60 seconds free fall while watching over the jumping dolphins and enormous whales. You also gain full view of the cityscape and the rustling waves while waiting for the right time to land on the cool waters of the beach. 

2.    Airbus A320 Flight Simulator, 30 Minutes – Be a captain in your own passenger place. Your command matters a lot as you simulate the best selling single aisle aircraft. Beside you is a licensed pilot which acts as your first officer, so you’ll drive like the highest officer which knows every command from takeoff up until the landing, to the prime airports all over the world. With the use of modern simulating technology, you can really be a full grown pilot in your own way. 

3.    Beer & Cheese Tasting – This is one in a lifetime chance to meet and greet the beer and cheese specialist McIntosh & Bowman, along with the personal satisfaction that these food and beverage can complement you. For sure you’ll give in for this $99 experience gifts. 

4.    Cheese & Wine MasterClass – Available in various schedules and lasts for 1.5 hours, this gift certificate is totally worth your time and money. You’ll not just learn variants of cheese and compatible wines internationally, but you can taste it realistically together with the words of wisdom from the cheese master. 

5.    Cheese & Wine Tasting – Be confident as you are with your own choices of cheese. This voucher will absolutely lead you to success. Your 2 hours journey with the history, making process and all other good stories about cheeses is a priceless date to remember. You even have plenty of bonuses from the complimentary wines, comfortable transport services, tasting notes and actual tasting of 10 types of cheeses along with 3 canapes and 3 variants of beers and wine. 

6.    Cheese & Whisky Tasting Experience – This gift certificate is best for whisky lovers who have delicate standard when it comes to choice of aged whiskies. It’s only $99 to savour a 10 to 21 year old whisky paired with the world’s best picked farmhouse cheese. 

7.    Bondi Private Surf Lesson – Take one on one session with the finest surf instructor. Complete with your surfing gears and equipment, even tight security assistance with your important stuff, this one of the best experience gifts is available for an exciting deal of $140 only. 

8.    Bondi Surf Experience – Get wet and be an expert surfer in no time. Go ahead and explore the best techniques in surfing. Don’t be afraid to fall because a well skilled surf instructor is always there to back you up. In two hours time, you’ll learn a lot on how to befriend gigantic beach waves! 

What Are the Top Gift Experiences?

Gifts Australia has a large range of experiences, but some experiences prove remarkably popular amongst our Australian recipients. Amongst the most popular, customers can find our beer experiences, sailing experiences, and even game room experiences. So, if you want something original for your recipient, and do not know what to choose, then choosing one of our most popular options could be best.

What Are the Most Popular Gift Experiences in Melbourne?

The experiences most popular in Melbourne are quite diverse too. However, one of our most popular experiences for Melbourne recipients is the Urban Beer Odyssey for 2. During this experience, your recipient and a companion will enjoy some of the finest beers Melbourne has to offer, but also some delightful nibbles along the way. Therefore, the Urban Beer Odyssey for 2 will be a suitable experience for most Aussie recipients.

What Are the Most Popular Gift Experiences in Sydney?

One of our most popular experiences in Sydney is the America’s Cup Leisure Sailing Experience; this is no surprise, since Sydney is one of Australia’s best locations for sailing. If you have a recipient who is fond of the ocean or sailing in general, you simply must choose America’s Cup Leisure Sailing Experience.

Why Try Experience Gifts from Gifts Australia?

Above is just some of the jaw dropping treats that you could win at a pocket friendly range at Gifts Australia. When you buy more vouchers, you don’t simply engage yourself in an unforgettable getaway but absorb lots of knowledge together with your best partner. It also grants you the opportunity to meet important people that can motivate you to go further in life. In fact, Gifts Australia still has gigantic deals to give you. If you know someone who craves for sweets, this $118 voucher to the Chocolate Walking Tour for two is the best way to let him or her experience the tour along with you! There are dozens more of experience gifts to choose from, just be sure to be ready for what you are about to experience thanks to Gifts Australia. 

If you want to give a special man in your life the ultimate present, you may want to consider one of the experiences available at Gifts Australia. No matter which experience you choose, every experience always creates wonderful memories the special man in your life will cherish forever. Naturally, you can choose an experience that matches the personal preferences of your recipient; this to make sure that the experience becomes interesting to your recipient and becomes more than just another gift. Gifts Australia has numerous experiences for men available at this point, and new ones are being added every year. So, if you are considering buying an experience to celebrate a special occasion or event, our experiences for men range should be your first stop.

In our experiences for men range, customers can find various types of experiences; this includes experiences focussed on the adrenaline junkie, the adventurer, the family man, the romantic and the gourmet connoisseur. Therefore, customers can expect to see experiences such as America’s Cup Leisure Sailing in Sydney, a Divine Wine Tour in the Adelaide Hills, Lunch & Hot Springs for 2 in Victoria and many others. If you still can’t decide despite this large range of experiences, you could also provide your recipient with a voucher, which enables him to choose any experience from our range that matches the voucher amount. In conclusion, a great gift for anyone who wants to create some new, happy memories!

Skydiving, cheese-making, and wine-tasting, all are wonderful experiences that you could be having soon!

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